Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Young Man's Organs Harvested in Death Valley - Ryan Singleton

Ryan Singleton
Ryan Singleton went missing in July, 2013.  On September 22 his mother, Iris Flowers, was told Ryan's body had been found in Death Valley, Nevada.  He had been exposed to the elements and his body was badly decomposed.  Please note that the temperatures in Death Valley during those two months reached upwards of 130F. Scroll for Updates 10/24/1013

Ryan's mother, Mrs. Flowers, contacted Ryan's husband Kithe Brewster to give him the bad news. They had been married in December 2012.  Soon after the news of her son's body being found, Mrs. Flowers set up a donation page to help with flying her son's body back to Atlanta. Keep in mind, if this story picks up steam the donation page will either go away or the wording will change, so look quick because the donation page mentions nothing about missing organs.  The husbands facebook and twitter accounts mention nothing about missing organs.  Nothing is mentioned about missing organs until this post shows up on the donation page:
Terrell Starr •
Hello: My name is Terrell J. Starr, a reporter from NewsOne, a Black news site here in NYC. I saw the Fox 5 news report on your son's death. If you are OK with it, I would like to interview you about your son's death and help to get answers for your family. Please let me know if you are interested. I want to write a story that paints a very complete picture of who your son was. My cell is 917-501-4593 and you can reply to me here. Thank you.
Soon the news broke - First via tweet by Fox5 News in Atlanta
Then NewsOne: Atlanta Man Found Dead And Missing Organs In California Desert:
A Georgia woman is searching for answers after her 24 year-old son was found dead in Death Valley, California with several of his internal organs missing.
Iris Flowers’ son Ryan Singleton (pictured) had left Atlanta back in July to pursue his dream to become a Hollywood actor. Sadly, the dream was cut short when he went missing during a trip to Las Vegas and eventually was found dead by joggers on September 21, in the desert near Baker, Calif.
“There were no organs,” Flowers told FOX 5 Atlanta. “He said, ‘Ma’am, there were no eyes, there was no heart, there were no lungs, there was no liver, there were no kidneys.”[link]
There's about 100 million reasons why this story reeks to high heaven.  One of them is the fact that I can't find the original story anywhere.  You would think a body found in the desert with no organs would be big news. I'm calling BS on this one.

As was intended, Newsone's facebook page is blowing up over this story.  They are buying the organ harvesting story hook, line, and sinker.  Newsone is Roland Martin's gig.  No surprise there.

Ryan's mother told reporters her son was going to Hollywood to be an actor, although he had already played bit parts in projects prior to his death.  He was also a successful model.  My research tells me his mother was not fully aware of all his extra curricular activities.  No reason why she should be at this point since they played no part, according to the Sheriff in San Bernardino County.

Update: October 23, 2013
I just got off the phone with Sgt. Newport with the San Bernardino Sheriff's department. Sgt. Newport was in charge of the investigation into Ryan Singleton's death.  According to him, Ryan was found on September 21, 2013, in Death Valley, California. After an autopsy was performed and after a thorough investigation, no foul play was determined.  Mrs. Flowers, Ryan's mother, has spoken to Sgt. Newport and has been fully apprised of their findings.  Mr. Singleton's body had been in the desert, exposed to temperatures well over 120 F, and various animals known to scavenge carrion in that area, for approximately one month.  His organs are missing because of the natural postmortem process with a little help from the animal population.  

Sgt. Newport advised me that the people who had been with Ryan days before his death were spoken to.  They told investigators that nothing seemed out of the ordinary with Ryan, and investigators found nothing out of the ordinary about them.  Although the autopsy showed no signs of foul play, the toxicology reports have not come back yet, and may not ever come back with significant findings due to the condition of the body.  

Mrs. Flowers is asking for funds to return Ryan's body for burial, (please note, I am not taking donations, nor am I encouraging donations to this mother), this much I could verify - if his husband is not going to pay to have the body returned, the expense would be left to her.  That would be a shame, he seems pretty well situated in life.  She is also saying a pathologist needs to examine the body, but a pathologist has examined the body and she was told the results, so I'm not sure why she is adding this unfounded information.

Bottom line - no foul play and Mr. Singleton's organs were scavenged and decomposed through natural processes.  No organ harvesting.  Stop it. Please.

See Ryan in his own words in a
video shot shortly before his untimely death.