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Racist or Over It?

Note: Correction to Plano demographics 11/10/2012

The AP did a racist poll recently


 .  Michael Skolnik cited this poll on his twitter account - he's all about throwing gas on the race war flames.  Anyway, the poll indicates that a slight majority of whites are more prejudiced (a word other than "racist" that gets them out of trouble) against blacks than they were four years ago.

Food for thought:
The most dangerous place to live in the US is East St. Louis, IL.  98% black and  0.5% white
The safest place to live in the US is Plano, Tx, 78% white and 5% black 
The rest of the top ten in both categories are basically the same.  I wonder how blacks would feel if the shoe were on the other foot?  Many act as if it already is.  Charles Blow, for instance, a columnist for the NY Times ratchets up the rhetoric during the height of the Trayvon Martin case:
"As the father of two black teenage boys, this case hits close to home. This is the fear that seizes me whenever my boys are out in the world: that a man with a gun and an itchy finger will find them “suspicious.” That passions may run hot and blood run cold. That it might all end with a hole in their chest and hole in my heart. That the law might prove insufficient to salve my loss.
That is the burden of black boys in America and the people that love them: running the risk of being descended upon in the dark and caught in the cross-hairs of someone who crosses the line." [Link}
 How the hell long would George Zimmerman have lasted walking down the streets of East St. Louis?  Not too long considering the color of his skin.  A white woman would be certifiably insane or suicidal to walk alone through E St. Louis, yet because she might speak this truth out loud, she would be deemed a racist bitch by the residents there and most of clueless white America.

We're not more prejudiced, just more discerning after four years of watching this man do absolutely nothing to address places like E. St. Louis unless you count more free money and a free ride on accountability.  Since the mid 60's that place has been nothing but crime, drugs, and poverty - apparently it will never stop so they all need to load up and move to another country, someplace where they tolerate heathens - Iran?  Even their homeland of Africa would kick their asses out.

Not prejudiced, just over it.  If he is not going to do anything but give lip service to the impoverished blacks who are bound and determined to vote him in again, he sure as hell isn't going to do anything to help the rest of the population.  No hope for change.

Trayvon Martin & George Zimmerman – The Beginning – Confrontation and Shooting

Trayvon Martin & George Zimmerman – The Beginning – Confrontation and Shooting

Cross Postd from MAY 30, 2012 article on Radio Newz Blog  BY   |  BLOGOPINION
 February 26, 2012 — Approximately 6:00 PM Trayvon Martin, a 17 year old visiting Sanford from Miami Gardens Florida asked his father, who was out to dinner, if he could go to the store for treats and something to drink before watching the All-Star Game.  His father gave his permission and Trayvon made the.08 mile walk, in the rain, to a local 711.  On his way, Trayvon talked on the phone to his “girlfriend” from back home in Miami Gardens – Trayvon’s phone records do not support this as related by the girlfriend.  She said he told her at around 6:00 he was going to the store and she talked to him all the way to the store.  The 711 video does not support her statement to the State Prosecutor that she was talking to him while he was in the store — no earphones were present in his ears and he was not holding his phone.
At around 6:20 PM, Trayvon entered the 711 store.  Watch extended video, courtesy  .  Trayvon bought Arizona Watermelon Juice and skittles — he asked to buy something from the tobacco section, but was not allowed due to having had no ID to prove his age to the clerk.
Trayvon completed his purchase, and left the store at 6:24, but didn’t leave the premises right away.   Three young men entered the store about one minute after Trayvon left.  One of the young men, dressed much like Trayvon, buys three cigars, exits the store (about one minute later), and Trayvon can be seen walking back in the direction from which he came.  Trayvon’s partial toxicology report recorded THC metabolites in his bloodstream at autopsy.  Could Trayvon have asked the guys to purchase the cigars for him and then used one as a “blunt” and smoked it on the way back to the Retreat?
 In my opinion, and judging from his actions, Trayvon was probably waiting for these guys to show up to buy something from them.  During the 711 video, he can be seen looking outside a couple of times as if he were waiting on someone.
At around 7:04 Trayvon arrived back at the Retreat, and, according to his girlfriend, took shelter from the rain near the mailboxes.  She said this is when the phone hung up and she called him again, which would have been the 7:04 call.  The timeline became fuzzy here, he either stayed there, or started walking around, looking about, for at least five minutes before Zimmerman spotted him at around 7:09.

