Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Natalie Jackson's Mother Helps the Cause

Natalie Jackson, Esq.'s mother
New Sanford, Old Sanford: In the shadow of race

Sanford is in transition between the old and the new and there are divisions that still separate the city by black and white, past and present.

I'm not at all sure what Natalie's mother is talking about in this video.  She goes between it's about race, to it's not about race.  She reinforces the point that "we" didn't call Al Sharpton in, Trayvon Martin's family called Sharpton in.  We get it, or we would if we didn't already know better.  Ben Crump and Julison called Al Sharpton, et al, in.

What I thought about listening to this is why is it African Americans can go into what they perceive as the 'white neighborhoods' and feel so comfortable that some wreak havoc on the whites in the neighborhood.  Robbing, murdering, and attacking and for no apparent reason.

Why don't you ever hear of whites doing the same in AA neighborhoods?  A white is either too scared or too disinterested to go there, much less to go there just to start crap with AA's.  Maybe 50 years ago in small towns in racist America, yes, but not today - they are killing each other now.

Have you ever heard of a 'rough white neighborhood'?  One where drive by shootings and gang wars are going on?  I don't have an answer for it, but it is clear all over this country that whites are not welcome in MANY AA neighborhoods, especially the ones that feel the whites are racist.  Maybe I just need to get out more to understand.

No doubt I'll be called racist for this truthful blog, and no doubt - I won't care because I'm not being racist.  Comment and tell me if you disagree, and why - but leave the word "racist" out of it.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Demons in A Nerd's Clothing

Aside from a striking resemblance, the similarities between Michael Skolnik (GlobalGrind.com) and James Holmes (Mass Murderer) are difficult to deny.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Trayvon Martin Gang Banger or Drug Problem?

Between February 26, 2012, when Trayvon was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, Trayvon's father, Tracy Martin inked over a tattoo which indicated he had been a member of the Crips street gang. Did Trayvon want his dad's attention and being in a gang was the way he aimed to go about it, in his mind? Or was Trayvon into drugs? We know he had traces of marijuana in his system at death, but the toxicology report has not been fully revealed. For now, all we have to go by are his own words and photographs before he died.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Trayvon Martin's Brothers and Sisters, Known and Unknown

6/12/2012 More fibbing by omission?  Or just omitting because Tracy is not trying to look like the typical (serial) baby daddy?  This is the only picture I have found of Takira Martin, Trayvon Martin's sister, and her daddy, Tracy Martin, appearing in public, I have found -  to date, I have never heard the name "Takira" escape their mouths.  Is it because she's a minor (not sure myself), because they didn't mind throwing Chad Green up on the telly, Brandi Green's 14-year-old son. Above,Takira with Sybrina and Tracy at a church or rally, not sure  which.


 Meet Trayvon's little sister Takira.  It is not clear whether or not her mother is "Larisa",  or if Tracy and her mother were even married - Takira and Trayvon were very close in age.  Takira seems younger, but Tracy was married to Alicia (and still is, as far as we can tell), when this child would have been born.  Confusing baby daddy stuff.  

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Who Really Killed Trayvon Martin?

As I posted in an earlier blog, Roland Martin put on a ridiculous hoodie and declared war on whites, bemoaning the plight of young black men, universal white ignorance and racism.  Afterwards he took off the hoodie, donned an ascot (which can be bought at his online store), and had a dinner party for a few of his closest and most well to do black friends, hoodies back down, but I digress...
Hoodies Up

...here is Roland Martin's PSA for the Trayvon Martin narrative: Perspective: This Is A War On Racism, Bigotry & Stereotypes ... This Is For Trayvon in which he says, and I quote:

  "This, folks, is war. This is war on racism. This is war on bigotry. This is war on stereotypes. This is a call to arms. This is time for the soldiers in the battle for social justice to stand up and say, "I report for duty, sir.... This is for Trayvon and the many other nameless, faceless Trayvons out there."

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Trayvon Martin forced George Zimmerman to shoot him during vicious attack

George Zimmerman did an interview with Sean Hannity last night, that’s created a whole new narrative for Crump&Company “God told him to kill my child”, but more about that later.  George told Sean the same exact story he told police five times.  Of course the story was not verbatim, but how could anyone expect it to be when he was recalling events that happened while he was being attacked?  The important thing to remember, there are no major inconsistencies that would change the outcome or justify over-blown charges that should never have been filed.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Frances Robles should be FIRED immediately – Witness #9

On July 16 Frances Robles wrote an article for the Bradenton Herald- the headline read: Witness accused Zimmerman of sexually molesting her
Nowhere in the article does she mention that when Witness #9 was 6, George Zimmerman, her cousin, was 7.
She needs to GO, just like the NBC liars.  In her case it wasn’t even an edit, it was willful and malicious since SHE wrote the article!
George Zimmerman at around 7 years old:
George Zimmerman

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Trayvon Martin Memorial Foundation - Mo Money

Just another song in the name of Trayvon and $$$$
Another foundation is collecting donations for the Martin family.  Actually, Tracy Martin's name doesn't seem to appear anywhere...is he not trustworthy enough?  For instance, he is not on the legal papers for trademarking Trayvon's name, and he is not listed on Wikicorp as an officer of the Justice for Trayvon foundation.

