Thursday, December 20, 2012

If Trayvon Martin were your child...

If my daughter were "murdered in cold blood" by a "racist vigilante", I would move heaven and earth to make sure the killer was thrown under the jail - everything except lie.  Why would I need to if my daughter were innocent of any wrong doing and the "murderer" "stalked" and killed her in "cold blood".

Tracy and Sybrina have been hiding things from law enforcement since day one, things that would have gotten an arrest if they'd gone about it the right way and not used the scheme team to hide this vital information. Witness #8 is the State Attorney's smoking gun, so why all the secrecy?

Why hide the following instead of turning them over right away?

  • School records
  • Social networking of Trayvon (all were scrubbed before campaign began)
  • The code to access Trayvon's phone
  • Trayvon's phone records
  • Witness #8's phone records
  • Witness #8 and all her information should have gone straight to SA without questioning by a news network first
  • The recording device with the CLEAR voice and words of witness #8 who allegedly heard everything that night.

Standing on principle only wastes time and stalls justice.  His reputation shouldn't matter at this point, his "murder" should be priority #1.  The only reason to hold these things back is if they are lying about them - lies that have cost one man and his family dearly.  If Trayvon were my child and I believed him innocent, I'd have turned over everything immediately and without question.  However, if I just wanted an arrest and had to hire a team to create a hoax to gain an arrest because I knew in my heart my child was probably guilty of assault, and if I were a money grubbing piece of crap, I'd probably lie and hide things as well.

My days of feeling sorry for Sybrina and Tracy are over - until they redeem themselves and do the right thing, I have no more respect for either of them.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Matt Gutman lays it on thick for Trayvon

News report from Matt Gutman - he refers to Trayvon as the "Doe-eyed" teen.  This is the kind of irresponsible reporting (with pictures), that cost a man his freedom because he defended himself against an attacker.  People should be very alarmed by this and very afraid - it could happen to any of us.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Natalie Jackson, Martin family attorney - I see you sweating

Not only do I see you sweating Nat, I see your re-tweets at an all time pathetic low, five  for this jewel.   Remember back in the day when the fairy tale was fresh and you'd get at least 50?

Screenshot Kim_5564
Even more pitiful, the 7-8  hateful individuals you have adopted to keep the exposed hoax going.  Lord child, the association alone destroys any shred of credibility you might have had left.   At the end of the day your name will be synonymous with shyster and race-baiter.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

GEORGE ZIMMERMAN SUES NBC (The "tugboat" that could")

Among those named in NBC lawsuit:
Lilla Luciana         Ron Allen       Jeff Burnside 

I am so proud of the Zimmerman family for fighting back against this deplorable lynching that has been taking place in the media for the past 10 months.  George's life, as he knew it, as he spent 28 years building it, has been changed forever due to bias in the media.  From the 13 yr old victim to the edited video and audio tapes - he was railroaded, big time.

Natalie Jackson used to be re-tweeted hundreds of times whenever she mentioned the Trayvon Martin case because America was buying the tragedy as she and the rest of the scheme team were telling it - now she is lucky if she gets 7 re-tweets, mostly from the die-hard, ignant group who are short on facts and long on distracting rhetoric.  They're fighting a losing battle.  

George Zimmerman latest photo - photo-shopped?

George Zimmerman's Attorneys Release PHOTOSHOPPED Image "The attorneys for murder suspect George Zimmerman attempted to inflame the public by releasing an obviously Photoshopped picture of their client yesterday.

It’s no coincidence that this shamefully Photoshopped image is released just days after Zimmerman begged the public for more donations to support his lavish lifestyle."
First of all, isn't this an actionable statement.  There is no truth to it whatsoever and seems defamatory. No? Secondly, if there has been any photoshopping going on, I'd place my bets on the following.  I mean, come on, look at the honker on Trayvon, how do you explain THAT when the picture that has made this case famous is of a little boy with a cute turned up and tiny nose?  And damn he white in the hoodie photo - I think we can all agree that one was photoshopped!

You have a very vivid imagination Ms Rose, but facts are what will be behind George when he walks free after the immunity hearing.  Imagine that!

Xena - A Rabid, I mean, Avid Trayvon Martin Supporter outs a Zidiot?

Xena is one of Fredrick Leatherman's favorite students.  Here is one of the reasons why, she is a very dull blade, and he likes that.  In fact, his entire class couldn't cut butter on a scorching hot day.

Xena, as always, gives her sage advise on how to spot a "zidiot". .

Problem is, Philishia is a real person and Philishia Cox Crum is her real name.  She was around long before this case started on February 26, 2012. I can see how her "good question" comment would render her suspect in your mind as one of the racists though.

Don't let's fish your mind out of the gutter just yet black butterfly, I would be lost without the comic relief.

Update:  Rather than erase and apologize,  Xena doubles down:
"Xena PERMALINKDecember 6, 2012 3:43 pm
The treeslum folks demonstrate strong envy towards successful Blacks. That reveals their strong racial bigotry which is rooted in the idea that no matter how educated, successful, or financially lucrative a Black person is, they will never be good enough for White Supremacists.
Look what White Supremacists have done to America with their “white flight.” They have no place to run now — maybe to Florida if they could only teach Black youths how tostay in their place."
Screenshot taken from blog  The Conservative Treehouse Home To Humanities Deadliest Disease: Racism by dothprotesttoomuch
I'm sure they meant "humanity's" deadliest, just a typo....?

