Scammers and Frauds aka Shaun King

Shaun King - Check the search feature on the blog as well, I don't always remember to put a link here.  Also note that prior to August 1, they are not really in order.

Shaun King and his never ending hyperbole - this time he lies about Benjamin Crump endorsing Bernie Sanders

Rare Interview with Shaun King's friend, Jason Woody

Thursday, December 31, 2015
Shaun King's Sloppy "reporting" strikes again - Racist Texts by SFPD

Wednesday December 16
Shaun King: Teflon Con

September 12, 2015
Joshua Goldberg and Shaun King

August 28, 2015
Justice Together, Shaun King starts a new non-profit

August 28, 2015
Shaun King, the original creepy ass cracker
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August 20, 2015
Don Lemon talks to Shaun King's family, they confirm he is white

August 18
Shaun has a major twitter meltdown and Montel Williams gets caught up in it, again

EXCLUSIVE:   August 3, 2015
New Document shows Shaun King is White
I received proof a few days ago that Shaun King's father is exactly who we said he was in an earlier post.  We now have a certified copy of King's birth certificate.  His father's name is Jeffery Wayne King. he was 23 in 1979, the year Shaun was born.  Jeffery Wayne King (older mugshot at link ), is also the father of  Russell D. King, the man Shaun has referred to as his brother on more than one occasion. 

Is Shaun King the next Rachel Dolezal?  July 3, 2015
Note: Until this post, no one, and I mean not a single person, was asking questions about Shaun King's ethnicity - any time I attempted to, and this photo was no exeception, I was suspended from Twitter.

Newly discovered photo of Shaun as a child brings his ancestry into question.

Catch Me if you can - Shaun King's 100 Life Goals scam

Dec 01, 2014
NWHCM confirmed to the author above that they received $200,000 from Shaun King's Ahomeinhaiti back in December 2010, and that the money was wired via Paypal, a paypal account that was in the name of Courageous ...
Dec 01, 2014
The doubt concerns the funds that were raised by Shaun King, and what was done with that $12,000 that went directly to his church, as did most all of the money he raised for "charity". This is just one of many questionable ...
21 hours ago
Shaun King started a fundraiser this morning for the burial and various other funding, for Tamir Rice -- problem is, I spoke to the attorney for the Rice family and the did not approve this fundraiser. In fact, their attorney, Timothy ...
Nov 17, 2014
Shaun King tries to depict the "Ferguson PD Officer" that "raped" a woman as white...which is a wholly untrue sentence. He wasn't a police officer and the woman was not raped. She traded sex for a Get-out-of-Jail-free card.
Oct 14, 2014
Shaun King: Hey Everybody! I changed my email address within KickStarter and didn't even know so many of you had posted comments! WOW! They're brutal. 1. The book is complete and is being published by Howard Books ...
Sep 04, 2014
Bottom Line First: Recall it was Shaun King who alerted authorities on purported tweet by a woman, who said she has a friend on the grand jury deciding the fate of Officer Darren Wilson, who was telling her what was going on ...
Oct 08, 2014
Shaun King, who signed up to do "daily diaries" at the website, Daily Kos, is now claiming that he was told by a super secret source (SSS),within the Military that troops are preparing for riots in Ferguson. His SSS revealed to ...
Nov 17, 2014
The race hustlers and violence inciters are at it again today with yet another false narrative - the leader of the pack....someone not at all new to making up stories or embellishing a story beyond recognition, Pastor Shaun King: ...
Oct 29, 2014
Once again the Pastor and self-proclaimed, "investigative journalist", Shaun King, is writing on Twitter and Daily Koz that Mike Brown put the cigars back. Mike Brown may have put the BOX back, but took the cigars out of the ...