Benjamin Crump lies by not correcting his minions

Dick Gregory, a friend of Al Sharpton and Ben Crump, stood in front of thousands and told one outrageous lie after another.  He even suggests Trayvon's organs were going to be harvested because they kept him in the morgue for three days without informing the parents where he was.  

INSANITY and HATE speech.  Calling George a murderer over and over.  Listen here, please.

George Zimmerman said nothing during his first bond hearing that would bring perjury charges, but he lied by being silent while his wife lied to the court.

Benjamin Crump and Natalie Jackson have done this same thing countless times since minute one.  The talking head comments to one of them that George Zimmerman was allowed to leave the night of 2/26/2012 with his gun, and neither Crump nor Jackson correct this misinformation - even as they sit there being interviewed.  They lie outright, and they let others lie for them and they've had to endure no consequences from those lies.

But they are not lying to the Court, they will tell you, they are lying for the greater good (and the almighty dollar).

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Trayvon Martin - A Picture Sells a Thousand Words...and T-Shirts

I used to think the photo of the 11 year old Trayvon was to sway public opinion when placed alongside the mugshot of Zimmerman, but now I'm not so sure.  I used to feel horribly sad for Sybrina, but a lot has come to light in the past three months, and I'm not so sure about my feelings now.  I've learned Sybrina didn't raise Trayvon, Alicia Stanley did.  She's Tracy Martin's wife.  What Sybrina did do, and was darned quick about it, she trademarked Trayvon's name!  
Mother Seeks Trayvon Martin TrademarksRecords: Late teenager's kin filed pair of applications
MARCH 26--The mother of Trayvon Martin has filed two applications to secure trademarks containing her late son’s name, records show. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Dee Dee - Trayvon Martin's Girlfriend or Fabricated Witness

"The sensationalized, fact-deficient coverage of this case has achieved the desired results. The networks got their ratings. The politicians got their talking points. And if it means innocent people get caught in the middle of the racial enmity they’ve fomented, obviously it’s considered acceptable collateral damage."  Jim Treacher, The DC Trawler  

UPDATE 8/1/2012: Ben Crump's interview with Dee Dee on the phone before FDLE.  I was not able to translate it - no one could: Benjamin Crump and Dee Dee Witness 8

We've seen months of media coverage (mostly biased), of the witnesses in the Trayvon Martin shooting case.  Now that the documented interviews have been released to the public, via Florida's sunshine law, we have an objective side to a few of the statements - we have the truth.   It is not so much that the newly revealed statements tell the truth about what happened the night Trayvon was shot and killed, it is more that they exposed the blatant agendas that drove the witness appearances on all the major networks for the past three months.

Trayvon Martin: Phone Record and 7-11 Video

I have recently discovered a video (thanks to )  where the sound is of good enough quality to hear Trayvon answer his phone at 6:23 PM, while standing at the counter.  I will admit that I did not see him answer the phone when I first viewed the video.
Click here for 7-11 Video 

You will notice while watching the video, Trayvon answers his phone at 6:23 PM.  Problem is, this incoming call is not on his phone record.

Click HERE for Trayvon Martin's full phone log

How will the prosecution explain this when the phone logs are made public?  Since they've been around for at least three months, why haven't they been made public already?
This bill has Tracy Martin's name on it - the pages could easily have been mixed between Tracy's bill and others - there are FOUR lines on Tracy's account.

 Where is the incoming call for 6:23 that Trayvon answers in the store and who is calling him?  Notice in the video Trayvon looks around as if he is expecting someone right before the call comes in.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Are Global Grind's Russel Simmons, and Michael Skolnik RACIST

Michael Skolnik picks and chooses his stories carefully.  Is he in it just for the money?  I mean,  no one could ever accuse him of being benevolent or fair - and there's one other glaring fact, he and his publication are racist - he's got something against white people, he even talks as though he's black.

Remember Matthew Owens, the man beaten in the name of Trayvon Martin?  The Global Grind covered it - surprised?  Well, don't get your hopes up, there was ONE article and guess what - even though COPS determined this was due to the Trayvon hype, much contributed to by the Global Grind:

The Global Grind published this story:
According to Corporal Chris Levy of the Mobile Police Department:
"This here is an ongoing dispute with neighbors, that's what this is."

Trayvon Martin - Who is Brandy Green, really?

Brandy and Tracy at early Press conference with Crump

I have so many questions about Tracy's relationship with Brandy Green.  For one thing, they are both married.

Brandy Latresa Green
Female | 33 years old
Birthday June 1978
Current Address 2631 Retreat View Cir
City & State Sanford, FL 32771
Marital Status Married

Brandy tells reporter, "He don't know anybody here" and "he was sitting on the porch and this man had killed him, are you serious?".  What was on the porch that made Brandy think he was sitting there before he was killed?

"he was sitting on the porch and this man had killed him"