Thursday, May 30, 2013

You Might be a Trayvon Martin Supporter if...

Trayvon Martin supporters are naive and stubborn - and a little scary in that they feel anyone who disagrees with them are racist.  They feel Trayvon was just in attacking George Zimmerman because George shouldn't have been following/watching him - apparently their version of Stand Your Ground.  So, you might be a Trayvon Martin supporter if :

Retreat at Twin Lakes Illustrated Map - Trayvon Martin Case

Map and Key Created by the Wagist's John Linehan - Click picture for larger view
A – The Clubhouse for Retreat at Twin Lakes.
B – Community mailboxes.
C – Where George Zimmerman parked his truck.
D – Brandy Green’s Townhouse, where Trayvon was staying.
E – Zimmerman stopped and completed his 911 call for approximately eighty seconds.
F – The fight and shooting took place in this area.
G – Eyewitness “John’s” townhouse.
I added to bottom right of screen the "back entrance" which I believe George referred to in his 911 call and walk-through with Sanford detective Chris Serino.  As you can see, the back entrance I've added is right next to the residence Trayvon was visiting that week.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The George Zimmerman Murder Trial - What you should know

For over a year the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case has been in the news.  Most of what you have heard has been a slick campaign to railroad George Zimmerman in order to promote gun control and to force modifications to the Stand Your Ground laws in applicable states. The purpose of this blog entry is not to get into the messy reasons why this travesty of justice has come about (for that read my other blog entries), but to lay out the basis for the year long debacle, with solid sources and common sense before the trial begins. (Click "read more" below)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Open letter to Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton

Dear Sybrina and Tracy, 

I thought a lot about the blog I wrote earlier today and the tragedy of the video posted within the blog - and it made me want to say some things to you as individuals, and not as the bigger than life grieving parents created by Ryan Julison and your attorneys.  Whether you read this or not is anyone's guess, I hope you do and I hope you take it at face value without inserting any ill-meaning.  I see your side, but I also see Gladys and Robert Zimmerman's side - they have to live with the visual of their son being beaten and then, because he acted in self-defense, made out to be a monster.  Pain is relative.  You know who Trayvon was, and they know who George is - but because of the ridiculous circus this tragedy has become, no one else knows who either of them really are. (click "read  more" below)

Gunz, Grillz, Drugz, and Stacks - Where was Trayvon headed?

Whether what was in Trayvon Martin's texts are found relevant or inadmissible in the upcoming trial is really the least of my worries today.  I'm more worried about the substance of Trayvon's text messages. He was only 17 years old and moving headlong into disaster.  I watched the video below and I was disgusted, angry, frightened, and a little amazed that this goes on in a civilized society.  I'm amazed our government wants to take away my right to legally carry a weapon to defend myself and my family against these animals on the street.  Why are they able to carry their illegal guns freely and without near the scrutiny or emphasis placed on George Zimmerman this past year for protecting himself with his legally acquired weapon. 

Trayvon Martin, Pam Bondi, guns, and Fire Ass Kush

The text messages found on Trayvon Martin's phone during the investigation into his death are about as "normal" as this picture of Pam Bondi, Attorney General of Florida.  Both should have never happened.

Two sets of text messages from Trayvon Martin's phone that are troubling and hopefully do not represent a "normal" child as Crump said on Piers Morgan's show.

In the first a friend tells Trayvon he has some "fire ass kush", which is synthetic marijuana.  Only traces of THC, from what I understand, would show up if that is what Trayvon was on that night.  (*please see comments) Synthetic pot has a lot of very daunting side effects - one being panic attacks.  Synthetic pot is highly illegal - Pam Bondi's PSA on it: (click below to "read more")

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Trayvon Martin got fighting tips from World Star Hip-Hop

Texting about watching World Star Hip-Hop
Below is an example of the thousands of fights recorded for teens and ridiculous adults on Worldstar Hip-Hop.  One thing you will notice - the head is almost always the target in the fights, next notice that they don't normally stay in the same place they were hit when someone goes after them after cold-cocking the victim. The most disturbing aspect for me was how young these kids are.  There are literally hundreds of these WSHH compilations.

Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman - the way they looked that night?

Benjamin Crump is complaining about the pictures being shown by the media via the latest document dump by Mark O'Mara.  Natalie Jackson is calling the defense team racist for putting the pictures that were found on Trayvon's phone in his release - she called him racist on her twitter feed.  The entire Scheme Team is calling the latest discovery a smear campaign.

