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Jeffrey Shaun King - Pastor or Con?

Jeffrey Shaun King (Twitter photo)
"For me, Twitter, though, is a beautiful thing that GIVES POWER TO THE PEOPLE all over the world. Victims & the oppressed NOW HAVE A VOICE!" - Shaun King

The now deleted tweet sent out by Shaun King, former Senior Pastor
The Daily Caller: "With the exception of a fight – which he insists he won – he says he has no juvenile record. But that didn’t stop a Calabasas, Calif.-based man named Shaun King from posting a court document insisting that Johnson had been convicted of child molestation. Except it wasn’t the Charles Johnson of GotNews, who was born in 1988. It was a Charles Johnson, born in 1989." [link]
I don't know Charles Johnson, I don't care who Charles Johnson is, but one thing I can't tolerate are people who falsely accuse others of being child molesters or pedophiles just to get them to shut up.   If calling someone who disagrees with the race-hustlers and scammers "racists" doesn't shut bloggers up, trolls and shills will up the insult to "child molester".  Most of the time the slurs and false accusations come from cowards who are so afraid of what might be done to them, they hide like little pussies behind TOR browsers.  It takes some time, but everyone slips up, but I digress... in the case of Shaun King, and in spite of all his PR faux publications, his true persona was really not that hard to out.   King is all over the Michael Brown case and has been from the beginning.  When Charles Johnson filed a FOIA to have the juvenile records of Michael Brown released, Shaun got pissed and put out a tweet accusing Charles Johnson of being a child molester.  Just to be clear, I didn't approve when Johnson tweeted a bogus tweet about Michael Brown having a 2nd Degree murder charge either, and I let him know.

Today, again, Shaun has tweeted out even more defamatory BS about Charles.  Must be something to Brown's juvenile record, and that is probably not good for Brown's side, but defaming someone with false allegations of this type is beneath contempt.  Shaun King seems to have a history of being beneath contempt, and when the heat gets close to his ass, he runs. Take these allegations about the Bishop at a church where Shaun was an "assistant Pastor".
Another local Bishop may be facing allegations of committing sex crimes against children.
The allegations surfaced two weeks ago, after an anonymous tip led the Dekalb County District Attorney’s office to Bishop Johnathan Alvarado. Alvarado is the head pastor of Total Grace Christian Center. Pastor Shaun King, worked closely with Bishop Alvarado at Total Grace. King has said he believes the allegations are true.  He says his heart goes out to the families affected by the Bishop’s actions.
Another story on the allegations:
Oddly enough the very man that was a former member of the church and later became a pastor as well, Shaun King left Atlanta like he was on the run. Relocating to Los Angeles, King will not even speak on the matter anymore when he is contacted. Shaun King at one time was the personal assistant to Bishop Alvarado and boasted of having key information on the sexual appetite of Johnathan for teen boys. Shaun King made a number of claims about Alvarado on Facebook and Twitter until he was contacted by local Atlanta news and the authorities.
Do note that these are some very serious allegations against Bishop Alvarado, but he has never been formally charged with a crime. [link]
Here is Shaun King talking about his knowledge of the rumors and allegations with 11 Alive news.  He had been "blogging" about the allegations while still playing a Pastor at the church.  The DeKalb County prosecutors filed a "review", although Alvarado was never charged with any crimes.

It appears that the church is doing fine as are Bishop Alvarado and his wife, Toni.  I wonder what the Bishop did to garner the ire of the crowd source funding extraordinaire, Shaun King.

Shaun tells anyone who will listen that the Pastor settled out of court with two kids, but that those cases are private and can't be found anywhere.  Convenient.  Another blogger wrote a piece about Shaun King's twitter account blowing up about Bishop Alvarado, and advertising his own Atlanta.  See through much?
Sheena LaShay: @mschenelle Guess we need to go to Atlanta to go to @ShaunKing church. I’m up for it. 
Sheena LaShay also reveals a facebook page for King - "King the teacher" interested now, 2014, in a career in Professional sports....a post that was made on August 9, 2014, the day Michael Brown was killed.  This was his last facebook post on that page.

An earlier facebook post:
Shaun King shared a link.
6 August
In case you missed it, we are now LIVE @! Right now you are able to go & pick a beautiful baby to sponsor! JOIN US!
At that website, 3000 kids, you will find yet another hat worn by 35 year old Shaun King:
 Full Access to Life Goals University (a 12 month online course & a $600 value @ $49.99 per month) by entrepreneur & author of "100!", Shaun King
...and it goes on and on from there...