7:09 PM – As George Zimmerman was leaving his gated community, he observed a suspicious looking youth who appeared to be on drugs and checking out the townhouses.  George decided the young man looked suspicious enough to call the non-emergency line for the Sanford Police Department (report here)
GZ: Hey, we’ve had some break-ins in my neighborhood and there’s this real suspicious guy retreat view circle, the best address I can give you is 111 Retreat View Circle. This guy looks like he’s up to no good or he’s on drugs or something — he’s just walking around, looking about..
Dispatcher: … and this guy’s white, black, or hispanic?
GZ: He looks black..
Dispatcher: Did you see what he was wearing?
GZ: Yeah, a dark hoodie, like a gray hoodie and either jeans or sweat pants and white tennis shoes. (unintelligible)..he’s just staring
Dispatcher: Oh, he’s just walking around the area?
GZ: Looking at all the houses
Dispathcher: oh ok
Trayvon spotted George in his SUV and started staring at him, he then walked toward George’s vehicle to check him out, apparently making a circle around the truck, his hand in his waistband.  Judging from the 711 video, Trayvon was probably just pulling his pants up again.  Trayvon’s girlfriend stated this is about the time Trayvon put his hoodie on, but he already had his hoodie on when he was at the 711.  
GZ: Something’s wrong with him. Yep, he’s coming to check me out. He’s got something in his hands, I don’t know what his deal is.
Dispatcher: Just let me know if he does anything, ok
It seems the dispatcher is encouraging George to keep an eye on the suspicious guy…
GZ: Just get an officer over here
Dispatcher: We’ve got them on the way, just let me know if this guy does anything else.
GZ: Ok
GZ: These a-holes, they always get away.<snip> Shit, he’s running.
Dispatcher: He’s running, which way is he running?
GZ: Down towards the other entrance of the neighborhood.
According to phone records submitted by Benjamin Crump and Tracy Martin, Trayvon’s girlfriend calls him again at 7:12 PM, the same time Trayvon started running away.
Dispatcher: Ok, which entrance is that that he’s heading towards?
GZ: The back entrance.  Fucking punks!
At this point George exited his truck and began to follow/watch where Trayvon was headed.
Dispatcher: Are you following him?
GZ: Yeah
Dispatcher: Ok, we don’t need you to do that.
GZ: Ok
George was likely confused by this directive because it seemed the dispatcher wanted to know where the guy was going and what, if anything else, the teen was up to.  George turns back for his truck without challenging the dispatcher.
Dispatcher: Alright George, we do have them on the way, did you want to meet with the officers when they get out there?
GZ: Yeah
Dispatcher: Alright, where you gonna meet with them at?
GZ: Umm, if they come in through the, uh, street past the club house, straight past the club house, and then they go past the mailboxes, they’ll see my truck
Dispatcher: What address are you parked in front of?
GZ: Umm, I don’t know, it’s a cut-through so I don’t know the address.
At this point George decides to try and find the address before getting back into the truck.
Dispatcher: What’s your apartment number?
GZ: It’s a home (gives incomplete address) – ah crap, I don’t want to give that out, I don’t know where this kid is
Dispatcher: Ok, do you just want to meet with them right near the mailboxes?
GZ: Yeah, that’s fine.
Dispatcher: Alright George, I’ll let them know to meet you out there, ok?