I do want to point out that the pictures the Scheme Team approved for the media blitz in March, 2012, FAR from portrayed Trayvon Martin the night he assaulted George Zimmerman. Cake and eat it too, I suppose. (click "read more" below)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Trayvon Martin's Button

Update:  The pin Trayvon was wearing was definitely Cory Johnson, as Conservative Treehouse said (best source for mostly accurate information since the beginning ).
Cory Johnson, not Trayvon's Grandmother
Trayvon was wearing a button the night he was shot and killed by George Zimmerman in self defense.  I believe the button could have been for (his cousin?), Antwan  Graham, b. 7/1987 d. 2/5/2012.  I say his cousin because that is the most convoluted set of family names I've ever seen - not even a spreadsheet helps.  Takira's cousin says this is her brother.  Takira is Trayvon's sister.  Antwan lived in Miami Gardens.  There's also a FB owned by "Antonio rip Graham" that has the same photo of Antwan on it - no luck there either. (click "read more" below)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Angela Corey and the road to Nifong

Angela Corey announces charges Murder against George Michael Zimmerman 
Allen Dershowitz explains why Angela Corey should be hiring an attorney to defend herself against the actions she's taken in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case.  "She's raised expectations," he says, which could lead to riots if there is not a guilty verdict - and he believes there will be an acquittal.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Trayvon Martin Case - Witness #8 and Bilocation

I am thoroughly disgusted by the lies and misrepresentations the State and Benjamin Crump are being allowed to get away with in a Murder case.  The most recent that has come to light (in addition to Dee Dee's age not being 16, a lie she does not explain), is Witness #8's explanation as to why she lied about being in the hospital on the day of Trayvon's wake.

Alan Reich - Forensic Expert hired by the State in Zimmerman Case

The Washington Post first hired Alan Reich as an expert to examine the 911 tapes in May, 2012.  His findings were outlined in this article.  The original call portions and their enhancements are included in the article.

Alan Reich's analysis, dated May 9, 2013.  He appears to be saying he made the analysis after being furnished with recorded calls of Trayvon off of Tracy Martin's phone and portions of George Zimmerman's walk through of the crime scene.

Alan R. Reich, as is on his stationery: Nothing there. Also: Not much there.

Alan T. Reich: Nothing there. Also:

Fact or Fiction - Modern Day Lynchings and Organ Theft

War on the Horizon

"But the heinous acts of brutality and violence against Black youth do not begin or stop at these incidents. Our organization has fielded calls and emails regarding everything from young Sisters being abducted and burned alive by groups of white assailants to Black children being gutted alive after their murder and having their body parts removed before burial..." Read More

Friday, May 10, 2013

George Zimmerman's Flyer - Sherman Ware

This is the flyer George Zimmerman handed out in an effort to help Sherman Ware obtain justice after being beat up by a cop's son in Sanford, Florida.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

George Zimmerman and the NAACP

Robert Zimmerman, Jr. has written an op-ed piece about his personal experience meeting Ben Jealous, President of the NAACP, and how they met again a year later when his brother was slandered by Mr. Jealous in Sanford.

As always, Robert is a much more generous and eloquent spokesperson for George than most of George's supporters.  I, for one, despise Ben Jealous and what he and his organization stand for - divisiveness for profit.  They seem to only involve themselves in cases that have significant monetary or political value/gain.  I could list a ton of examples, the Trayvon Martin case being one of them.

What makes Trayvon more special than all the other hundreds of black children killed every year in America? Politics - Stand your ground, gun control - and money, money, money.  If your black child is killed in a drive by at your house, don't call the NAACP, they don't have time for that.

Read Robert's op-ed here: What the NAACP can learn from George Zimmerman

Monday, May 6, 2013

Tom Owens and Ed Primeau Forensic Audio Witnesses


The forensic audio "experts" Tom Owens and Ed Primeau, received their certifications at the same online school Zoe the cat received hers,  American College of Forensic Examiners Institute

No Forensic Background? No Problem
The "Forensic Consultant" certificate journalism grad student Leah Bartos received after watching 90 minutes of video instruction, taking a 100-question test and paying $495 to the American College of Forensic Examiners International Inc.  Photo property of PBS Frontline.

