Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Shaun King - My apologies

Pastor Shaun King
Jeffery Shaun King
A year after the kickstarter for his book, 100 Life Goals, was fully funded ($17,880.00), Shaun's investors were getting perturbed.  The crowdfund was started in March 2013 and fully funded by June, 2013. The following comments are on his kickstarter page and, unless otherwise specified, were written in 2014 - most while King was on vacation in Europe. [Link]  This makes me think I could have been wrong about which scam he funded his African Safari and trips to Paris and London with. This kickstarter was likely his funding source since no one received a book.  My apologies Pastor King.

Whitney on July 10
I just responded to an unsolicited LGU email with a similar comment to my first. I was told that Shaun was only responding to my mean spirited comment.
I do not have time for this nonsense. Please refund my money as soon as possible. I will not continue to subject myself to abuse for saying things that others said, and not as pointed as some, while no one else was singled out.
Whitney on July 9
I'm at a loss for why felt compelled to single me out, of all the commenters, for what's basically a public shaming. At least I didn't call you a scam artist. I never even intimated those companies were no longer functioning, and whether they are or not has zero bearing on the issues at hand. [snip]Maybe one day we'll see the product, but I think everyone is quite concerned about the end product. I can't speak for everyone, but I know for sure the is the last support of any kind you will get from me. (Snipped for brevity)
Brenda Boda Klenke on July 8
You sent 15 "updates"? Eight of those were before the project was funded. And the following updates say very little about the book and it's progress - or lack of it. You couldn't be bothered to check here before now to read comments? I'm still waiting for the refund you promised me months ago.  
Whitney on July 8
I'm over this. My email never changed, and I never got update one. This is the very first one I've ever seen. I backed out of LGU (Life Goals University) because of promises not kept, and didn't even sign back up when it was offered to me for free. I've followed you from Hope, to Upfront, to this book and LGU. Common thread? Not one was ever completed. Soon as you could get out, you were gone. (Snipped for brevity)
Creator Shaun King on July 8, 2014 ---- Keep this date in mind for the follow-up
Final PDF will be done in about 3 weeks Mark!
Michael on July 8Your latest email is classic. Under the guise of "please check and make sure my site works on your device" you try to up-sell people by subscribing to your scams. You are a marketing scam artist. Nothing more. Nothing less.
Michael on June 17 Shaun- You are a scam artist. It's clear you have no intention of fulfilling your commitment to your backers. You continue to solicit via emails people to sign up for your personal coaching. I'm sure that's a joke as well. (Snipped for brevity)
Shaun King scam

Bradley Spitzer on June 13
Refund, please.
Paul on June 3
Refund, please.
Shaun King Scam

Jenny Watson on May 31
I'm over it. I'm no longer interested in reading the book. If the author can't get his act together, what faith can we possibly have in his book. I've asked for a refund. Very disappointed.
Ellis Reyes on May 14
So does the lack of communication mean that all of who backed you are screwed?
Brenda Boda Klenke on March 24, 2014
100 Life Goals? How about one goal? Publishing the book you promised the 274 backers. Or the refund you promised one backer (me). It's been over 4 months without even an update. I can't believe that more backers aren't questioning this lack of response.
Shaun King Scam Pastor

 Creator Shaun King on February 10, 2014  Hey Michael, Brenda, and Barbara! I am working through deals with the publishing of the book now. I am very sorry for the delays. Feel free to email me directly @ shaun@100lifegoals.com if you want/need a refund while we wait.
Creator Shaun King on November 1, 2013
Hey Brenda & Ulysses! I emailed you all an update and am sorry you didn't get it.
I'll post it here soon. Production will likely be done in early December. THANKS!!
Brenda Boda Klenke on October 30, 2013October is nearly history. Where is the book? or update? Something for the 274 backers?
100 Life Goals scam

Creator Shaun King on June 12, 2013
We made it!! Thank you all!
Shaun's latest update on the book where he neglects to tell those who donated (if even true), that he was given a $75,000 advance for the book! (July 8, 2014 - 13 months after fund completed and the same day he said his PDF was almost done and ready to upload)
Shaun King: Hey Everybody!  I changed my email address within KickStarter and didn't even know so many of you had posted comments! WOW! They're brutal.
1. The book is complete and is being published by Howard Books - a division of Simon & Schuster.
2. We also finished the final edits and I think you will love it.
3. I should have exclusive copies for KickStarter backers in less than 2 months, but the book won't be officially released by Howard Books until Christmas.
4. I am really sorry for the delays. I had no idea it would take this long. I'm also bummed all the way that so many of you are frustrated. I'll see what I can work out here with KickStarter and my publisher.
For everybody who is still sticking with it, I can't wait for you to read it. I poured my heart and soul into it and really think it will impact your life.
Take care,
PS - Email me @ shaun@100lifegoals.com if you have any questions at all.
His email address to this day is the same as it was when he started the kickstarter.  Nothing is ever Shaun King's fault though.  Always a victim.

In June 2013, Shaun finished a kickstarter for his book "100 Life Goals".  His take, $17,800.00. By July of 2014, he still had not sent a single copy of the book to any of those who backed him, as he had promised.

 Now he says his book has been picked up by Simon & Schuster, which checks out.  What does not check out is the amount of his advance, $75,000.  S&S would have to believe that King is capable of selling at least 80,000 books to recoup their money.
100 Life Goals Simon & Schuster

And finally....this tweet says he's been wanting to show this for a long time, odd since he was selling the book on his 2013 Kickstarter.

In the next couple of days I will tell you another really cool story about Pastor King.

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