GZ: Could you have them call me and I’ll tell them where I’m at?
Dispatcher: Ok, yeah, that’s no problem
The dispatcher does not tell George to stay in his truck, nor does he tell him to stay at the mailboxes, as has been stated in the media.  George has not seen Trayvon for at least two minutes, not since Trayvon ran toward his father’s girlfriend’s house.
GZ: Do you need my number or you got it?
Dispatcher: Yeah, I’ve got it (repeats number)
GZ: Yeah, you got it
Dipatcher: Ok, no problem, I’ll let ‘em know to call you when they are there, yeah?
GZ: Thanks
Dispatcher: You’re welcome
While George was on the phone with the dispatcher,  Trayvon had been running back to his father’s girlfriend’s townhome.  He was still talking to his girlfriend, telling her he ran and he was by his dad’s house, but that he was “walking back again”.  Did he drop something off at the house?
Within a minute of George hanging up with the dispatcher, Trayvon spots him, he tells his girlfriend “this guys getting close to him”.  The girlfriend tells Trayvon to keep running even though he has told her a few times he was at his dad’s house.  At this point, Trayvon had been making his way home through the gated community for approximately 11 minutes, yet he ends up 70 yards from his destination (see map here).
Before confronting George, Trayvon put the Arizona Watermelon juice in the front pocket of his hoodie and tossed the 711 bag on the ground.  GZ has his flashlight out looking for the street sign.  Trayvon walks up from behind and confronts George, “do you have a fu**ing problem?”  George replies, “No”, and reaches for his cell phone — Trayvon punches George in the nose and knocks him to the ground.  Trayvon’s girlfriend said she heard something different and that she heard Trayvon’s headphones hit the ground (heard the sound of grass), but this can’t be because Trayvon’s headphones were found in his pocket, she must have been mistaken….or, in my opinion, coached.
Austin Brown - 13, was walking his dog and heard someone yelling “help”.  He turned a corner and saw a guy in a red shirt (George Zimmerman),  lying on the ground, the cries for help were coming from this man.  Austin’s dog got away from him so he went after it.  One witness said she saw a figure or figures running past her home, I feel it could have been Ausin chasing his dog.
Meanwhile, Trayvon mounted George and began beating him, according to one witness, John, MMA style.  This same witness stated to police, several times, that the guy on the bottom, wearing red (George Zimmerman), was the one getting beat and yelling for help (link here).  George stated Trayvon was pounding his head onto the cement and trying to quiet his cries for help by holding his hand over George’s mouth.  According to apolice report, George Zimmerman screamed desperately for help at least 14 times, to no avail.  Austin Brown was about to go back to see about the man when he heard the fatal gun shot, he ran into his house where hissister called 911.  No one would help the man who had been watching out for the neighborhood for months.  He had finally released his gun from it’s holster and shot his assailant, Trayvon Benjamin Martin, 17, once in the chest, killing him instantly.
The last scream, in my opinion, was probably Trayvon, realizing George had a gun and he wasn’t able to take it from him, knew it was over.  The screaming stopped as soon as the shot rang out.  The last forty five seconds of the altercation, including the gunshot, can be heard here at 6:09.

