Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Coatesville Racist School Board Member calling the kettle black

The abrupt departure of the Coatesville Area School District superintendent and another senior administrator came two weeks after numerous exchanges of inappropriate and racially-charged text messages were discovered on their district-issued cell phones, and multiple sources have indicated that school board officials were not only aware of the exchanges, but were prepared to allow the pair to remain in their positions until the conduct prompted a criminal investigation, the Daily Local News has learned.

On Aug. 15, a member of the district’s IT department discovered the text messages on Donato’s phone while copying data to a newly-purchased device. The employee presented the text messages to a school administrator, and the next day they were shown to school board member Dr. Tonya Thames Taylor, according to multiple sources. [Link]
There is a criminal investigation, but it is not about the text messages, it is related to the athletics department.

Taylor, who is also the president of the Coatesville Area NAACP Unit, met with James Ellison, attorney for the school district, on Saturday, Aug.17.  Attorney Ellison is no stranger to controversy and this is just another notch on his belt when it comes to questionable terminations. He was part of another scandal with Linda Thompson, the Mayor who called her neighbors "scumbags".

Dr. Tonya Thames Taylor was the only member of the Coatesville school board rejecting the teachers request to retire.  That wasn't good enough for her, she wanted them to be fired and lose all benefits.

Dr. Tonya Thames Taylor is reviled by students who believe she is obsessed with teaching history from her (racist), point of view and not from factual information. Some reviews:
1.  Only "teaches" what she likes about history, i.e. slavery & racism. Tests are on tiny tiny details. You can take them twice, but you still won't get a good grade easily. Likes to hear herself talk, and has no sympathy for people who are too busy to do the reading and fail the pop quizzes. Take another professor at all costs
 2.  Literally havnt talked about a single thing besides race, slavery, and oppression of non whites in all classes. Uses class as platform to voice her opinions on black injustices. She is consumed by race and acts like we are in the 1800s in regards to equality. Doesn't talk about anything that is actually on the test in class, just her views on race.
3.   Absolutely the worst professor I have ever had. She constantly gives her oppinons on race and doesn't talk about the test material or anything useful for that matter. 
La Tonya Thames-Taylor, Frederick Douglass Institute. La Tonya Thames-Taylor, Multicultural Faculty Commission

President Neil Campbell
LaTanya Thames Taylor
LaTonya Thames-Leonard - Veneer of Civilization

Ratings from her students:
School: West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Location: West Chester, PA
Department: History
"Those "angry narrow-minded white males" were absolutely right. She puts down whites and is loaded with misinformation and makes outrageous comments in class. Hmm...those happy faced remarks below smack of Tanya's defensive comebacks just to keep her ratings up."

"Tanya is possibly the most unqualified person in the entire world to be teaching an honors seminar. If you are a white male, beware! Also, if you've ever benefitted from capitalism, you must be a misguided failure...according to her. Did you know the only reason the US went to outer space was to sell MACdonalds to aliens? Well neither did I."

"This instructor gives new meaning to "A Diary of a Mad Black Woman." She is filled with anti-white comments and constantly gripes about white people. Does anything she can to throw guilt and blame on white students - it's a real shame. Way to practice what she preaches."

"US Hist2 during summer session. Let the buyer beware. Left everyday feeling I should be ashamed for being a white male. Two redeeming qualities: 1)One side of a notecard w/notes for tests 2)If she can get a PhD, ANYBODY can. Now I know why PhD means "Piled high & Deep"! Ended a class with a quote from Mark Twain. Attirbuted it to Charles Dickens."

"by far the worst possible history teacher in the department. Too Liberal for my liking, then again I'm not black. which is really the only thing that her class revolves around. Its fairly safe to say that regardless of what class it is it is going to be about slavery."

"So, last time i checked this class was not called "black history 101" the only things she tends to talk about are slavery and racism against black people. If i had known i was going to get discriminated against in this class i would not have tak..."

"I am a history major. and I HATE her, she gets events in the wrong order all of the time, she makes up her own words like one-thritytooth. I feel bad for all the non history majors in the class, they are getting a really biased view of history from her."

Under the name Tonya Thames-Taylor

The staff should never have tweeted those texts, they were racist and they were using school property.  I would, however, like to see Tonya's texts as well.

Update:  Daralene Jones attempts to speak to tonya Thames at the latest school board meeting.