Thursday, October 31, 2013

CNN and Victor Blackwell play EDITED video of Kendrick Johnson in Gym

Kendrick Johnson
As you can see in the video here  released October 30, 2013, no African American kid in a blue shirt enters immediately before Kendrick when he is coming down the hall, only the white kid with a backpack immediately before.

Due to either motion sensor or time lapse, Johnson is seen below (raw video October 30) entering an empty gym at :15...then if you click between play and pause at :15 - :17 you will see the time lapse..the kid in green appears out of nowhere and KJ fades away. The rest of the kids continue in.

Still from first video released to public in early October, 2013
In the following video, produced on October 31, 2013, pay close attention to the 4:50 mark...Kendrick walks in after the player in the dark blue shirt, not before - This is what I believe to be the edited version

Still Shot from above video - Kendrick Johnson entering the gym - no other kids in the gym at the time he entered if you freeze the frame at 4:50
 Victor Blackwell:  Now we do have a clip of what is happening at the EXACT MOMENT Kendrick walks in.  Remember that the schools attorney said that there were other minors in the gym...
Anderson Cooper: "We see Kendrick running in at the lower right-hand side of the screen and other folks playing basketball"  
Later in the same broadcast:
Victor Blackwell walking back his initial statements about the video showing kids in the gym at the exact moment that KJ walked in.
V. Blackwell: "Now, there is not time stamp on this, so we don't know how long it was between this game of basketball with the people who were there, the other students, and when he went into those mats"
Yes, the school's attorney said there were minors in the gym at the time Kendrick Johnson was in the gym - Kendrick Johnson was technically "in the gym" from 1:09 PM January 11, 2013 until late the next day.  So, technically, this is correct..but these kids were NOT playing basketball, as it is depicted here, when Kendrick walked into the gym. They entered approximately 10 minutes later.

This is PROOF that Victor Blackwell (and ACooper?), is part of the new "Scheme team" reporting on the Kendrick Johnson case.
When you don't have a case, make something up.