Supporting documentation and case files can be found HERE.

Trayvon Martin & George Zimmerman – The Crime Scene and 911 Calls

Trayvon Martin & George Zimmerman – The Crime Scene and 911 Calls

Cross posted from MAY 31, 2012  article on Radio Newz Blog |  BY   
“The case has been compromised from the beginning. When Sanford police arrived on the scene, Zimmerman was first approached by a narcotics detective — not a homicide investigator — who “peppered him with questions” rather than allowing him to tell his story without prompting.”
Actually, George Zimmerman was not questioned at the scene.  He was taken to the police station within 30 minutes of the shooting.  The above is just one of MANY tall tales put out by the media via Crump, Jackson, Sharpton, and even Tracy Martin himself to try and incite hatred for the Sanford Police Department, and divide the races, once again, in the name of justice and million dollar civil judgments, oh, and modification of the Stand Your Ground Law for Democrats.
After George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin, he quickly moved from beneath Trayvon’s body, and according to at least one witness, straddled him and was checking him out – for what, is unclear. Witness #15  –  Selma Lamilla, said she walked outside after the shot to ask what was going on.  She said GZ did not answer her until the third time she asked.  ”Call 911″, George said, and started walking around holding his head as if he were in shock, couldn’t believe what had just happened.   I have a couple of problems with this witness account.  One, I don’t know a woman, or many men, who would walk outside after hearing a gunshot and ask the guy over the dead body if everything is ok.  Second, George had his phone, and from what I understand, called 911 himself.  The third problem with this account is the fact that Mary Cutcher and her roommate didn’t want to get involved when initially approached by police officers.
911 calls recorded the gunshot at approximately 19:16 hours, the first officer arrived on scene at 19:17 hours.  Some time lines show only a five second window between the shot and the first officer arriving on the scene.  Witnesses said Zimmerman was walking up and down holding his head.
On 2/26/2012, at approximately 19:16, officers were being dispatched to1231 Twin Trees Ln, Sanford, Florida.  
Officer Smith was the first to arrive at 19:17.  George had holstered his weapon, a  Kel-Tec 9mm,  holding his hands above his head.  A person with a concealed handgun permit knows to either put the gun on the ground and shove it a few feet away, or holster the gun and raise their arms.  They are always to let responding LE know they are armed.  George did exactly what he was supposed to do.  He told Officer Smith, who was approaching GZ with his gun drawn, that he had just shot the male on the ground and that his gun was holstered within his waistband.  Officer Smith retrieved GZ’s handgun and secured GZ in handcuffs.
Some, apparently not familiar with crime scene protocol in the case of a shooting,  have criticized Smith for not immediately doing CPR on Trayvon.   Imagine the danger Smith would have put himself and the rest of the community in if he had left an armed man standing by, with his back turned to him, while he performed CPR on the victim.  One would not even have to have knowledge of protocol,  common sense would suffice.  Securing the shooter is always top priority.
Smith, while removing GZ to his squad car noticed the back of George’s jacket was wet and had grass on it.  He also noted GZ had a nose bleed and was bleeding from the back of his head.  Paramedics attended to GZin the squad car.  They reported everything from minor cuts to a cut severe enough to require stitches.  Smith overheard GZ say he was calling for help, but no one would help him.  Zimmerman declined going to the hospital.
Another officer on the scene, Officer Wagner, walked over to the squad car and used his iPhone to take a picture of Zimmerman’s face.  He noted that it looked as though Zimmerman’s nose was broken and bloody, and there was blood on the back of his head.  He was transported to the SPD station.  Another misconception I’ve read is that if GZ were really hurt, they would have MADE him go to the hospital.  This is not true.  It is our constitutional right to refuse medical attention.  Unless we are unconscious, or too hurt to know our own name, our rights in this regard must not be violated.  Once at the station, Zimmerman’s gun was placed into evidence.
Al SHARPTON,  MSNBC (3/21/12) What’s even more appalling, not only did they not make an arrest, they let the guy go with a gun, with the murder weapon. “You can go.” And they start becoming his defense spokesmen.”
“This man was able to shoot and kill a kid and then walk away with his gun.” - Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.)
Officer Ayala arrives to the scene at 19:17 hours, within seconds of Officer Smith.  After being apprised of the situation, Ayala started CPR and was joined shortly thereafter, by Officer Raimondo, who assisted him – there was no response.  Sgt. McCoy arrived on scene and tried to revive Trayvon as well and was met with the same negative results.  Finally, at 19:30, the SFD pronounced Trayvon dead.
Photo of a covered Trayvon after being pronounced dead.    Crime Scene Photo Copyright All rights reserved by jeandodge67
 ”They didn’t even bother to put yellow tape around the murder scene when he died, That’s how much the police did to find out what happened to this young boy.”  - Jesse Jackson
Crime scene personnel began securing the scene and a contamination log was started.  Tryavon’s cell phone was recovered from the scene and one of the officers tried to have a celeabrite device download the information in an attempt to identify the victim.  The battery was wet and the device did not work.

“…they never even picked up his cell phone to call the numbers to find out who he was…” Al Sharpton, MSNBC 3/20/2012
Officers Wagner and Mead canvassed the area for witnesses.  Mary Cutcher was sitting on her back porch, watching the activity around the crime scene.  When Officer Mead asked if she’d seen anything, she said “No, but my roommate did”.  When asked if MC thought the roommate might provide a statement, MC said she would look for her.  A few minutes later, Mary Cutcher wrote her roommate’s statement for her due to a language barrier.  The statement was given to the officer.
Homicide Detective Serino arrived on the scene at around 20:00  hours.  He assisted in photographing the scene while waiting on ME to arrive.  He and another officer re-interviewed several witnesses.
Seven 911 calls were made that night, including George Zimmerman’s 911 call.  The rest were made by ear and eye witnesses.
Witness 11 – Upstairs, hears gunshot.  Tells someone named Jeremy to get back in the house.
Witness #3 – During the 911 call she stated she saw nothing.  She heard screaming and gunshots behind her house.  The dispatcher assures the woman there are several officers there.  At the end of the call she sees a man with a white tee-shirt over Trayvon.  ** I believe this was an officer, which would solve that mystery.**
Witness #6 - When he first walked outside, the Black guy was on top while they were wrestling. He could tell this because the guy on the bottom was a lighter color. The witness was looking out the window and yelling out the window telling them to stop. After the incident, he saw other people out there with flashlights. The guy who had been previously on top was lying face down in the grass. The one who had been on the bottom had his hands in the air. The guy who did the shooting said, “I shot the other guy in self defense. My gun is on the ground.” ** This witness eventually changed his story a bit. **
Witness 13 - The witness, 13 yr. old Austin Brown,  states he saw someone lying on the ground who couldn’t get up. He was outside while walking a dog. The person on the ground was yelling “help.” He says he only looked for a few seconds and only saw one person. He didn’t see how it happened. He didn’t see why he was yelling for help.  He only looked for a few seconds and saw only one person who was on the ground–nobody else.
No witness tampering here – Witnesses #5 & #16 with Crump, Jackson, & Martins
Witnesses 5 & 16 - Mary Cutcher and Selma Lamilla – She says she thinks someone’s been shot.  People are coming with flashlights.  Someone outside said call 911, call 911.  Two or three times she tells “Selma”, her roommate to get inside.  She sound afraid.  ** She said nothing about going outside and talking to GZ or hearing moaning/crying, just a gunshot.   Another note, this witness sold her story to the National Enquirer. **
Witness #18 – Someone yelling and screaming help, she heard a pop noise.  This woman was very distraught.  She sees the men with flashlight.
Witness 19 - Heard a shot and immediately called 911.  She was worried about an elderly man living a few homes away from her.  Someone walking around with flashlight.  Units arrived while she was on the phone.
 Case Documents here for reference to the above. 

George Zimmerman - The Investigation

The Investigation - Negligent Spin – Part 

Cros post from Radio-Newz Blog JUNE 3, 2012 |  BY  
See also PART I  &  PART II
On Zimmerman’s bond being revoked..
I want to first address the latest news about George Zimmerman. While I believe it was wrong of Zimmerman and his wife to lie about the money they had collected in their pay-pal account, I can understand why he might have done so, especially after two months of being lied about in the media – blatant lies that endangered not only him, but his family. Natalie Jackson was telling the press that Zimmerman stalked and shot Trayvon in cold blood, not only once, but twice, while the “boy” was screaming for his life. The black panthers had a $10,000 bounty on him and were standing at the front gates of his community, scaring those around him that he had sought to protect. There was no one on his side save for the contributors to his defense and living expense fund. He’s now charged with second degree murder and may spend the rest of his life in jail, leaving his wife unprotected and probably in hiding.
I’m not sure what I would do, and I have quite a few years on the 28 year old Zimmerman. Would I want the world to know I had that much money, or would I want it in a safe place for my wife to have at her disposal, or to handle a defense with? Zimmerman was afraid to use a bail bondsmen because he didn’t trust anyone at that point, who knows how much his whereabouts would bring in the form of money for a story, a bounty on his head. Even though he lied, he turned the money over days after he was let out of jail on bond.
From the moment Zimmerman stood and told police he had shot Trayvon, to turning himself in, and more recently, following the terms of his bond, Zimmerman has done what he was supposed to do. The lie was not the right thing to do, I agree. The Judge said Zimmerman led him down a primrose lane – Zimmerman had just come off nearly two months of anything but primrose lane. By all accounts Zimmerman was being beaten by Trayvon Martin, by police accounts and witness accounts, it was George screaming for help before finally pulling his gun. Yet, for two months these are the pictures he saw of himself, and the headlines.

IF George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin in self defense, which I believe he did, how can any of us put ourselves in his mind set after a 45 day barrage of media accusations and distortions?  No matter what you might think of George Zimmerman, he saw himself as someone who wanted to serve and protect – lots of men and women do, that’s why they become police officers – yet in the time it takes to go to Target on a Sunday night, he became what he loathed and detested, a wanted criminal, a racist monster.  I just can’t fault him for wanting to keep the money away from a world full of people who wanted to see him, at the very least, imprisoned, at the worst, dead.
The Investigation
George Zimmerman  was handcuffed and taken to the Sanford Police Department for questioning and to collect evidence from his person.  He arrived there at 7:52 PM.  His wife, Shelly Zimmerman, was asked to bring George a change of clothes so they could take the ones he was wearing when the shooting took place into evidence.
 Sunny Hostin: “…he was allowed to leave the police station with the very clothes that he had on during the shooting. So there is no forensic evidence that can be gathered from his clothing.”   LINK
Detectives questioned Zimmerman  for approximately five hours.   His statement was videotaped.  We are not privy to any of Zimmerman’s statements, save what we were told by Chief Lee and what Tracy Martin says he was told by Detective Serrino.  The next day, detectives re-enacted the shooting with Zimmerman at the scene and followed up with witnesses.  Neither Detective Serrino, nor George Zimmerman has ever spoken publicly about what happened that night.  According to Tracy Martin, Serrino told him the following on the day after he found out his son had been shot to death by George Zimmerman:
Tracy Martin: “He  (Detective Serrino), told me Zimmerman’s story was that Zimmerman was of course following him and that Trayvon approached his vehicle, walked up to the car and asked Zimmerman, ‘Why are your following me?’ Zimmerman then rolls his car windows down, tells Trayvon ‘I’m not following you.’ He rolls his car windows up.

“Trayvon walks off. Zimmerman said he started running between the buildings. Zimmerman gets out of his car. He comes around the building. Trayvon is hiding behind the building, waiting on him. Trayvon approaches him and says, ‘What’s your problem, homes?’ Zimmerman says ‘I don’t have a problem.’

“Zimmerman starts to reach into his pocket to get his cellphone, and at that point Trayvon attacked him. He says Trayvon hits him. He falls on the ground. Trayvon jumps on top of him, takes his left hand and covers Zimmerman’s mouth and tells him to shut the F up and continues to pound on him.
“At that point Zimmerman is able to unholster his weapon and fire a shot, striking Trayvon in the chest. Trayvon falls on his back and says, ‘You got me.’” The Martin family has been telling their story as part of a campaign to have Zimmerman arrested. He himself has kept quiet.” LINK
Tracy Martin states Serrino told him this version of events on Wednesday, the day after he found out what happened.  The shooting took place on a Sunday night, so maybe the publication misstated the facts.  Crazy, I know.  Regardless, he was told within a couple of days after the event which makes this statement by Natalie Jackson confusing:

3/30 The family has not been given any information into the investigation of the death of their son.  Everything that they are learning is coming from the media.” & “Law enforcement has not released any information to them.  That’s why they started this campaign!” LINK (5:52)
Here we thought the campaign was started to get an an arrest!

