Friday, August 28, 2015

Shaun King - The Original Creepy Ass Cracker

After writing all of your libelous bullet points, you said absolutely nothing but what I fully expected you to say, I'm racist and everyone lies but you.  Rich coming from one of the most prolific liars I've ever seen, besides Jodi Arias and Casey Anthony.

And by then describing you as the leader of Black Lives Matter, they’re positioning the whole movement as racially suspect, as “something other.” - GQ
This was never about the Black Lives Matter movement to me.  I hardly pay attention to the individuals in that group.  It's not about your race or the lies about a "brutal hate crime".  It has always been about you and your endless stream of cons and lies to get where you want to be.  You lied about Charles Johnson being a pedophile and that's what started me looking into you and your past.  I knew that only a low life could manufacture such an evil lie about someone.  As it turned out, you fit the bill.  What I found were years and years of lies and self-serving narratives.  A Home In Haiti is my main goal Shaun - many have asked you to explain where the money went, you ignore the questions just as you ignore the questions about the hate crime and your race.  One day you won't be able to arrogantly proclaim you're done answering questions because little old racist me won't be the one asking.

Enjoy Shaun King's narrative from 1996 detailing the "brutal hate crime", aka, the beating he was so ashamed of he manufactured a group beat down.  His case was dismissed due to lack of prosecution in 2001.
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Kay King letter
Witness - Girl  Shaun strong armed over money
Witness - Girl Shaun strong armed over money

Shaun had his ass handed to him because he liked to beat up on and choke girls.  I'm not finding this fact hard to believe ... Shaun is the original "creepy ass cracker".