Friday, October 18, 2013

Kendrick Johnson - Racist Cover-Up or another Trayvon Martin?

Benjamin Crump, Chevene King, and Kendrick Johnson's father (who is hoping he too can win the race-hoax lottery) 
 "I am firmly convinced that both Attorney Chevene King and Kenneth Johnson, the father of Kendrick, are lying about this case." - Leigh Touchton, former President of NAACP

Finally someone is trying to cripple a race-hoax before it goes too far.  I wrote a lengthy blog last week concerning the tragedy that was Kendrick Johnson's death.  My instincts and good common sense told me, once again, something just wasn't adding up in this case (reinforced by the arrival of Attorney Crump). After easily researching the facts, I pretty much knew the world was about to embark on another Trayvon Martin debacle.  No one listened to me and many others when we screamed "race-hoax" then, and I'm not expecting anyone to listen now, however, if you are interested, read my previous blog (details on members of this shakedown team) and this letter to Al Sharpton from a former 4-term president of the local NAACP and current Lead Investigator of Valdosta SLCC . She challenges not only Sharpton, but "facts" about the Kendrick Johnson case as they were presented to and by CNN and various other media outlets.
I'm a little over the media using the excuse that they are just reporting what they are told.  If that is the case, they are not reporting news, they are reporting gossip.

In her letter to Al Sharpton, Touchton addresses a conference call in which Attorney CB King and Kenneth Johnson, Kendrick's father, asked him to help raise money in order to further investigate Kendrick's death. After the phone call Touchton checked out the statements made by King and Johnson.  Touchton came to the conclusion that they were not being honest, in fact, he wrote:
"...when I followed up on their statements, I became utterly convinced that they are lying about aspects of this case in order to gull the public into donating money to them."
What Attorney King and Johnson told Touchton and members of the press, as well as well wishers who were praying and donating at candlelight vigils (turned rallies):

-GBI  "stonewalling" them and they need money for legal filings to compel the GBI to release toxicology results 
GBI spokesperson said that everything had been released to the Johnson family attorney    
-There was blood on a shoe in the gym that the GBI did not test - King and Johnson went public with pictures of this shoe claiming it was blood and never tested. 
The red substance on the shoe that Kenneth Johnson said publicly was blood and was evidence of lack of due diligence re: the investigation is NOT BLOOD. Investigators think it's paint.
Disgusted with what he had found thus far, Touchton wrote:
"For someone to get on national media and claim a shoe that has paint on it is indicative of a botched investigation stretches credulity and makes me more convinced that the attorney and the parents are only interested in sensationalizing this case, not publicizing the truth."
- Mr. Johnson told reporters and Touchton that the drawer holding Kendrick's body at the morgue was hot.  He said warm air "rushed out" at him when staff slid out Kendrick's body for Mr. Johnson to view. Mr. Johnson made the ludicrous allegation that the drawer was kept warm in order to cause evidence to decompose.  
Touchton toured the morgue and found there are alarms located there that would go off if the temperature got too high or too low.  Forensic personnel have offices right outside the unit and would have heard them.  (Valdosta Crime Lab has one of the highest accreditation ratings possible)
-Mr. Johnson tried to convince Touchton that one of Kendrick's classmates had murdered him.  
Kendrick would have been (for purposes of GBI investigation), considered missing shortly after he entered the gym because other students were seen entering the gym within 15 minutes Kendrick, none reported seeing him. There is only video of Kendrick entering the gym and running toward the stacked gym mats, but none of him leaving the gym.  During that time the boy that Kenneth Johnson told Touchton he believed was involved in Kendrick's death was on the other side of the school 
-The school is "stonewalling" and refusing to release the videotapes of who came and went during the time Kendrick was missing.
The video tapes were not made public due to there being minors on the tapes.  Attorney King and Mr. Johnson have been told several times that they are welcome to come in and view the tapes, they just can't be made public due to FERPA laws.  A court order is needed, yet for nine months Attorney King did not file for one.  In nine months he never viewed the tapes.  Touchton viewed the tapes and everything said by the GBI publicly and to the Johnson family and attorneys matched.  
Attorney King and Mr. Johnson told Touchton they needed money to make legal filings in order to obtain the video. Not true.  As a result of Touchton's interview, and likely out of frustration that attorney King was not going to file a court order but rather continue to lie and trash the school, the school attorney and the sheriff's attorney set up a hearing in front of a judge. It is scheduled for the end of October, 2013.

Even today King and Johnson are threatening to involve the DOJ in order to have the tapes released, KNOWING there is a hearing set for the end of the month.

Touchton's findings on the autopsy:
Dr. Anderson's autopsy was not peer reviewed, unlike that of the GBI medical examiner, Dr. Maryanne Gaffney-Kraft. The lack of professional reputation, as well as a communication to Valdosta Today in which Dr. Anderson absolutely made it clear that he does not understand positional asphyxia and does not know the correct diagnosis of such, inclines me to disbelieve his findings. Additionally, the blunt force trauma diagnosis was nebulous, "very very likely intentional" and yet he did not find any signs of defensive wounds on the child's arms, nor bruises to indicate that the body had been moved after death. (Emphasis mine)
 “It behooves those of goodwill and decency to continue to explore until the truth is found.” - Kendrick Johnson's father

More on this story - Cheven King still denying they were offered to view the video tapes. Updated today.
US Attorney to formally review Johnson Case

Contact information for Touchton:
Leigh Touchton, Lead Investigator
Valdosta SCLC
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