Friday, October 25, 2013

John and Patsy Ramsey Grand Jury Indictment - Full

Child Abuse Resulting In Death 

Charlie Brennan, reporter who sued for the release of these indictments: Twelve citizens of this county labored for 13 months, through what jurors told me were often difficult and challenging sessions, and ultimately rendered their best decision. This, the public was never told.
Then-District Attorney Alex Hunter, we now know, exercised the discretion and power of his office by declining to sign and prosecute their indictment. This, the public was also never told.

Lin Wood, attorney for John and Patsy Ramsey:
And I would challenge you, in return, to tell us now why the grand jury that you were in charge of, after 13 months, refused to issue an indictment in this case. Would you tell us that, please, Mr. Kane? (emphasis mine)
A gross injustice was done to this precious little girl, JonBenet Ramsey on the day Alex Hunter, former DA in Boulder Colorado, decided to no bill the Grand Jury's decision.  Millions turned their backs on JonBenet because they were sold a bill of goods by the media and by one of the best shakedown artists around, L. Lin Wood.  Crump couldn't carry Wood's $500.00 shoes.  If you don't think parents could do something like this...think again.  JonBenet was found with a six inch break in her skull, paintbrush trimmings in her vagina, and a garrote around her neck in the basement of her parent's home, her home.  There's never been any doubt, in my mind, that the Ramsey's were complicit in the cover up of their daughter's murder. Both John and Patsy Ramsey were indicted for assisting "someone" in hiding from authorities, someone who had committed murder - the only person that "someone" could have been was Burke Ramsey.  For an extremely accurate and condensed accounting of the events from December 26, 1996, including case evidence and information on the Grand Jury in 1999, read The Bonita Papers.

John Ramsey Indictment

Patsy Ramsey Indictment