Saturday, September 12, 2015

Joshua Goldberg and Shaun King

joshua goldberg

Shaun King is proclaiming a "terrorist" named Joshua Goldberg, has been discovered as being behind the campaign to expose King as white by Breitbart.  Look at how loosely King uses the word "proves".  More disturbing, but not at all shocking, King fails to mention the horrific attack that was being perpetrated by this nutwagon to kill innocent people on 911.  It's always about King.

Excerpt from Goldberg's website entry: "In my emails with Milo, he stated that the story was “right up his alley” and asked me for more info on Shaun King’s family members, which I provided him with. He also discovered two other Re-NewsIt! articles about Shaun King’s whiteness:
After I provided him with the info about Shaun King’s family members (he wanted a way to contact them, so I linked him to their Facebook accounts), he then suddenly stopped emailing me, and I assumed that he had abandoned the story and wouldn’t be writing about it."
Shaun King was not targeted by a "terrorist", in fact, King is not even mentioned in the FBI report about Goldberg.  King will, no doubt, be espousing this as truth for the next 20 years regardless of the facts.
According to his blog, Goldberg contacted Milo Yiannopoulos July 9 on twitter offering information he wanted to provide to Yiannopoulos  which was taken directly from my June 29 and July 3rd blogs and being circulated on 4chan.  The facebook photos were taken from the facebook links provided in my blogs. The terrorist was hardly "behind" anything to do with outing Shaun King.

Milo Yiannopoulos  contacted me for comment on a story he was writing for Breitbart, saying he was going to use my blogs as the primary source for his article.  Meanwhile I received the birth certificate for Shaun King and emailed Yiannopoulos  at Breitbart to let him know...this was the proof needed to show King was indeed white and further proof he lied about his "brutal hate crime" in 1995.  Only three people knew about my having the birth certificate, none of which would have reason to share their knowledge of its existence with a terrorist.

I didn't hear from Yiannopoulos  after this so I posted the birth certificate on my blog, along with more information linking Shaun King's father, Jeffery Wayne King, to the birth certificate.  This  was almost three weeks prior to Milo Yiannopoulos' Breitbart article exposing King.  More "proof" that Re-Newsit! and Breitbart, not the terrorist, were behind exposing King.  The story, however, didn't go national news or trending on Twitter until Milo's article.

After I posted, "Is Shaun King the Next Rachel Dolezal", I received an email from someone asking me to join the 4chan discussion about King.  I didn't answer the email nor did I go to 4Chan at that time.  I ignored the email and went about my business.  After the news about Goldberg today, I have a feeling it may have been Goldberg who contacted me.

Many people were trying to take credit for outing Shaun King - I had reporters contacting me all the time after my "Rachel Dolezal" post, but I only talked to and gave information (without compensation), to three of them: all three wrote articles based on my research and obtained documents to verify that research.  Two did not credit me with the research, but I was happy just to get the information out.

Goldberg wrote for Daily Kos, not Breitbart.  Apparently the founder of Daily Kos is as much a snake as Shaun King - I no longer question said founder's motivation for hiring King.
Have I told you lately that I love you @yancyfaith!?  Twitter will never reinstate my account, and to be honest, I don't miss the abuse.
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