Monday, November 17, 2014

FORMER Ferguson CORRECTIONAL OFFICER Indicted Sexual Contact With an Inmate

Jarvis Hayden
Correctional Officer Jaris Hayden
UPDATE: Thanks to Polar Dude for rape charges filed, see indictment below.

The race hustlers and violence inciters are at it again today with yet another false narrative - the leader of the pack....someone not at all new to making up stories or embellishing a story beyond recognition, Pastor Shaun King:

And even though the wet-behind-the-ears reporter for St. Louis Business Journal corrected his initial tweet, the damage is done:

Then there's Liz Brown...The female equivalent of Shaun King
Even though the reporter clearly tweets the correction to the criminal Alderman, Antonio French, he makes no correction to his own statement, nor does he mention the "corrections officer" was fired almost immediately upon the City of Ferguson's investigation
First of all, Hayden is not and was not a Police Officer, he worked as a correctional officer at the city jail.  There is a distinction.

There is no doubt that if this man, Jaris Hayden, is guilty of raping sexual contact with inmate JW, he needs to go to prison and become a registered sex offender.  This incident may or may not be indicative as to why there are so few blacks in authority in Ferguson police and correctional facilities.

Ferguson correctional officer rape case by Jessica Lussenhop

"Ferguson law enforcement has engaged in a pattern of violence against the citizenry, and supervisors have failed to properly supervise officers."
J.W. sues Hayden in his individual capacity only
 Other Acts of Violence 
Law enforcement Officers of the City of Ferguson have been involved in many other acts of violence including the shooting of Michael Brown on August 9, 2014. 77.

On information and belief discovery will produce other acts of violence, all contributing to a pattern and practice of allowing violence and sexual assault on members of the  public. 78.

The numerous acts of violence against the citizenry by law enforcement of the City of Ferguson constitute a pattern
Excerpt from River Front Times:
Following the filing of a lawsuit on Friday, the City of Ferguson can confirm that Jaris Hayden was previously a corrections officer for the City of Ferguson. Immediately upon learning of the complaint against Mr. Hayden, the City undertook an investigation which resulted in Mr. Hayden's termination from employment. In addition, City officials and employees cooperated with federal authorities with respect to the matter. Mr. Hayden was terminated on November 19, 2013. He had been a corrections officer for the City of Ferguson since May 25, 2012. [LINK]
Probably the most irony in the outrage over this indictment comes from Bassem Masri - who only a month ago is alleged to have threatened to rape a Police Officer's wife: