Friday, October 25, 2013

Ryan Singleton-Brewster - Friends, Grifters, and his poor mama

"Shatzi" was Ryan Singleton's middle name.  Ryan's friends who seemingly barely noticed he was missing, are all up in arms and hating Ryan's husband, Kithe Brewster.  T. D. Faison has the unmitigated nerve to accuse Kithe of capitalizing on Ryan's death, all the while promoting a movie and a book using Ryan's name 24/7.

Faison's facebook page has a movie promo titled, "Are We Famous Yet" as his cover photo and a photo of Ryan as his profile photo.  He is hawking the donation website and a video made to honor Ryan ... oh really, honor Ryan?

We wanted to share our memorial video to our Angel, Ryan Singleton aka Schatzi. This will be shown at his funeral services tomorrow... For all those who can't be there, here is just a piece of our "Schatzi" as only he can tell it... We hope this eases some of the pain...

*Footage courtesy of upcoming film "Are We Famous Yet???"... 
Faison is gets pissy when anyone tries to steal his spotlight and promotional sense of facebooking:

TD Faison
6 hours ago via Mobile · Edited

Just watched Ryan's memorial video. I love how the truth is caught on film. A beautiful expression of his life and dream, we need to come together and find answers. NOT MAKE IT A ONE MAN SHOW!!!!! It's rightfully upsetting to others to hear that anyone is speaking to the press about anything!!!!!! Question: When was it ever about you? Ryan's life was taken, so sit yo ass down!!! It's about him... By the way last name is Singleton...So regardless on whatever lies are told and believed his story will be told and so will the truth to who murdered him... — with Ryan Ry- Si Singleton.
"upsetting to hear that anyone is talking to the press about anything!!!!"  <---Well, you know, except for TD:
TD Faison
22 October via Mobile
Just finished interview with myFox LA in Los Angeles running a news story on Ryan's murder.... Grinding for a national story.... JOIN THE MOVEMENT... #justice4ryan

He's not crazy about Ryan's husband, Kithe. Thing is, it doesn't seem as is anyone really cared about Ryan...I've spent the last two hours looking through Faison's pictures from June through October, and until Ryan was found dead, Faison NEVER mentions him in connection to his upcoming movie (upcoming for about 10 years). Not once. Now Ryan is the star of the film.
Today in story land boys and girls is the tale of a 23 year old prince who is manipulated by a 47 year old warlock into leaving his kingdom and his people to marry him. The warlock introduces him to a world of dark magic, fairy dust (sniff) and bullshit along with fake promises of a throne in a kingdom built on lies. The prince eventually breaks the magic spell cast by the warlock and returns to his people. You finish the tale... I don't support any of this bullshit any longer.

Momma is over it.
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Drama is not needed at this time of bereavement. Please people,get over yourselves and let me lay my son to rest! All is ready for Ryan Ry- Si Singleton's Life Celebration Service on 10-26-13 @ 11:00am Stocks
Funeral Home & Kirkwood Chapel. BLESSED and FAVORED by GOD,Mr. Kithe Brewster you did an amazing job as a member of "Team Ryan!" by getting your husband from California,handling paperwork,etc. C'mon home Kithe and Ryan-mom has the plot at the cemetary for Ryan's remains and soon we can all relax a little-still a battle ahead!

For a fun look at what Faison does when the lights go out.... Video (might shock your senses a titch)