Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Shaun King meltdown - Narcissist much?

vicki pate
There are two things that should be abundantly clear to you when you look at this photo

Shaun King is having an epic meltdown on Twitter over today's article:

The truth is, no one knows who Shaun King is.  He hired a publicist (there's a video where he talks about it) years ago.  Every aspect of his life from his race to the number of followers he has on twitter; Shaun has fabricated a very large percentage of it. Someone who knows him well told me as much recently when I was inquiring about a post King made to facebook about his daughter Kendi. He accused a (white) coach at her school of assaulting her. The school fired his wife and kicked all of his kids out of the school. Shaun, once again, was seemingly trying to set up a hate crime scenario.  He lied  about speaking to police and he could not furnish photos of Kendi's injuries when asked to by school administrators. King has since deleted this post.

vicki pate
Shaun has taken to comparing himself to Obama now...

When all else fails, scream "white supremacy". The problem is, it's all sourced.

Actually, much to my chagrin, Breitbart had been planning this story for quite some time, they had to wait on their attorneys to check every aspect of it out before printing it.
Does this remind anyone else of the time Casey Anthony insisted she worked at Disney -- she never admitted to lying about it until the FBI walked with her to the door of the office she said she worked from. Then, and only then, did she finally admit she lied. That's what it is going to take for King to admit he lied. I'll bet he even goes so far as to say his mother had an affair. One of his neighbors said as much a month or so ago.

Update: has chimed in now.  Great article except for the fact they've linked my name to a site named black butterfly and all but called me a racist.  Black Butterfly has accused me for months of stealing Kendrick Johnson's autopsy photos. Here's the back story. Jackie Johnson got a court order to have those photos released months before I wrote this blog. My intention was to dispute another of their insane theories, not to throw the photos in anyone's face.  In fact, the mother had been carrying poor KJ's horrific post autopsy face on picket stick since a week after he died.

Will update as events unfold.