Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lawyer for Miriam Carey's Family Arrested

I was working on a post about this shyster when I read the news.  Eric Sanders, lawyer for Miriam Carey's family was arrested today. The arrest comes on the heels of a scathing twitlonger tweet, from Sanders Esq., in reference to the handling of the Miriam Carey incident:
After we somewhat rest Miriam's soul on Tuesday, we are going to press a full frontal campaign to bring those who violated her civil rights to justice.

Eric Sanders
Eric Sanders, a civil rights attorney best known for suing the NYPD, was arrested outside his house in Melville, L.I., Tuesday morning after Federal Bankruptcy Judge Dorothy Eisenberg issued a warrant last week. Eisenberg was furious that Sanders had flouted her authority for months — dragging his feet in court, failing to show up for hearings and ignoring her requests for documents, according to court documents.
 Sanders surrendered without incident, sources said.
The final straw was when Sanders failed to pay $181,666 to several people who recently won settlements against him, including a lawyer in his firm who was fired because she got pregnant, according to court documents.
Sanders was arrested shortly after the wake for Miriam Carey where Sanders made an appearance.  He was taken to a detention center where he will remain until he pays what he owes or the Judge has a moment of weakness. Judge Eisenberg said he was to be:
 "incarcerated in a federal facility until such time as [Sanders] has purged said contempt by paying."
Sanders is an NYPD as is Valarie Carey, Miriam's sister.  Sanders could face possible disbarment.