Thursday, October 31, 2013

Benjamin Crump Threatens to file the "Biggest Corruption Lawsuit Georgia has ever seen" and the US Attorney Re-opens the Kendrick Johnson Case

Atty. Milak Zulu Shabazz and Atty. Benjamin Crump
Two days before US Attorney Moore announced he would formally review the investigation into the tragic death of Kendrick Johnson, Benjamin Crump threatened Attorney Moore's state with the biggest lawsuit his state had ever witnessed.  Kendrick Johnson is the young man who died accidentally while attempting to retrieve his gym shoe from a rolled up gym mat.

US Attorney Michael Moore to Review Kendrick Johnson Investigation

Michael Moore, US Attorney, Georgia
Michael Moore: We've asked the public to come forward with any information they may have.  We've received hundreds of phone calls in our office to determine if any relevant information exists.

CNN and Victor Blackwell play EDITED video of Kendrick Johnson in Gym

Kendrick Johnson
As you can see in the video here  released October 30, 2013, no African American kid in a blue shirt enters immediately before Kendrick when he is coming down the hall, only the white kid with a backpack immediately before.

Due to either motion sensor or time lapse, Johnson is seen below (raw video October 30) entering an empty gym at :15...then if you click between play and pause at :15 - :17 you will see the time lapse..the kid in green appears out of nowhere and KJ fades away. The rest of the kids continue in.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Kendrick Johnson Gym Video Released due to School Board request (Video Here)

“It was a major victory not only for the Johnson family but all the community that is seeking the truth in this real-life murder mystery,” says Crump, who helped focus national attention on the Trayvon Martin case.

George Zimmerman will not face Federal Hate Crime Charges

Unfortunately we did not find out that George Zimmerman will not face hate crime charges by an announcement on CNN, HLN, Fox news, or via Twitter by Attorney Benjamin Crump.  We found out by watching an obscure airing of a Senate Stand Your Ground Law meeting on C-Span.

You don't think the media, the attorneys, and the family involved in the Zimmerman case are underhanded?  Think again, they have announced nothing.  For that matter, nor has Mark O'Mara.  While you're at it, throw in the fact that Eric Holder, who was on every medium available a few months ago announcing his investigation into hate crimes against George Zimmerman, has not bothered to let us know he has ended the investigation.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

School Bus Video of Kendrick Johnson Fight?

It's throwing people under the bus time!!

According to Benjamin Crump (audio interview), there is school bus video (he "believes") authorities have of Kendrick Johnson in an altercation eleven months prior to his death with a white boy.  Not just any white boy, but the son of a white FBI agent.

Miriam Carey's 911 calls released

The 911 calls made by Miriam Carey and her boyfriend, Eric Francis, in the months leading up to her death have been released.  It is clear Miriam was having a severe mental breakdown when she was shot to death outside the Nation's Capitol.  

Monday, October 28, 2013

Kendrick Johnson had a sister who died

The Honorable Judge Sandra Watts flagged for Voter Fraud

Judge Sandra Watts, Corpus Christi, Texas
Texas Judge Almost Blocked From Voting Because Of New Voter ID Law
Moreover, the state is doing very little to make sure that voters who don’t have an ID can get one. As I mentioned, 600–800,000 registered voters don’t have an acceptable voter ID, but according to the Dallas Morning News “only 41 of the new cards were issued by DPS [Department of Public Safety] as of last week.”

Friday, October 25, 2013

Ryan Singleton-Brewster - Friends, Grifters, and his poor mama

"Shatzi" was Ryan Singleton's middle name.  Ryan's friends who seemingly barely noticed he was missing, are all up in arms and hating Ryan's husband, Kithe Brewster.  T. D. Faison has the unmitigated nerve to accuse Kithe of capitalizing on Ryan's death, all the while promoting a movie and a book using Ryan's name 24/7.

Ryan Singleton - In his own words

Even though I find the effort made by T. D. Faison to capitalize on Ryan's death repulsive, I enjoyed watching this and seeing who Ryan was, in his own words.