Another pretty thorough and organized examination of these two yahoos can be found on Dan Lineman's Wagist site.  I remember finding most of this on the weekend the story was released ( forum 3/31), by OS - and the diploma mill information below.

This is new since I researched O'Block last year: Cure of Souls - Robert O'Block's book and website.  No worries, he makes no money from the book, or the Sunday School Lessons.
I may lose consciousness.

Mark O'Mara - Is he Whizzing in the Wind with motions?

Bernie de le Rionda does what he wants, when he wants and if you do not like it, eat dirt (insert tongue out emoticon here).  According to this filing by frustrated defense attorneys, so do his detectives and expert witnesses.


The state’s attempt to hide certain records from Murray by prohibiting Murray from inspecting itsfile on Murray, citing non-existent statutes to claim “exemptions,” or by insufficiently delineating what records it has in its possession violates these Constitutional rights. It is unheard of that a state, with 163 claimed exemptions consisting of hundreds or even thousands of documents, would not tender something to the defense. Unfortunately, such is the case here. 
In Murray’s case, the above information exists, is relevant to Murray’s 3.851 claims listed above, and would demonstrate the improper systematic changing of testimony and evidence to obtain a conviction.
That's our Bernie.  It's no wonder the Florida jusice system has been labled the most corrupt in the US.

Bernie De le Rionda - Win at all costs, ALL costs

Recall the blog I wrote about Benjamin Chavis III - the one that probably made you think I am nuts and I probably believe 911 was a conspiracy?  The latter is not true, but I do have further information on whether the State, Bernie de le Rionda in particular, might stoop to jailhouse informants to make their case:

