Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Miriam Carey's 911 calls released

The 911 calls made by Miriam Carey and her boyfriend, Eric Francis, in the months leading up to her death have been released.  It is clear Miriam was having a severe mental breakdown when she was shot to death outside the Nation's Capitol.  

The first 911 call was made only two month after having her daughter, Erica.  She tells the 911 operator that there are men from her condo complex looking at her through her windows and video recording her.  When asked to describe the men, she only describes one and seems at a loss to describe the others.
Miriam Carey and her daughter, Erica
Eric Francis, the child's father is the owner of the Bluprint bar in Hartford .  He called 911 twice in the same day, but only one call is released.  In an earlier call Francis called 911 at 1 or 2:00 a.m., because Miriam had their baby in the bathroom and would not come out.  The released 911 call was to report Miriam had taken the baby outside in the cold without her jacket on.  During the call Francis tells the dispatcher that Miriam needs help, that they need to take her somewhere for help.  Police reports, according to the New York Post, confirmed that Miram believed Obama was watching her.

It is heartbreaking to hear Eric begging for help and to know he must have been horrified watching events unfold as Miriam was driving through Capitol grounds in Washington - eventually being chased and shot at by secret service and the WPD.
Valarie Carey and Amy Carey-Jones
"They were confident that she was better and that they tapered her off her medication and she said she felt fine," she told CNN's Anderson Cooper. "There were not moments of her walking around with delusions. That's not what was going on." Amy Carey-Jones
It is infuriating that Miriam's sisters, Valarie Carey and Amy Carey-Jones, would hire an ambulance chaser to try and make the tragedy a purposeful act of unjustified violence by police because her sister was a black woman. Valarie went so far as to call Miriam's boyfriend a liar on Anderson Cooper and then wonder why Francis didn't want Valarie to take custody of HIS daughter.  
"After we somewhat rest Miriam's soul on Tuesday, we are going to press a full frontal campaign to bring those who violated her civil rights to justice." Eric Sanders, Esq.

Eric Sanders, Esq.
Eric Sanders, the attorney for the Carey family, was thrown in jail shortly after doing the media rounds with Valarie Carey and her sisters.  Sanders was arrested for failing to pay court settlements against him.  He's out now and vowing to extract "justice for Miriam Carey".  I'd like to see justice as well, but in the form of punishment for predators like Eric Sanders, Esq.  - throw in the media, who are all too happy to aid them in their shakedowns, and I can die a happy camper.

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