John and Patsy Ramsey Grand Jury Indictment - Full

Child Abuse Resulting In Death 

Charlie Brennan, reporter who sued for the release of these indictments: Twelve citizens of this county labored for 13 months, through what jurors told me were often difficult and challenging sessions, and ultimately rendered their best decision. This, the public was never told.
Then-District Attorney Alex Hunter, we now know, exercised the discretion and power of his office by declining to sign and prosecute their indictment. This, the public was also never told.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Kendrick Johnson Autopsy Reports

According to family, Kendrick Johnson had expensive braces removed. "What happened to his teeth? How did he lose those?"

GBI Autopsy - no mention of missing teeth or trauma to Kendrick's mouth.  All organs accounted for during 1st autopsy.

Second autopsy performed by William Anderson - no mention of newspaper where organs should have been.

Notice: If you are looking for the link to the autopsy photo story, click HERE

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Young Man's Organs Harvested in Death Valley - Ryan Singleton

Ryan Singleton
Ryan Singleton went missing in July, 2013.  On September 22 his mother, Iris Flowers, was told Ryan's body had been found in Death Valley, Nevada.  He had been exposed to the elements and his body was badly decomposed.  Please note that the temperatures in Death Valley during those two months reached upwards of 130F. Scroll for Updates 10/24/1013

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Kendrick Johnson Crime Scene Report

One of the things that jumped out at me - the clean shoe being shown by the Johnson family detectives and lawyers was saturated with blood at the crime scene, according to this report.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Kendrick Johnson 2nd Autopsy in July, yet no mention of newspaper replacing organs until October

Dr. William Anderson

The second autopsy on Kendrick Johnson was done in June, 2013. Between that time and early October, 2014, no one has mentioned the newspaper alleged to have been found in Kendrick's body, including Dr. William Anderson, the private ME who performed the second autopsy.

Kendrick Johnson - Racist Cover-Up or another Trayvon Martin?

Benjamin Crump, Chevene King, and Kendrick Johnson's father (who is hoping he too can win the race-hoax lottery) 
 "I am firmly convinced that both Attorney Chevene King and Kenneth Johnson, the father of Kendrick, are lying about this case." - Leigh Touchton, former President of NAACP

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Miriam Carey Police Report and Incident Route

I have tried to illustrate, as closely as possible, the sequence of events described in the Police Report.  I'm not from that area, I googled (I even got lost and frustrated), but I believe it is pretty close.  What is so scary is the amount of people on the streets during the day.  Kids walking across streets, tourists, bicycles, etc.,.  Instead of suing the Police Department, the Carey family should be grateful no one else was killed.

Lawyer for Miriam Carey's Family Arrested

I was working on a post about this shyster when I read the news.  Eric Sanders, lawyer for Miriam Carey's family was arrested today. The arrest comes on the heels of a scathing twitlonger tweet, from Sanders Esq., in reference to the handling of the Miriam Carey incident:
After we somewhat rest Miriam's soul on Tuesday, we are going to press a full frontal campaign to bring those who violated her civil rights to justice.

Eric Sanders
Eric Sanders, a civil rights attorney best known for suing the NYPD, was arrested outside his house in Melville, L.I., Tuesday morning after Federal Bankruptcy Judge Dorothy Eisenberg issued a warrant last week. Eisenberg was furious that Sanders had flouted her authority for months — dragging his feet in court, failing to show up for hearings and ignoring her requests for documents, according to court documents.
 Sanders surrendered without incident, sources said.
The final straw was when Sanders failed to pay $181,666 to several people who recently won settlements against him, including a lawyer in his firm who was fired because she got pregnant, according to court documents.
Sanders was arrested shortly after the wake for Miriam Carey where Sanders made an appearance.  He was taken to a detention center where he will remain until he pays what he owes or the Judge has a moment of weakness. Judge Eisenberg said he was to be:
 "incarcerated in a federal facility until such time as [Sanders] has purged said contempt by paying."
Sanders is an NYPD as is Valarie Carey, Miriam's sister.  Sanders could face possible disbarment.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Piers Morgan says America needs him...

