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Shaun King: The story of Miselene Excellent

Miselene Excellent at Duke Hospital circa December, 2010
Facebook Post on one of Shaun King's Facebook pages:
Urgent Time Sensitive Request for a Girl That Will Die Without Our Help
November 2, 2010 at 10:28am

Update! If you did not see the news, Mirelene, who we began advocating for yesterday, will be cared for by Duke Medical Center.  We are now arranging her flights - which will be very difficult considering her fragile condition.
 Keep praying! Also - no need to contact any more medical facilities regarding her care, ok?  THANK YOU! Love you all! -Shaun

  • Miselene is a 12 year old girl in Haiti with a jaw dropping will-to-live and her story is about the worst I have heard of and I've heard a lot.
  • In the earthquake, a building collapsed on her and fractured her T1 & T5 vertebrae.
  • While being cared for it was discovered that has sickle cell anemia that causes her a great deal of pain.
  • Then, it was discovered that she has an aggressive form of cancer (lymphoepithelial carcinoma).
  • Summary: Miselene has cancer, sickle cell, and fractured vertebrae.
  • I have been asked to advocate on her behalf by her caregivers in Haiti and I will do so as if she was my own daughter (I have 4 daughters - one is her age). 
  • A few key facts...
  • Doctors believe she could live if treated in the United States
  • She has been cleared to leave Haiti (a miracle) for treatment and her travel is paid for
  • She has caregivers and advocates
  • She wants to live and just yesterday cried to my friends in Haiti that she thought they were leaving her to die.
  • Everything she needs is available here in the United States.
  • Money is not an issue.
  • She has been seen by great American military doctors and they have recommended she come to the states right away.
  • Here reports have been viewed in the past 48 hours by many great doctors that agree.
  • I have electronic copies of her medical records.
  • Here are the two most recent copies of her oncology reports here and here.
   Miselene's Pathology Report -Name: EXCELLENT, MISELENE DOB: 8/12/1997 (NOTICE Age: 13) Collected: 10/22/2010 Miselene's Medical Report (Requires download) 
 People can email me directly @ with any questions. I will also talk to anyone that has real leads. [Link]
Keep in mind, above, the first thing Shaun posts on November 2 is that he only started advocating for Miselene on November 1, 2010.  Below is from a very long and defensive post about the mean people on Twitter who call him a liar. It's a must read if one is to truly grasp his narcissism.

Shauninthecity Pity Post:  (Miselene)"For weeks and weeks I fought to get her into an American hospital – submitting proposals for her care at over a dozen." 
Tweets that I can not locate on  King's twitter and all of 2010 has been deleted from the @twitchange twitter account, but I have this retweet - again, keep in mind that in his Facebook post dated November 2,  he stated travel and ALL expenses had been paid for.
November 2, 2010 RT @shaunking: Wow! We need $30,000 for a medical jet (required) to fly Mirelene from Port Au Prince, Haiti to Raleigh, North Carolina this Thursday.

November 4, 2010

Airport shut apparently it wasn't the money on November 4:

November 5, 2010

Shaun in the City - Shaun King's blog:
Help Me Save Miselene’s Life! She is Waiting for us!by SHAUNKING on NOVEMBER 5, 2010We are just preparing to raise all $25,000 needed for this by Monday and her leaving on Monday, but we cannot do it without YOU!
Go now to and make a donation of any size! Time is running out!

RAISED (Crowdrise Fundraising Site)
EVENT DATE: NOV 05, 2010
Miselene just turned 13. 
Her spine was crushed in the earthquake in Haiti and she lost a great deal of her family. While being treated for her spinal injury she complained greatly of pain and it was discovered that she had sickle cell anemia.
You can also FedEx donations directly to:
Courageous Church 
190 Centennial Way,
Atlanta, GA 30313.
Put: For Miselene in the memo section and the next step is very important...
If you do this, please send the tracking number and the amount to so we can add it to the total on the website. (There was never a total on the website)
Shaun in the City, January 21, 2011: Yesterday I made the announcement that Miselene died after a valiant fight against cancer.  She was 11 and gave it all she had.  I thought about her all day yesterday.  [Link]
HopeMob: Giving Hope to Those in NeedPosted: 02/09/2012Founder, Shaun King, is no stranger to charitable social media.
Here are just a few of the actual stories of real people that have already received hope by the HopeMob team: (I've only copied the relevant "accomplishment" below) [Link]
  • A 9-year-old girl in Haiti was dying from a form of cancer that wasn't treatable in Haiti, but could be treated in the United States. The HopeMob team lobbied Duke University Med Center to accept her and the mob paid for her to be flown to Duke on Medevac
The "Hope Mob Team" did not raise the money for Miselene, he raised money through "Crowdrise" and directed the funds to his church address.  HopeMob did not even launch until 2012.

There is no doubt that a little girl name Miselene came to the states to be treated for cancer, and she died in January, 2011.  The doubt concerns the funds that were raised by Shaun King, and what was done with that $12,000 that went directly to his church, as did most all of the money he raised for "charity".  This is just one of many questionable fundraisers connected with "Pastor" Shaun King.

I'll let the reader be the Judge, scam or nah?