Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Miriam Carey Police Report and Incident Route

I have tried to illustrate, as closely as possible, the sequence of events described in the Police Report.  I'm not from that area, I googled (I even got lost and frustrated), but I believe it is pretty close.  What is so scary is the amount of people on the streets during the day.  Kids walking across streets, tourists, bicycles, etc.,.  Instead of suing the Police Department, the Carey family should be grateful no one else was killed.

Police Report and Search Warrant


1st Encounter 15th and E (A)
Pete Williams confuses me in this video - he says 15th near the Treasury Dept., which appears to be between 17th and 18th.  Feel free to help me out here.  I don't see where the U-Turn came in.

Chase Route A to B 

Second Encounter/Police Car is crashed into Police Cruiser 10 Marlyand  SW (B)

Route to 3rd & Final Encounter 200 Maryland NE

Beginning of Coverage - Police car rammed and shots are fired