Friday, July 3, 2015

Shaun King is White - Here's proof

shaun king's white father
Jeffrey Wayne King mugshot 
I wasn't going to post this info out of respect for Shaun King's family, but it appears they have heard from Shaun and are locking up their facebook pages, so it doesn't matter at this point, he will make me out to be a monster, may as well help him out.

Shaun King's father appears to be Jeffrey W. King, DOB 11/11 1955

I went based on an email that informed me Shaun had a brother named Russ...then I found this entry about Shaun:
Jan 25, 2011 - Shaun King, 31. His story: King, of ... His brother, Russ King, is in his second deployment as an Army sergeant in Afghanistan.
And this entry by Shaun:
 (Sad) News Video of My Brother Russ King Leaving for His 2nd Deployment to Afghanistan
Russ is my older brother.  As a little boy he was my best friend.  My family is blended and we all have different dads and moms.  Everybody was divorced and remarried many times and I grew apart from Russ, but I am very proud of my big brother.  He is a tough guy, but now he’s a husband and father – which makes it very emotional.
Would you pray for Russ and his family? I will also find ways for you to send him some encouragement or a care package.
Here he is… (video deleted)
Which led me to Russ King's mother, Vicki, and her marriage at 16 to Russ King's father, Jeffery W. King.  King has a lengthy criminal history that I won't post here, but using his birthdate and name, is easily found.

Unless King is lying about Russ being his brother, Jeffrey W. King is his father.

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