Under "about", on his facebook page, Shaun lists his website, Shaun King in the City.  His last blog, on June 19, 2014, is titled, "My Decision to Become a Full-Time Coach".
As you may know, I’ve spent the past 3+ months with my family living in South Africa, Paris, and London. During this time, for the first time in my adult life, I transitioned out of every job and commitment and business venture I have so that I could properly position myself to guide people through life for a living. It’s my passion. It’s what I love and I’d like for you to consider making me your coach and guide through life.
On his web page is featured a video of an interview with T. J. Holmes.  Shaun King talking about a charity twitter auction he says he started, but it was actually started by Eva Longoria, Shaun designed the webpage. Shaun tells it differently in this article.  This video was uploaded in 2011.

After reading what I have about Shaun, it would not surprise me in the least to find out HE was behind many of the racist comments on the Darren Wilson site that were meant to enrage supporters of  Michael Brown.
Here's what I think happened with Bishop Alvarado and Shaun King. I think Shaun saw a lot of money in being the head of a church, and he wanted to go off and do it on his own. Maybe there were words and King was let go. I don't know and I'm not going to put that much time into it, but this is quite interesting:
Shaun King the founder of cutting edge, 700 plus congregation of Atlanta’s Courageous Church created a stir in September when he stood down stating “I have pushed as hard and far as my mind, body, and spirit can healthily go before crashing”. He had tried to transition the church to a emergent style missional church and it killed him. My stomach churns as I read the story that his wife Rai told on her blog.
2 years into it, after 300+ sermons, who knows how many songs, people coming, people going, stressful lead team meetings, raising money from outside sources because the people who attended the church didn’t actually give enough to support the church, Shaun got frustrated, a few leaders got tired and left, …
Shaun's has drawn a lot of ire from people who received donations on the site, but never received them from the crowdfunding site,  This was found on RipOff Report (this makes me sick):
With no input from Hopemob, no response to questions and no answers to email while they post unrelated updates we are getting the impression that we are being ignored. Hopemob only give 90 days to collect fund or you forfeit. Many of these people were raising money for sick kids, disabled individuals or families who have suffered devastating circumstances. Yet once their campaign closed they have seen none of the funds that were donated to their cause and gotten no communication or support from this company. Both the beneficiaries and the donars are becoming very concerned about what happened to their money.
You can read about the creator of Hopemob here (keep in mind this is a blog):
Born in Kentucky in a working class family, as a fifteen-year-old he was beaten so badly in what was one of the first registered hate crimes in the state that he needed a series of surgeries that required two years. He notes, “When bad things happen to some people it hardens their heart, but for me it softened my heart.” 
The above article says HopeMob doesn't charge fees:
In addition, HopeMob doesn’t charge any fees to the fundraiser. Every dollar raised for a campaign on the site, goes to the campaign. 
HOWEVER, the facebook page states:
Many ‪#‎crowdfunding‬ platforms raise their fees if you don't reach your goal. Not HopeMob - 4% always - ‪#‎hope‬

From Shaun's HopeMob facebook page

Hopemob Facebook
Hopemob Twitter
Guidestar for Hopemob - it will not surprise you to find they have filed zero financials since 2010 - in other words, never.

A few of Shaun's other projects:
August 30, 2014:  Shaun's last post to 100 Life Goals
August 7, 2014: Another charity to help children. For the past week, I've been telling you about some BEAUTIFUL babies that I want us to band together to help! See them & pick a child to help now! It'd mean the world to me and to them! Do it now @ Registrant name: Shaun King
August 5, 2014:  Offers a free membership to Life Goals University - which he is part of as well.
August 1, 2014: Shaun is selling a camera on Amazon.
March 6, 2014: "I'm officially an inventor now!! Check out the news story on our patent! So fulfilling to see inventor next to my name!
May 2013: "Next week I am launching a KickStarter campaign for my very first book!!!"
This was just another scam.
August 2012: We are HOPING for 940 more donors to chip in now to help Daisy fight cancer! Chip in now @!

And last but certainly not least, and hopefully someone will ask Sybrina Fulton if she knows about this:
July 16, 2013, 2:05pm EDT
HopeMob founder launches campaign for Trayvon Martin's familyFirst, he's raising money for Martin's parents. "This money will just be to help them personally in whatever way they see fit. Period," he writes.
That's awesome, but by July 16, 2013, Sybrina and Tracy were pretty flush.
Let's keep making excuses for the hundreds of murders every week caused by drugs and guns.

