Friday, October 4, 2013

Miriam Carey Day Two

For those who say Miriam Carey, the woman who rammed into a barricade and then police cars in front of the Capitol building, was just "turned around" or "lost":
Newsone: The pursuit began when the car sped onto a driveway leading to the White House, over a set of lowered barricades. When the driver couldn’t get through a second barrier, she spun the car in the opposite direction, flipping a Secret Service officer over the hood of the car as she sped away, said B.J. Campbell, a tourist from Portland, Ore.

Daily Beast -  She is said to have attempted to flee on foot as more shots rang out. She fell fatally wounded. A police officer took the uninjured child from the car.
This means she purposely tried to flee with no thought of her baby in the back seat of the car.  It also means she was not shot until she exited her car - the tires on the car look blown out in pictures. From the same article:
Upon being discharged from the hospital, Carey was given a handicapped parking pass that she used to occupy one of only four such spots in the medical condo building where the practice is housed. The condo association finally put a note on her car asking her to take one of the other general parking spot that are plentiful at the start of the days. The reason being that a large number of elderly people with walkers and others who need handicapped parking come and go throughout the day. Carey refused.
“She wasn’t going to budge, she got all pissed off,” Weiss recalls. “She had that, ‘Who are you to tell me?’”
The association asked Weiss and his partners to speak to her.
“And that got her even more angry,” Weiss says. “She was just a headstrong, stubborn person.”
ABC/Examiner: "...sources told ABC News that Carey’s boyfriend and her daughter's father, 54-year-old Eric Francis, called police multiple times in 2012 to report Carey was “delusional, acting irrationally and putting her infant daughter in danger.”
Washington Post “That’s impossible. She works, she holds a job,” said Amy Carey, a nurse who lives in Brooklyn. “She wouldn’t be in D.C. She was just in Connecticut two days ago. I spoke to her.”
Carey moved to Stamford after “some problems with her landlord,” Windley said, “but the Brooklyn rents were getting so high . . . That’s how she landed in Stamford.”
Carey did not have many friends, Windley said, and could seem “arrogant.” She added: “If there was a negative, people said that was it. She could be sort of conceited, like she knew everything.”
NBC - "Sources" say she believed Obama was stalking her. 
Just as Ben Crump was the source for everything that smelled of BS in the Trayvon Martin debacle, this is probably coming from the Carey family lawyer, Eric Sanders.

Also, according to the above article, Dr. Weiss fired Miriam in August because there were complaints that she was too rough with patients.    
Dr. Barry Weiss, a dentist, told NBC Connecticut that Carey was working for him in January 2012 when she suffered a fall and missed two to three weeks. Relatives have said that she may have suffered postpartum depression. Weiss said that he fired her in August 2012 after patients complained that she was too rough.
 "There were a few instances of her being headstrong, but generally she was an average employee," Weiss said. "She did her job and left at the end of the day." 
In my opinion the infraction had to be pretty serious to fire a nine month pregnant woman, especially a minority - too much risk of a HUGE lawsuit.
From ABC/IB Times: Erin Jackson, a neighbor who lived near Carey’s Stanford home, said she thought the suspected shooter “absolutely” had a mental illness when questioned by ABC News. She added that she remembered the black Infinity sedan as resembling Carey’s, and added that the suspect’s tires had recently been slashed in Connecticut.

This is an odd statement coming from the woman who also stated:
October 4, 2013 1:03 PM By The AP: Erin Jackson, 31, lived next door to Carey and said she doted on her young daughter, often taking the girl outside for picnics.
"She was pleasant. She was very happy with her daughter, very proud of her daughter," she said. "I just never would have anticipated this in a million years."
Jackson said Carey was upset earlier this summer when the tires were stolen off her car, but she said her neighbor seemed content. She said she never heard her say anything political. Now either Miriam's tires were slashed AND stolen, or Erin is making it up as she goes.  I might attribute the inconsistency to memory, but there's a huge difference between "slashed" and "stolen".  Also, the second quote does not make Miriam sound like someone who is "absolutely" mentally ill.   Fear not, Erin tries to rectify her former statements and to reinforce the idea that Miriam was mentally ill, by admitting there were tires slashed (her own?), and Miriam slashed them:
NBC/Scallywag: In attempting to exact Carey’s state of mind, a neighbor, Erin Jackson, went on to tell that she firmly believed Carey to be suffering from mental illness after an incident last year saw her tires slashed at the hands of Carey.
Examiner/ABC: According to sources Carey believed she was the “prophet of Stamford” and was capable of communicating with Obama. –ABC News on Miriam Carey
 The above quote is, far and away, my personal favorite.  Yesterday everyone who knew her, including her family, said she never spoke about politics.

NewOne: Dr. Steven Oken, her boss of eight years, described Carey as a “non-political person” who was “always happy.”
Reaffirming speculation that Miriam Carey was in the grips of unnatural illusions, investigators have since gone on to reveal that Miriam Carey suffered delusions due to a history of mental illness. Of course how severe investigators have yet to reveal.
From the same article - practically the same paragraph:
 A former boss went on to tell that although Carey was not married to the father of their child she ‘seemed happy’ about the pregnancy.
Dr. Barry Weiss, a dentist, told NBC Connecticut that Carey was working for him in January 2012 when she suffered a fall and missed two to three weeks. He said that she appeared increasingly stressed after an unplanned pregnancy. Relatives at the time believed Carey may have suffered postpartum depression.
She wasn't happy before the child was born and she wasn't happy after the child was born.  Pre and Post-partum methinks.

Finally, a "source" told CNN that schizophrenia meds were found in Miriam's apartment and:
The source told CNN that Carey left a letter addressed to the boyfriend at her apartment and that it appeared to contain white powder. The letter is being tested for hazardous substances.
More info on Miriam Carey