Saturday, February 22, 2014

Grand jury takes no action in Merritt Landry case

"NEW ORLEANS —An Orleans Parish grand jury didn't return anything Thursday in the case against a Marigny homeowner who shot a teen intruder in the head in July 2013.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Alfred Wright Update February 21, 2014

New Black Panther Party member in front of Sabine County courthouse

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

TMZ Manufactures yet another FALSE story about George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman and girlfriend Samantha Scheibe
Today I get online to see 315@Ponderosa, the town crier-baby and vile senior citizen,  going on about George Zimmerman not being able to enjoy himself in Miami last week due to hordes of people swarming he and his family and running them off the beach.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

George Zimmerman First Public Interview after Verdict - Translated

George Zimmerman gives his first Interview since his acquittal in July, 2012.  On February 26, 2012, George Zimmerman was assaulted on the grounds of his residence in Sanford, Florida by Trayvon Martin. During the assault, Martin, who had been in the market for a gun in the weeks prior to that night, spotted George's concealed weapon and told George he was going to kill him with it. George then pulled his gun and shot Martin once in the chest, killing him almost immediately.

For the most part, George recounts that night again in this interview with Univision.

Friday, February 14, 2014

John Phillips the Jordan Davis Family Attorney - "Not eligible to practice in Florida"

I believe it is FRAUD to put yourself out as an attorney when you are not eligible to practice in your State
UPDATED 2/17/2013 

“I'm bleeding to death, I'm going to die.. Y’all didn’t have to shoot him.”

Man holds girlfriend hostage at knife point, girlfriend screams for help, police arrive, man is told by police to drop his weapon, man refuses, police fire shots as man lifts knife to stab girlfriend in her chest, man drops knife, girlfriend is wounded in the arm.....see it all, caught on tape...and read the rest of the story,  you really can't make this stuff up...

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Real Talk from Rev. Floyd Rose on the Kendrick Johnson case

Rev. Floyd Rose, Pres. SCLC
The photo I posted a few days ago of Kendrick Johnson just before his autopsy, and 48 hours after his death, was shown to Rev. Floyd Rose, SCLC President in Valdosta, Georgia.  Rev. Rose has only seen the photograph carried on steaks and posted to social media by the Johnson family.  He was, I am told, prompted to write this message on his social media page after seeing the more accurate depiction of Kendrick's face:

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Roland Martin Reveals His Fashion Muse - You won't believe it!

Roland Martin at the NAACP Image Awards Luncheon
*Roland Martin revealed today, for the first time, his inspiration for those little what'sits he wears in his suit pocket.  When he pulled the what'sit out of his pocket today at the Image Awards luncheon..a cute little troll doll appeared! I have to think this is some sort of tribute to Trayvon Martin Supporters.

Miley Cyrus needs a Xanax Lick

Miley Cyrus needs to grab a xanax and take a seat...not caring what people think of YOU is one thing....something I totally relate to...but you cross a line when you yell "murderer" in a crowded theater.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Trayvon Martin Foundation Gala and Grievance Shakedown Training Event

Jackie Johnson, left, Jamie Foxx, and Kenyetta Johnson

Beautiful Dress Sybrina Fulton - looks expensive
Ridiculous that a violent teen is being honored at a gala and his mother is still taking donations in order to travel around the country and continue her campaign of lies.

Benjamin Crump needs to get his share, I suppose - he's lost any chance he had for a civil suit.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Say it proud and say it loud "WE ARE TRAYVON"!

Chris Brown identifies with Trayvon....I can see that

Who are Trayvon Martin Supporters (mostly on Twitter and Facebook due to ankle restraints)?.  How do they react when they perceive disrespect or an affront....or when they just don't care for your opinion?
These two know first hand

Family of Kendrick Johnson bullying parents of white children - State of Georgia does nothing

Kendrick Johnson's brothers
"....parents are afraid to speak out about the intimidation because of the Johnson family and their supporters.”

A few days ago I wrote a blog about the sister of Kendrick Johnson and rumors of bullying she was involved in.  Not only Kenyetta Johnson, but most of the Johnson family are targeting a boy they are accusing of "murdering" Kendrick Johnson (click link for more information about this case and comments from the former President of the NAACP).

Friday, February 7, 2014

Those Wild and Wonderful Johnsons of Valdosta - Kenyetta Johnson

Kenyetta Johnson, the sister of Kendrick Johnson is jet-setting now and thanking God for all her good fortune.  A source close to the case told me a couple of days ago that the family is bullying  the kids on Facebook that they say are suspects Kendrick Johnson death. This stems from an investigation by some little known writer by the name of Fred Rosen.  The family is wanting to win something (money), so much they would railroad two white children who have air-tight alibis for the time that Kendrick Johnson would have died.  This family never let common  sense, common courtesy, couth, or pesky facts stand in their way.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Kayleigh Slusher, three, raped, beaten, and left lying dead while mother flees with boyfriend

3 Year old Kayleigh Slusher
Kayleigh Slusher, an innocent, unarmed, helpless three year old was sexually assaulted, beaten, and (allegedly), murdered by her mother and her mother's aryan brotherhood boyfriend, then stuffed into a freezer. Kayleigh's father is in prison.  San Quentin.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Black Youth Knocks on White Man's Door Asking for Help...

Veteran and good samaritan, Thomas Sonnenberg
UPDATE February 3, 2014: According to the latest news story, Parker killed Thomas Sonnenberg with Sonnenberg's own gun.
After her husband called police, she heard Parker ask him for a gun, knife, hat and gloves. She then heard a gunshot.
Parker came out of the kitchen and ordered the woman to the floor. He choked her with his hands and held a gun to her head, according to the complaint. She said the gun belonged to her husband, and that he always carried it on his hip.
Parker had the woman go upstairs to lock them in the bedroom, according to the complaint. When police arrived, they went downstairs.
Officers later recovered Sonnenberg's revolver underneath the bed in the upstairs bedroom.