CASE NO. 90,963
This appeal is from the denial of Marc Asay's motion for
postconviction relief by Circuit Court Judge L. P. Haddock,
Fourth Judicial Circuit, Duval County, Florida. This proceeding
challenges both Mr. Asay's conviction and his death sentence.
A. Mr. Asay was denied a full and fair evidentiary
hearing because the lower court erred in refusing
to consider the testimony of Thomas Gross
recanting his trial testimony and alleging that
the State Attorney assisted and coerced the
fabrication and presentation of false testimony . . 54
B. Mr. Asay was denied a full and fair evidentiary
hearing because the lower court erroneously
refused to consider the Gross recantation in
connection with the claim that trial counsel was
ineffective for failing to investigate or prepare
for the examination of Thomas Gross and that
substantial evidence existed that demonstrated his
testimony was false, misleading, and unreliable . . 59
C. The trial court improperly quashed the subpoena
duces tecum for state attorney files that would
have corroborated Thomas Gross' testimony thereby
denying Mr. Asay a full and fair evidentiary
If Mr. David knew that the state attorney, Bernie de la Rionda,
had told Mr. Gross what to say
he would have presented that to
the jury (PC-T. 511-12). Mr. David would have informed the jury
that Mr. de la Rionda told Mr. Gross it was important to use the
word "nigger" and to discuss Mr. Asay's tattoos
(PC-T. 513).
Most importantly, Mr. David would have disclosed to the jury that
Mr. de la Rionda made additional promises to Mr. Gross and
threatened to prosecute him for perjury if his testimony differed
from his deposition (PC-T. 513, 515). Mr. David testified if the
allegations against Mr. de la Rionda were true, he would consider
Mr. de la Rionda's conduct interference with his defense (PC-T.
Gross met with the state attorney, Bernie de la Rionda, and
told him what he had read in the articles and what information
the police had relayed to Mr. Asay (PC-T. 1958).
Mr. de la Rionda then showed Gross pictures of Mr. Asay's tattoos,
specifically the white pride and swastika (PC-T. 1058). Gross
and Mr. Asay previously discussed Mr. Asay's tattoos, however,
they never talked about the tattoos that Mr. de la Rionda pointed
out to Gross (PC-T. 1058).
Mr. Gross would have testified that 
Mr. de la Rionda helped him fabricate his testimony (PC-T. 1058). Mr. de la Rionda
smiled and winked at Mr. Gross while asking him "Mark Asay told
you that he shot some niggers, didn't he" and "[n]ow, you're sure
that Asay related to you that he is prejudiced, didn't he?" Mr.
de la Rionda emphasized the words "didn't he", Mr. Gross followed
his lead and replied yes (PC-T. 1058-59). Mr. Gross rehearsed
his testimony with the state attorney who reworded his answers so
they were more inflammatory and damaging to Mr. Asay (PC-T. 1059-
60). For example, Mr. de la Rionda told Gross to look directly
at the jury and say "Mark Asay said I shot them niggers" (PC-T.
Marc Asay never confessed to Thomas Gross (PC-T. 1060). Mr.
Asay never even uttered a racial comment in his presence (PC-T.
1060). However, Gross was facing charges and the state attorney
promised him that he could get his sentence reduced (PC-T. 1060).
Therefore, Gross took advantage of Mr. Asay and formed a
partnership with the state attorney; the goal being to convict
Mr. Asay of first degree murder (PC-T. 1060).
Mr. Gross gave a sworn statement in October of 1987 (PC-T.
1060). After giving the sworn statement Gross decided not to
testify against Mr. Asay, because he knew that his statement was
a lie, and refused to give a deposition (PC-T. 1060). 
Mr. de la Rionda then told Gross that if he did not testify willingly he would force him to get on the stand and if he changed his
testimony he would be prosecuted for perjury (PC-T. 1061). Gross
12The proffer of Thomas Gross' testimony described the crime
scene in detail (PC-T. 1063). Mr. Asay's counsel also proffered
a drawing, done by Mr. Gross, of the crime scene (PC-T. 1064;
Defense Exhibit J).
felt threatened by Mr. de la Rionda so he decided to testify
falsely against Mr. Asay (PC-T. 1061).
While coaching Gross' testimony, the state attorney showed
Mr. Gross a picture of one of the victims in Mr. Asay's case and
told Gross that one of the victims was shot in the chest with a
.25 caliber gun and that the bullets partially caved in the man's
chest (PC-T. 1061-62). Gross was also shown a crime scene photo
from another homicide case Mr. de la Rionda was prosecuting and
was told that the state might need a confession in that case (PCT.
1062).12 Mr. de la Rionda told Gross that he would try and
place Gross in a cell with the defendant from the other homicide
case and that Gross should come forward, like he did in Mr.
Asay's case, and announce the defendant confessed to the crime
(PC-T. 1062).
At the evidentiary hearing, collateral counsel specifically
recounted Thomas Gross' allegations and asked the lower court to
reconsider its summary denial of the claim (PC-T. 477-89).
Despite hearing allegations of the worst possible type of
governmental misconduct that could not have been raised on direct
appeal, the lower court refused to consider the claim (PC-T.
489). The issue was not procedurally barred; accordingly, the
matter should be remanded for an evidentiary hearing on this
See also this article on another jailhouse informant in a death penalty trial where de le Rionda was the Prosecutor:
Another Hung  Jury in a Jacksonville Trial
"But prosecutors called a former cell mate of King’s who said King told him he stabbed Burney and was going to strangle Butler while she slept, but he panicked and fled the house before harming his girlfriend."
Thought: Could witness #8 have need of a favor from the State - her name would have given us a clue - oh wait, they didn't want us to have that, her being a minor and all.  

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April 30, 2013 Hearing Press Conference - State vs George Zimmerman

Press Conference April 30, 2013

Mark O'Mara, Benjamin Crump (can't be deposed but can show up and give his two cents any time there's a camera handy)

George Zimmerman Hearing April 30, 2013

Thanks to @Coreshift

April 30 Motion Hearing - George Zimmerman 
Trayvon Martin Case
Starts at 6:00 due to technical (sound) issues.

Here is an excellent article on this hearing:
George Zimmerman waives pre-trial self-defense hearing
"The immunity hearing would have also placed the burden of proof on the defense which may have had to call Zimmerman and other witnesses such as forensic experts to explain why Zimmerman feared for his life and used deadly force. By waiting until trial, O'Mara kept his strategy and potential surprise evidence to himself and enters a legal arena where the burden is now on the prosecution since Zimmerman is presumed innocent at trial.
The strategy, however, is also risky and eliminates a path to acquittal for Zimmerman. "You never know when you put a case in the hands so of 12 people," Reep said.
Still, O'Mara will have two opportunities during trial to ask for a "judgement of acquittal," where the judge can decide to acquit Zimmerman without the jury, Reep said. O'Mara can ask when the prosecution rests and when the defense rests but such acquittals don't happen often, he said."

Also from the hearing - cleaned up audio recording of 911 call:

Crump's statement about the 911 tape being "cleaned up"