Friday, August 28, 2015

Justice Together - Shaun King Starts another Non-profit

Caption courtesy Got News
Today marks the launch of a new non-profit venture for Jeffery Shaun King -  Twitter verified his account yesterday amid two weeks of scandal.  His most ardent followers (the ones he didn't buy), were given a cup of steaming bullshit from King which most bought, even though for the rest of us, there are still questions.

When we did a search for "Justice Together, Inc", we found the name registered to Jeffery Shaun King, Atlanta, GA.  Unbelievably, it is registered to the same address as A Home in Haiti and Hope Mob - two of his most questionable non-profits.  Questions King ignores.  Finding this bit of information cleared up the mystery behind Twitter's verification.  @Jack has a close relationship with the Black Lives Matter Movement and one of Twitter's founding employees has been involved in another King non-profit.

In 2010 Shaun King started A Home in Haiti.  In 2011, King dissolved that non-profit he ran from his church, and started Hope Mob.  Among his board of Directors, one Claire Diaz Ortiz - Twitter employee since 2006.  Note King's salary here.  Many people complained of never receiving their funds from HopeMob, which were raised for a variety of reasons including sick children and adults.  King got his though.
shaun king
Hope Mob 2013 Tax Filing - Claire Diaz Ortiz of Twitter, Director
Notice the EIN number on the tax filing above...same EIN as a home in Haiti...a Home in Haiti registered with the same address as Hope Mob, and now, Justice Together, Inc.  Owner/registrant in all three: Jeffery Shaun King.
hope mob
Board of Directors for Shaun King's new non-profit, Justice Together


Keisha Senter
Alida Garcia
Jay Cranman
Regina King
DeRay McKesson
Lane Wood
Anika Noni Rose
Shaun King
David Heinemeier Hansson
Benjamin Crump
Gabrielle Union
Glenn Greenwald
Clint Smith
Rashad Drakeford

Re-newsit has been asking questions for a very long time about these non-profits, both on twitter and on this blog, others have asked as well, especially now that Shaun has been embroiled in credibility issues.  The twitter account for this blog was permanently suspended when I published the whois information on one of King's last fundraiser for a new non-profit; he said I posted "personal information".   My main question, what happened to $200K in donations given to A Home in Haiti, that Haiti never received? All questions and allegations vanished like magic along with my twitter account, and King kept on keeping on...starting fundraisers and collecting funds.  No more questions asked lest you be exiled to twitter gulag if you even try.
hope mob
If you are going to contribute to Justice Together, just keep in mind your funds are likely going to help fund a trip for Shaun and his ever-fluctuating family in the near future - there's always a vacay after the money is raised, always.

Shaun will say this website is "lying" about him because we are trying to shut him down.  You damn right, and it has nothing to do with Black Lives Matter or whether I am the Grand damn Wizard of the KKK or a RWNJ - Shaun King is a Con man and his race card is all punched out here.

HopeMob Tax Filing