Wednesday, October 9, 2013

No More Crackas for you Mr. Sharpton

There is a petition available online at which seeks to knock Al Shaprton off his race-baiting soap box at MSNBC, aka, Politics Nation.  In two days, 5,000 signatures.

“Al Sharpton is one of the greatest race hoaxers and divisive demagogues of the last half-century. Sharpton is the man whose anti-Semitic language helped stoke the flames of the 1991 Crown Heights riots that resulted in the murder of Yankel Rosenbaum; he is the man whose incitements against a white owned store in Harlem ended with one of his followers torching Freddie’s Fashion Mart, causing a fire that killed eight people; he is a liar who falsely accused a district attorney and five other innocent men of raping 15-year-old Tawana Brawley; he was the leader of the lynch mob that smeared the innocent Duke lacrosse players and the demagogue who helped turn Trayvon Martin into a martyr and George Zimmerman into the target of race-baiting vigilantes.”

This is not the kind of person a major network wants to associate themselves with, of course, but the perverse MSNBC loves him. The downside for them is they also love having sponsors.

If you are sick of Al Sharpton's race-hustling, extortion, and self-aggrandizement-masquerading-as-news on MSNBC's Politics Nation copy and past the below into an email to or call 847.420.5451.  Why Ritz CRACKERS?  Gee, dunno :)

To: Irene Rosenfeld
c/o Carol Schonert

Dear Ms. Rosenfeld,

Al Sharpton is a well-documented racist who uses his elevated position as the host of MSNBC's Politics Nation to divide Americans and malign those with whom he disagrees.

Mondelez International should not help to support Mr. Sharpton's efforts to damage the country. To do so is to alienate millions of Americans whose business you undoubtedly want.

I will no longer support your company if you continue to fund the efforts of Al Sharpton to spread falsehoods on MSNBC.

Meanwhile, have some of these: