Saturday, November 1, 2014

Update on Renewsit being sued by Kendrick Johnson Family

Attorney Benjamin Crump, Jackie Johnson, Kenneth (Mike) Johnson, Attorney Chevene King
"I hope KJ’s family sues Pate because a substantial punitive damages award is probably the only way to silence her." - Frederick Leatherman

That quote says it all.  Kendrick Johnson was a 17 year old student at Lowndes High School in Valdosta, Georgia, who died from positional asphyxia after going into a gym mat to retrieve a shoe. His death was ruled accidental.  Jackie Johnson, the mother of Kendrick Johnson, accused my site of obtaining autopsy photos from the case files illegally, and Chevene King, one of the family attorneys, was quoted as saying he may sue me....knowing, mind you, that his client had demanded the unredacted files be released.  In an article yesterday, Adam Floyd, a reporter for the Valdosta Times, succinctly addressed the question of whether or not these photos were part of open records requests pertaining to the Kendrick Johnson case.

Release of KJ autopsy photos questioned
On Oct. 30, 2013, Southern Circuit Judge Harry Altman ruled in favor of the Johnsons and CNN and ordered, over Lowndes County Sheriff Chris Prine’s objections, the “full release” of the investigative case file, according to court documents.
Since, dozens of media organizations and individuals have filed open records requests with the sheriff’s office and have obtained the case file, which includes documents, scene photographs, autopsy photographs and school surveillance footage, said Elliott. (bold emphasis mine)
 After the original news report came out, some of the Kendrick-Johnson-was-murdered advocates were overjoyed at my possible demise.  Why?  The truth does not fit the in all of his cases, Benjamin Crump needs an arrest in order to sue for any real money and he will try and cut a bitch, any bitch, that stands in his way.  Of course he always finds someone else to do his dirty work, like his usual posse of gullible minions.  I would be insulted if they, like Crump, weren't so transparent and blatantly ignorant.

Oddly, as of this writing, no one has posted Adam Floyd's article on twitter or elsewhere and Winnie Wright hasn't bothered to follow up.  They will leave all of their libel as is because they, like Crump, King, and the Johnson family could care less who gets hurt as long as they win (which is rarely the case).

Backstory: I posted about four autopsy photos that were included in the 500 page case file I legally obtained.  There were at least 100 autopsy photos and even more crime scene photos.  All were posted to either (1) dispute the family's claims that the gruesome photo they have been parading around Valdosta for the past two years was proof their son was "beaten beyond recognition" (2) attempt to disprove the family's (paid for), second autopsy that claimed the first Medical Examiner did not dissect certain parts of Johnson's body.

One photo, Kendrick Johnson's face when he arrived at the Medical Examiner's office, was posted on my blog without a graphic warning.  Since the family has been showing the more gruesome one to any and everyone for the past two years, I hardly thought they would object.  The other three required at least three clicks before the photos actually appeared, behind a warning.  My objective was not to shock or hurt objective is the same as it has always been on this blog, to find the truth. Without the photos, I would not have been able to show the discrepancies in the hired Medical Examiner's autopsy report. The blog in question,  Did William Anderson Willfully Mislead about GBI Autopsy of Kendrick Johnson, now links to Jackie Johnson's twitter account  (GRAPHIC), where she is displaying the photo (pinned to top of feed).

I'm sure Mrs. Johnson and Chevene King will be along to apologize any minute....

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