3/26 Jerome Horton, Trayvon’s ex-football coach: Tracy called me and he told me the police never gave him a reason (for shooting).  LINK
Jerome Horton has a very interesting facebook page, here’s his cover picture.  This man coaches 12-14 yr. old boys.  Nice, huh?  You will see Jerome’s name on many media pictures of Trayvon.
But I digress – More investigation hyperbole:
Police found a single shell casing at the scene, and when they seized George Zimmerman’s handgun, a Kel Tec 9 mm, its magazine was full, according to a source close to the investigation. The only bullet missing was the one in the chamber, nevertheless, on 3/16/2012, after meeting with police, knowing there was only one shot fired, Natalie Jackson and Benjamin Crump  told the press that night:
“You hear a shot, a clear shot then you hear a 17-year-old boy begging for his life then you hear a second shot,” Natalie Jackson said. LINK
During the investigation, it was revealed that Trayvon was shot once through the chest.  The above is more spin to create outrage,  and it did.  This wasn’t the first time, and it would not, by any stretch, be the last.  Crump knew exactly what happened, he knew what was in the police reports, as evidenced in a Roland Martin video I will post a little later in the blog.
Trayvon was labeled John Doe for the first eight hours he was in the morgue.  Even though investigators went door to door the night of the shooting to interview witnesses, no one knew who Trayvon Martin was.  Chad Green, the son of Tracy’s fiancée, was allegedly in a townhome along the same courtyard where Trayvon was shot, yet he neither heard, nor saw, anything.
Who was this young black man?  Trayvon had no ID on him and detectives were unable to get into Martin’s phone to try and ID him because the battery was ruined by the rain.
Tracy Martin left Trayvon and his brother at home while he and his girlfriend went out to eat.  When Tracy arrived home between 10:15 and 10:45 , Trayvon was not home and he could not reach him by phone. UPDATE:  Phone records released in court show Tracy Martin did not call his son until 12:49 am on the 27th, and called him only once.
Tracy Martin: There wasn’t a panic that he wasn’t at home. I figured that they had gone to the movies, because they had said they might. So I laid down, thinking they would show up later.” LINK 
Tracy Martin also stated Trayvon had begged him to go to the store, and Tracy finally relented.  Chad, the brother to be, did not call Tracy or Brandi Green, Tracy’s fiancée to let them know Trayvon hadn’t made it home from the store.  Tracy thought little of  his son being gone so long to the store, or not telling his brother he was going to the movies (even though TM had to beg just for the store), and he went to bed.
“The only reason he got a chance to go to the store is because he begged his dad to go,” he said. At the time, his father and his fiancée had gone out to dinner and to watch a basketball game, leaving Martin at the townhouse, according to Martin family spokesman Ryan Julison.” LINK
Tracy said he never saw police tape or any of the commotion that was still going on during the time Tracy states he and Brandi Green returned home.  Apparently they missed the media and police presence when they drove in.  The media was still there until at least 5:00 a.m.  Note the time on the media picture below.
Tracy Martin: “I have never seen a crime scene cleaned up so fast,” Trayvon’s father, Tracy Martin, told the Miami Herald. He came home that night just before 11 p.m. and saw no trace of a crime. LINK
When Trayvon was still not home the next morning, Tracy made three phone calls, the first two to find out if Trayvon had been picked up by authorities:
Tracy Martin: “I had [his girlfriend] call juvenile justice, just to check and see if anyone by the name of Trayvon Martin had been picked up. No Trayvon Martin,” the father told NNPA publishers. “My next call was to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department to see if any kid had been picked up.
“My third call was to a non-emergency number at the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department and I informed them that I was filing a missing person’s report. I let them know it hadn’t been 24 hours, but it was unusual for Trayvon not to return home. ”LINK
Tracy was visited by SPD immediately and showed Tracy a picture from the crime scene of his son.  He said the picture was Trayvon.  At 10:30 am on the 28th the SPD faxed this identifying information to the ME.  Why it was faxed a little over 24 hours after Tracy identified him is a mystery to me.  Despite this account, and no stranger to total fabrication, Natalie Jackson told the story a little differently:
Natalie Jackson: The parents knew where Trayvon was the next day when they filed a missing persons report, however, he was labeled a “John Doe” for three days, even after the parents identified him as their son. LINK 11:25
Global Grind:
For heaven’s sake, for 24 hours he was a deceased John Doe at the hospital because even the police couldn’t believe that maybe he LIVES in the community. - Michael Skolnick, GlobalGrind
3/20 Democracy Now -
AMY GOODMAN: And what about the phone? How is it that the police had it in their possession, but they never figured out who he was for several days, that his body was not claimed, Trayvon’s body, for several days?
JASMINE RAND: I mean, I think it just—it shows that the Sanford Police Department—I mean, there was either corruption or just woeful ignorance on their behalf. They were calling the family, after losing their child, harassing the parents over his phone, wanting to get—you know, get to his phone, get in his phone. And they had the phone in their possession the entire time. So, you know, there are a lot of questions that I can’t answer, because they don’t make sense. LINK
First of all, there’s the glaring contradiction – did they hear from SPD or didn’t they??  We know they did, Tracy tells the story in great detail.  Secondly, when Police asked for the password to access Trayvon’s phone, Tracy Martin refused to give SPD any information on Trayvon’s phone, and told them he would have to consult with his attorney and get back to them.  A relative of the Martin’s called Benjamin Crump on 2/28.
Meanwhile, Police interviewed Zimmerman at least three times and he gave videotaped statements and a walk-through of what happened.  ”Zimmerman never asked for an attorney or changed his story”, former Sanford police Chief Bill Lee said.
“Mr. Zimmerman’s claim is that the confrontation was initiated by Trayvon,” Police Chief Bill Lee said in an interview. “I am not going into specifics of what led to the violent physical encounter witnessed by residents. All the physical evidence and testimony we have independent of what Mr. Zimmerman provides corroborates this claim to self-defense.”LINK
Chief Bill Lee Interview:
In an interview two weeks after the incident, Lee said witness statements and physical evidence backed up Zimmerman’s version of events. He suggested that based on the timing of the call, he believed that Trayvon went out of his way to approach the person tailing him and mouth off.

