Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Thug exchanges punch for a bullet caught on tape

This story is from November, 2012.  This was during the time the Zimmerman case was in full swing.   Akrem Azzam shot Alexander Calloway, 21, after Calloway punched him in the face. Calloway survived and remains hospitalized in critical condition.

Video: Obama talks Trayvon with Jay Leno

I have to say I am glad that POTUS spoke to black violence and the justice system instead of pandering to the race-baiters.
Barrack Obama: "You're a teenager, especially a teenage boy, you're going to mess up. We all know that young African American men disproportionately have involvement in criminal activities and violence. But what is also believed is that everybody should be treated fairly and the system should work for everyone."

Video: 18 Wheeler Flies off Interstate outside of Dallas

Eighteen Wheeler Crash on I-30 and I-66 outside of Dallas, Tx

Suspect Questioned in Stabbing assault - Natasha Martinez

Huge kudos to the NYPD, they've made an arrest in the Natasha Martinez stabbing case.

SMan suspected of stabbing 17-year-old Natasha Martinez (credit: NYPD)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Corey Indicts the Grand Park Gang on RICO Charges

A very odd press conference announcing Rico charges for a gang that has been killing and terrorizing since 2008. Very little preparation.  Is Angela trying to woo her white contingency?

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Merritt Landry - Stand Your Ground in Louisiana

Merritt Landry with his wife and little girl
The media is already working on the Merritt Landry/Marshall Coulter narrative. Not one person in this video was at the Landry house at 2:00 am when Landry shot the teen intruder. They have no idea whether or not Mr. Landry felt his life, or the life of his pregnant wife and toddler, were in danger. Louisiana's Justifiable Homicide statute is almost identical to Florida's Stand Your Ground law.

Sybrina Fulton Explains the Trayvon Martin Foundation

In this audio, from the Hip-Hop Caucus town hall meeting, Sybrina Fulton talks about what the Trayvon Martin foundation does with the money brought in by donations, T-Shirt sales, and trash can contributions.  My interpretation of her explanation: Lawyer referral for potential civil suits when your child is killed.  They basically answer the phone and refer grieving families to lawyers who can tell them whether or not they have a wrongful death suit.  Why else would they refer a lawyer to a grieving parent?  She also talks about Trayvon's death (she still calls it murder), but not about her son's assault on George Zimmerman.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Mark O'Mara blasts Corey

Mark O'Mara, attorney for George Zimmerman, informed a group of lawyers today that he is not even close to being done with Angela Corey, Florida State Attorney whose office prosecuted George Zimmerman.

Al Sharpton handed his ass twice in one week by FOX News

Hannity and O'Reilly go after Al Sharpton this week

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Video: George Zimmerman gets pulled over in Texas

George Zimmerman was allegedly pulled over in Texas last week. This is allegedly the video.  I say allegedly because I don't know of a cop that would not ask the driver to step out when he is told there is a gun in the car.  In fact, this cop leaves the driver and the gun in the car while he checks on said driver's warrants, etc.,.  Also notice that the truck stops directly in front of the highway sign.  I don't know, could be a different George Zimmerman or just a very trusting highway patrol.  I have not been able to confirm either way.