Guns don't kill people - Smug, narcissistic, pompous, self-absorbed talk show hosts kill people.  If Piers Morgan is really against guns, then his "armed" security needs to go first.  Set an example, if you will.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Kendrick Johnson Case - Nothing "Mysterious" About It

Kendrick Lamar Johnson

Catch Phrase: "These parents sent their son to school with a book bag and he was returned to them in a body bag," Benjamin Crump

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Twerking - A Traditional African Dance

Rihanna Performing Ancient African Ritual Dance - The Twerk

 @HuffingtonPost Shame on you Miley Cyrus.You no better.Stop the twerking. #ItAintCool

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Al Sharpton's new book 'The Rejected Stone' - Fiction?

“The Rejected Stone” (a biblical allusion to verse 22 of Psalm 118), was released Oct. 8, 2013. The book is published by Cash Money Content and Massenburg Media, in partnership with the Simon & Schuster imprint Atria. The book tracks Sharpton’s “personal evolution” from New York street activist to political candidate and civil rights spokesman.

No More Crackas for you Mr. Sharpton

There is a petition available online at which seeks to knock Al Shaprton off his race-baiting soap box at MSNBC, aka, Politics Nation.  In two days, 5,000 signatures.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Coatesville Racist School Board Member calling the kettle black

The abrupt departure of the Coatesville Area School District superintendent and another senior administrator came two weeks after numerous exchanges of inappropriate and racially-charged text messages were discovered on their district-issued cell phones, and multiple sources have indicated that school board officials were not only aware of the exchanges, but were prepared to allow the pair to remain in their positions until the conduct prompted a criminal investigation, the Daily Local News has learned.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Left, Right, and Obama - The Amber Alert FAIL - You should all be ashamed

On Monday, October 7, Fox News announced Obama shut down the DOJ's Amber alert.  They made it sound as if the entire Amber alert system was shut down.  It was not - in fact, it wasn't shut down at all, but more about that later.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Miriam Carey and the Trayvon Martin Foundation

Miriam Carey's sister, Valarie Carey is the National director for a multi-level network marketing business, 5LINX, along with her boyfriend, Schmoll Reaves-Bey.  This business is heavily endorsed by Russel Simmons (video).

Russell Simmons at Orlando 5LINKS Convention
On the weekend before Miriam crashed her car through barricades in front of the White House and was shot to death, 5Linx gave a check for $54,000 to the Trayvon Martin Foundation.  Below is Sybrina accepting the money and giving a short speech.  She says more than once she loves Miami.  I guess she's felt the anger of Florida after her endorsement to boycott their state.

Valarie Carey: My partners along with the cofounders of 5Linx have donated over $57,000 to the Trayvon Martin Foundation. THIS is why I’m in Florida. — with Schmoll Reaves-Bey at Orange County Convention Center.
Sybrina accepting the donation at the 5Linx Convention in Orlando, Florida.

Of course I don't think there is any sort of nefarious connection or some grand conspiracy in the case of Miriam Carey - I think her's was a tragedy that no one saw coming until it was too late.  I simply find the one degree of separation interesting.  I do predict Russell Simmons will capitalize on this tragedy by promoting their business using Miriam's name.  I hope I am wrong, but the most successful multi-level marketers are not encumbered by conscience.

The reviews for this company (except the ones they write themselves), are pretty typical of unsatisfied pyramid scheme multi-level marketing investors.  The company was founded Jeb Tyler (Executive Vice President of Marketing), Craig Jerabeck (President and CEO), and Jason Guck (Executive Vice President of Sales).
Jeb Tyler , Craig Jerabeck, and Jason Guck
With the exception of the owners, the company does not seem very racially diverse.  They charge $499 to become a representative.  The service and equipment they sell are plagued by bad reviews - without much argument, however, when the multi-level marketing is critiqued, they drown those reviews out with relentless rebuttal.  Their SEO is top notch.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Miriam Carey's Sister -Valarie Carey, Author and Community Activist

Listen to Valarie Carey speak about women's "time of the month" on Blog Talk Radio.

Miriam Carey Day Two

For those who say Miriam Carey, the woman who rammed into a barricade and then police cars in front of the Capitol building, was just "turned around" or "lost":
Newsone: The pursuit began when the car sped onto a driveway leading to the White House, over a set of lowered barricades. When the driver couldn’t get through a second barrier, she spun the car in the opposite direction, flipping a Secret Service officer over the hood of the car as she sped away, said B.J. Campbell, a tourist from Portland, Ore.

Thursday, October 3, 2013