“If Trayvon has made it that far, and Zimmerman is getting out of his truck, why doesn’t Trayvon keep walking?” Lee said. “He’s 70 yards from his house. I think based on the timing of the call and Zimmerman losing sight of him that he had made it to that ‘T’ (at the end of the path) and was starting to walk toward his house.

My wish is that he would have kept walking.”  

“We can’t discount (Zimmerman’s) story, based on — not evidence we put anywhere, not testimony we put in anybody’s mouth — but testimony of witnesses who were there, that called, and the physical evidence that’s there. You can’t refute it,” Lee said in the early interview. “The conclusions that are drawn from the basic information is that George Zimmerman shoots a 17-year-old kid with a bag of Skittles and an Arizona iced tea can. And you know, those are facts: George Zimmerman did shoot Trayvon Martin, and Trayvon Martin did have a bag of Skittles and an Arizona iced tea.

“The fact that he had a bag of Skittles and an Arizona iced tea does not have anything to do with the facts of why George Zimmerman thought he needed to use deadly force.” LINK
In spite of this statement, Chris Serrino had recommended manslaughter charges be brought against George Zimmerman.  Before those charges could be filed, State Attorney Angela Corey was assigned the case.  In her press conference to announce charges against George Zimmerman, she made the following statement concerning the SPD’s investigation:
ANGELA COREY: We have numerous homicides where immediate arrests are not made. And so, to us, it did not seem unusual. I think judgment has to be made when the final decision is reached, and that’s what we would have hoped the public would have waited for. But some people did not wait. And so, an arrest can only be based upon probable cause. And so, we believe that that’s what the Sanford Police Department was trying to do.  LINK