Monday, December 3, 2012

New Photo - George Zimmerman injuries

How George looked moments after attack - picture courtesy

Photo published by media and turned over in discovery by the prosecution.
From GZlegalcase This is outrageous and everyone involved in turning this picture over should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  There is NO excuse for this, none.  I am infuriated that this is the first time I'm seeing this photo and you should be too.  Please tweet this blog post, everyone needs to see proof positive of the purposeful hoax perpetrated and carried out by Angela Corey's office and the attorneys for the Martins.

There is NO doubt that George was attacked by a thug named Trayvon Martin on a rainy night in February, none whatsoever.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Natalie Jackson ignores cyber stalking of a child

Natalie Jackson, one of the many Martin family attorneys, admits to having knowledge of a teen who has been stalked for almost a year and, with all her power, did nothing to stop them.  Were these dangerous stalkers Nat?  Death threats? How bad did it get?  As bad as it got for George Zimmerman this past year after you, Sharpton, Crump, Julison, Parks, Rand (flat out called him a murderer), Jesse Jackson, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CBS, Matt Gutman, Roland Martin, Robles, Russel Simmons, Michael Skolnik, and countless others incited hate and violence after months of marketing him as a racist child murderer?  It's not at all shocking that you all allowed, no, purposefully involved a young girl to take the fall for the actual adult in the phone interviews.  You all, including the bereaved parents, gave the press pictures of a younger girl with Martin insinuating she was the girlfriend.  All just part of the "scheme"

Thanks to @coreshift for the screenshot.

Published on Nov 30, 2012 by 

Copyright Global Grind

Crump has said that Witness 8 is 16 years old, but the defense writes in its motion that she is actually 18. She has not been publicly identified by either the state or defense, pursuant to a judge's order.
And Natalie, I love how indignant you are about Shellie Zimmerman's perjury charge in this (now removed), interview with Roland Martin, and how you say you would never lie to the court - we'll see Natalie, we will see.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Robert Zimmerman Jr., a class act

Today Robert Zimmerman Jr., the brother of George Zimmerman, wrote an open letter to Michael Skolnik, the editor in chief of Global Grind and political adviser (?), to Russel Simmons (Def Jam Records).  George Zimmerman stands accused of Second Degree Murder for the shooting of Trayvon Martin, a Miami Gardens youth who attacked George on February 26, 2012.  George, by witness accounts and forensic evidence, was defending himself against that attack and the possibility he would be killed.  George was charged and turned himself in on April 11, 2012, a month after this op-ed piece by Michael Skolnik, where he blatantly and with malicious agenda, calls George Zimmerman a murderer.

White People, You Will Never Look Suspicious Like Trayvon Martin! by Michael SkolnikPosted March 19, 2012
So, today I decided to hit the ball.  Making a choice.  A choice to stand up for Trayvon Martin. 17 years old. black. innocent. murdered with a bag of skittles and a bottle of ice tea in his hands.

He calls George a murderer not once, but twice in his editorial opinion piece.  He bases his opinion on....
I got a lot of emails about Trayvon.  I have read a lot of articles.  I have seen a lot of television segments.  The message is consistent.  Most of the commentators, writers, op-ed pages agree.  Something went wrong.  Trayvon was murdered.  Racially profiled. 
He then blatantly lies or believes everything he is told and is simply repeating the misinformation....not good for an "editor in chief".  He says he talked to the family before writing his piece, Tracy knew the following to be untrue.  
For heaven's sake, for 24 hours he was a deceased John Doe at the hospital because even the police couldn't believe that maybe he LIVES in the community.
 Trayon was identified as soon as his father got around to calling in a missing persons report with the SPD about 13 hours after Trayvon was killed 70 yds from where Tracy was staying.
And you know, like I know, it wasn't because of the hoodie or the jeans or the sneakers.  Cause I had on that same outfit yesterday and no one called 911 saying I was just wandering around their neighborhood.  It was because of one thing and one thing only.  Trayvon is black.
The race card.  Michael throws the race card and incites violence against Zimmerman and his  family based on the fact that no one called 911 on him the day before when he was wearing a hoodie and sneakers. 

Even with all of this, Robert Zimmerman had the class and grace to accept an invitation from Skolnik to speak with him, the call lasted 90 minutes.  Robert was also scheduled to do an interview today, but due to safety issues, he had to cancel. Instead, he wrote an open letter to Michael Skolnik.  Despite calling his brother a murderer and inciting countless threats to George and his family from the people who listen to commentators like Skolnik, Robert wrote a wonderfully moving letter.  He took the high road.  Please read and retweet - his words do not apply only to this case, but the state of our society in general right now.  We could also learn from his diplomacy.
From the Desk of Robert Zimmerman Jr. 
An Open Letter to Michael Skolnik, Editor in Chief, Global Grind
(Excerpt) George did not “profile, pursue… confront… and then kill Trayvon Martin in cold blood”, there was no “shot, a clear shot… boy begging for his life… then… a second shot”- scenarios attorneys Crump and Jackson would report. There was no use of the racial slur “coons” as was suggested by CurrentTV and then by CNN. But there were producer edited phone call recordings,false talk of leaving a truck after being “told not to by police”, questions about the entire Zimmerman family being a family of racists, and allegations that the Sanford police and State Attorney ’s office had “conspired to sweep the murder of Trayvon Martin under the rug” for racist reasons.
There was an agenda – a profitable one – one that relied on anything but facts to advance, and there were people all too happy to throw their hands into the bucket and throw stones at an innocent man’s reputation in order to be assured they would have a place at the table when the forthcoming feast would be served."

Bold emphasis and tweet below are mine (renewsit)