Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Shaun King doesn't think Plagiarism counts on Facebook

Shaun King was busted by The Daily Beast today for plaigerism.  Of course he vehemently denied the allegation and for some odd reason, his editor at the NYDN is backing him up.  This surprises no one here, King's entire life is based on fabrications.  He is basically a smart guy with zero talent, creativity, or common sense. (See update on editor at the end of this article)

The Daily Beast article was published this morning at 12:00 a.m., Shaun sent in his copy to his editors at approx 9:00 a.m.,.  King proves this by posting a copy of his email, which according to him, had the attributions noted. Whether or not his editor is a douche, Shaun King still practically copied the author's entire work product and presented it as his own.  It is what he always does - King has never written an article for which he did the research, he always copies, in one way or the other, someone else's work.

According to the editor at NYDN, the staffer responsible for not attributing King's story correctly has been fired, but does not name the editor.   But what explains King's lack of attribution to The Daily Beast article on his facebook page (right click tiny down arrow and click on edits), where twice as many people viewed the article before anyone would see TDB article?

And if he doesn't read the articles after they are published, where did he get the URL at the bottom of his original facebook post before his first edit?  I've copied his edits from that facebook post into the following .pdf file:

It is the same story from Shaun and NYDN on a piece he wrote that lacked attribution about the Chicago Police - again, notice the link for the NYDN story at the bottom of Shaun's post, it was posted to the NYDN at 12:14 on 4/12 - but he never looks at the articles after they are published:

Earlier King did a video on his facebook in an effort to prove that he actually sent the attributions to his neglectful editor...the problem is the email is showing up in his "sent" folder from his "inbox".  This happens when I send myself articles, etc.  Looks exactly the same.  I think he took the original email he sent to his editors, added the edits, and re-sent the email, which would explain the "inbox" icon.

As I write this, a NYDN "source" tells CNN that the editor fired for Shaun King's story is Jotham Sederstrom.  I hope the source is reliable, because this is a career killer.

Hopefully King is aware that plagiarism is the same on Facebook as it is anywhere else.  At the end of the day, he plagiarizes.