Natasha Boykin Case

I will be putting together a case file for this case in the coming days.  For now, please read Natasha's story and see if you can find it in your heart to donate to her mother's fight for justice.  You will find a donate button on the right side-bar of my blog.

Angel King - Natasha's mother
Natasha Boykin - Victim
Willis Casey White - Natasha's boyfriend and person who make the 911 call when he found Natasha deceased.
Courtney Mallore: Natasha's friend of three months
Miranda Hand: Natasha's friend she was out with the night she was shot
Dale Gilbreath - Lead Investigator with Angela Corey's office
Dr. Valerie Rao - Medical Examiner - Notes and comments from Dr. Rao as regards Natasha's alleged autopsy.
Natasha Boykin Autopsy
Attached to the autopsy is the Occurrence Report, which includes the following:
Even though Willis Casey was the last person to see Natasha alive, two hours prior to her death, and subsequently found her, his hands were not tested for gunshot residue and the gun was not tested for fingerprints.
RL Barnes, Private Investigator Report - Feels the case needs to be further investigated based on his findings

 Donation information - 

From Natasha's mother's website:  "Truthseekers for Justice"
Ask Governor Scott for Special Prosecutor assignment on Natasha Boykin case
Comparison of lead investigators opinion on Zimmerman case to Natasha Boykin case
Crime Scene Photographs to the Murder of Natasha Boykin
Ethics, Conduct and as my friend Rhonda states: $
Example of Spoliation of Evidence
In memory of Natasha Boykin
Justice for Natasha
Murder case of Natasha Boykin


  1. Thank you Vickie for posting my daughters case. I am truly grateful for the help I have been receiving. Justice will prevail although I must say it is very sad to say the least to have been put through this as a parent and worst of all a loss of a humans life.

    Natasha was such a kind hearted free spirited person. Natasha did not deserve to be put away like this and I pray people out there will find compassion In their heart to help us fight for the justice that Natasha and I deserve. God Bless you and Thank you again.

  2. You are more than welcome. There's so much to it. I have a ton more to upload. I expect to have control of my computer again by Tuesday lol. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. You deserve justice for your daughter..the truth.


  3. This is clearly a botched murder investigation & cover up. I pray that Angel can get the support & strength she needs to get justice for her daughters murder. I'm behind Angel 100% , no doubt about it in my mind & heart. I will follow this case & do all I can to help this traumatized mother receive justice. God bless you Angel & Natasha.


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