Monday, June 29, 2015

Is Shaun King the next Rachel Dolezal

Rachel Dolezal
 During his freshman year of high school, Shaun King was savagely beaten by a dozen self-described “rednecks” in one of Kentucky’s first registered hate crimes. The injuries were so severe, he missed part of his sophomore and junior years of high school while undergoing three spinal surgeries.
One day, a pickup full of youth tried to run him over on school property. He reported the incident to school authorities, but instead of punishing the perpetrators, officials protected the youth, King says. Then, one day while walking to band class in 1995, King was the victim of a brutal hate crime. A dozen youth assaulted him. He suffered facial fractures and required three spinal surgeries, causing him to miss a year and a half of school. He fell into deep depression and at times wanted to die. But his best friend’s dad, a pastor, came to visit him, lifting his spirits. (link)

It all started with a huge lie he told about Charles Johnson, owner of GotNews, right after Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson, Missouri.  Shaun posted the child molestation arrest record of another Charles Johnson with a different birth date than that of the owner of GotNews.  He did this deplorable thing because Charles had filed an FOIA request for Michael Brown's juvenile record.

I was so appalled by this I decided to look into Mr. King's background (much of my research can be found under the tab "Frauds and Cons" above).  I found King to be a self-promoting con with little conscience, if any.  He hit back hard after I wrote the blogs about his "foundations" and "start-ups".   King had my twitter accounts taken down when I posted a WhoIs on one of his many donation sites.  The address was to Courageous Church, not his home address.  There is nothing against Twitter rules that state information from public websites is forbidden, but Shaun knows someone who works for Twitter, in fact, he was in business with her in 2013.

Bree Mars valiantly outed Shaun King for his association with Twitter a week or so ago, much to my chagrin because I am told that association has been under investigation for a while.  It was only after I listened to Joe Prich's podcast that I learned what she had found, so it was too late to ask her to hold off.  I've known about the association since last year, it was the one thing I held back posting about because I, and the people looking into the Twitter association (and the operations), didn't want the parties involved to destroy evidence in an effort to do damage control.  Cat's out of the bag now, but since it's been over six months when the investigation began, there's probably not a lot of damage control that can be done - twitter accounts and celebrity blogs have been copied and saved.  While I appreciate Bree's effort to out this scum, the one thing I've learned after years of doing this (1997) type of research is never show all your cards until you know your opponent is not going to say you were just bluffing.  I'm still not willing to name the person involved with Shaun King in two of his ventures, but a simple tax return search under the name of two of his start-ups, Upfront and HopeMob, will quickly get you there.

After Shaun called me a racist and a liar on his blog for outing him about his various scams, I decided to research him on a personal level, I've never believed him to be black, which means he has no right to call me, or anyone else, "racist" because they've said "mean" things about him.  It is my opinion that the reason Shaun King has never been outed for his scams is because of his "black Pastor" status (and likely the celebrities he duped don't want to be associated).  ANY white person going after the credibility of a black Pastor can expect to have their "racist" ass handed to them on a silver offering platter.  Been there, done that.

Fast forward to last night...after about a month of not checking the facebook pages of his family, I decided to look at his brother's facebook page again to see if there was anything about the camping trip Shaun is supposedly on this weekend and next week.  Instead I found something his brother posted last month...a photo of Shaun as a child....a very white child with red, curly hair.
versailles kentucky
The amazing story of King’s success as a tech and humanitarian entrepreneur has unassuming beginnings. The son of a Caucasian mother and an African-American father, King was born on Sept. 17, 1979, in Versailles, Ky., a town of 8,500 people. His mother, who has worked at the same light bulb factory for more than 40 years, raised her boy by herself in the rural Kentucky town of “beautiful horse farms and factories,” according to King. (link)
I have searched every member of King's family tree with a fine toothed comb and I've never once found a black family member, not even grandparents or great grandparents.  The only person I've never been able to find is his father, which is apparently the same father his brother, who is four years older has.   Short of asking King to post his actual birth certificate, I'm stumped.   The only black people in Shaun's life are his wife and three light-skinned, biological children.  The other darker skinned children you see in his photos belong to his wife's sister.

Even though he's accused me of doing so, I have never, and will never post photos or information about King's family here or on Twitter, it isn't necessary since most can find his family and do their own research by looking at his friends on facebook.
black family

I have over 200 files amassed on King, obsessive, yes, but this man has scammed children and hurting adults, both emotionally and financially, and he deserves to be scrutinized.  King is also a public person - he's been on CNN several times and has written a book and is a writer for Daily Kos.  He needs to man-up and take the criticism or quell it with the truth and not personal attacks against those who question him.

There have been at least ten people who have contacted me about King...some were old classmates and some had donated to his various causes without ever receiving promised product or service.  One gentleman is a Pastor who has been following him for years and has a lot of questions about King's Haiti endeavors.  They want to help, and they have, but most end up asking me not to use their names after I advise them to google my name to see what happens when you go after people like King.

King's latest "social good" effort is a partnership with Attorney Benjamin Crump, Justice Together - what a coincidence, huh?  I've written about Crump's cases for years, and now he's partnered with the second most repulsive individual I have ever written about - but hey, at least people can stop saying all I write about are black people since, by the looks of it, Shaun King is white!  To be clear, I don't claim to have proven anything - until he names his father, or I see the birth certificate with my own two eyes, all of this is just my opinion.

Check back here for updates, in the meantime, peruse the Frauds and Cons tab above for more information about King and Crump.