Monday, October 28, 2013

Kendrick Johnson had a sister who died

Kendrick Johnson had a sister who died but I can't figure out when. According to the grave stones, the year she died is the SAME year she was born, but the sister of Kendrick Johnson says she wasn't a twin, just same birth date, different year. The grave marker clearly shows the dates are the same, including the year.  Jackie says the same thing... a year apart.

Another mystery in the life and death of Kendrick Johnson.


  1. What does her death has to do with Kendrick's death? So what if you have two children born on the same day, different year. It could have been conceived with that in mind. Ever thought about that? Way to go, bring up another child death, when they are already dealing with the death of their child under unusual circumstances. As for as this article goes, That that a man profits in his heart, that shall he also reap! Be blessed!

  2. "What does her death has to do with Kendrick's death? So what if you have two children born on the same day, different year."

    It makes a difference because apparently no one in the family knows when the birth years are.

    If you look at the headstones, they both have 1995 listed as the birth year... but the family says they were born a year apart. So either they don't know when their son was born, or they put the wrong birth year on their daughter's headstone, or they are actually twins but the parents don't want to acknowledge that.

    I mean, for real, what kind of parents allow the wrong birth year to be listed on one of their children's tombstones??


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