Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Shaun King and his Never Ending Hyperbole - Bernie Sanders Endorsements

Hillary Clinton
King: "Bernie Sanders has been endorsed by attorneys for the families of victims of racial violence in America — including those of Trayvon Martin"

Shaun King has somehow managed to become a part of Bernie Sander's campaign team and is doing him no favors by misleading Sanders' followers about, among many other things, who has endorsed the socialist democrat.  In an article King wrote for the New York Daily News, King claimed that the attorneys for the Trayvon Martin family have endorsed Bernie Sanders.  Of course one would assume King is referring to Attorney Benjamin Crump - but one would be wrong.  In fact, not only has Crump officially endorsed Hillary Clinton, Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin's mother, and the mothers of Eric Garner and Jordan Davis have publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton as well. The only "attorney" from the Zimmerman case endorsing Sanders is Natalie Jackson.
"Famed civil rights lawyer Benjamin Crump has come out in support of Hillary Clinton.
Crump, who represented the families of both Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, is scheduled to campaign for Clinton in South Carolina shortly before this month’s primaries.
Crump’s endorsement comes days after the mothers of Martin, Eric Garner and Jordan Davis also came out in support of Clinton." [link]
Further puzzling, King tells the Black Lives Matter movement they should endorse Bernie Sanders -- seemingly unaware of the story that ran recently in his own publication, the New York Daily News:
Black Lives Matter group will not endorse any presidential candidates for 2016 election: The Black Lives Matter network will skip a presidential endorsement but keep up its political activism by confronting candidates about the treatment of African-Americans in the United States, one of the group's founders says.
In an Associated Press interview, Alicia Garza discussed the organization's refusal to settle on a preferred candidate in the 2016 race to succeed President Barack Obama and pledged to press ahead with protests and interruptions during the campaign. [link]
 Here, King once again, shows his disloyalty and hypocrisy toward the movement:
King: "I don’t think the Black Lives Movement should morph into a presidential campaign. Never that. And that is a very credible fear/concern that some people have expressed. I just don’t think the answer to that fear is a relative refusal to register voters or endorse a candidate." [link]
Don't get it twisted though, Shaun King is all about Shaun King -- he agreed to campaign for Sanders because it will look good on his resume someday.  It matters little to King how much or how often he has to beg, lie, and steal to obtain and keep the high profile positions he manages to worm his unqualified white ass into - it is all just resume building blocks for him.