I'm going with CON

Thanks to Echelon their help and contributions to this blog.


  1. Thank you for the EYE OPENING EXPERIENCE!

  2. Dig deeper into the causes he has on HopeMob. You'll find even more problem areas.


  4. Anonymous poster, you just posted a blog from Shaun King's website as proof of something?

  5. Good bit of research. I've followed Shaun for some time and struggle with some things he does and doesn't do. FWIW, the obnoxioustv blog is not Shaun's. It belongs to @WilliamGMcCray--a fellow who is interesting in his own right.

  6. Shaun King's hate for the white man is quite obvious and it has everything to with the fact that his BLACK father was never around. Internally Shaun is trying so hard to make his father love him. It's really amazing to watch this guy spew his hate around the web. He is loved by the blacks for his attack on whites but unfortunately not by his own father.

  7. Shaun King Needs to grow up and take responsibility for his family . Internet Hustler is not a real job . Stealing other peoples research and pretending it's your own does not make you a journalist . He and his wife both have a college education but have skipped the steps where you get real job experience .It's not to late . Get a pay check pay your bills stop scamming people on the internet to pay for your life style .

  8. This is a very interesting article, thread, or whatever it is called.

    Bottom Line First: Recall it was Shaun King who alerted authorities on purported tweet by a woman, who said she has a friend on the grand jury deciding the fate of Officer Darren Wilson, who was telling her what was going on in the GJ proceedings.

    (The woman accused of posting the tweet says she did not do such and that her Twitter account must have been hacked.)

    When I heard that "activist Shaun King is the one who alerted authorities about the tweet" that told me Shaun King was deeply involved with the hack and (false) tweet.


    A few weeks back, I think about three, it made the national news that the grand jury may be corrupted because a grand juror was talking to a friend about their deliberations.

    That friend then tweeted that she had a friend on the GJ and that she told her there was not enough evidence to charge Wilson.

    The police easily found that person and she said that her account must have been hacked because she doesn't know anyone on the grand jury, never used Twitter, and no one has ever said anything about the GJ proceedings.

    For a number of common sense reasons I absolutely believed what that woman was saying.

    Like law enforcement and good lawyers, I worked backward from the event to first figure out who would have motive to make up this story. As I always say "follow the motive, you will find who did what and why."

    When I read it was Shaun King who contacted law enforcement about this supposed tweet I knew right away who the culprits were: attorney Ben Crump, law partner Parks, and Shaun King. Motive: To make money on the Mike Brown case, Crump needs Wilson charged. If the GJ does not indict Wilson, Crump's money making opportunities vanish.

    Because Crump was unsuccessful in getting the prosecutor kicked off the case, having a special prosecutor appointed, and the case not being presented to the grand jury, IMO Crump, et al. then resorted to these kinds of cons, showing the grand jury is corrupt.

    Note: When this matter came to light, Crump and Parks were on MSNBC every day saying the tweet was proof that the GJ process was rigged, corrupt, and that it should be disbanded or not allowed to consider the Wilson case. They also said this is good reason why a special prosecutor should be appointed and the case should not be decided by a grand jury.

    Bonus Comments: King not only ratted to police about the tweet, he also published articles about it in the Daily Kos. Soon after this event Shaun King was hired by The Daily Kos. In other words, King "made his bones" on this grand jury issue.

    IMO these facts point to whom would have the motive to fabricate a story about the Ferguson grand jury being corrupt. Fame and fortune are strong incentives to commit criminal acts.

  9. Oh, forgot to add, sorry:

    This also has attorney Ben Crump's fingerprints all over it.

    IMO he conspired with Shaun King to take the Darren Wilson matter from grand jury consideration.

    This is Crump's MO, he did the same exact thing in the Trayvon Martin case. He branded as a racist a career prosecutor (who would not charge Zimmerman), he got that prosecutor (Norm Wolfinger) kicked off the case, and manipulated events so the public would pressure the Governor to appoint a special prosecutor who would summarily charge Zimmerman for murder.

    In that case it was Crump who distributed press kits conveying when killed Trayvon Martin was a little child. It was Crump (and King?) who told the press that talking about Trayvon Martin's past was an attempt to smear his excellent reputation. Crump is doing the same thing here (remember when he focused attention on the release of the strong arm robbery video, instead of talking about what it depicted, a side of Mike Brown that was criminal and violent).

    This Shaun King character needs to be investigated. I would bet all roads on the grand jury corruption subject lead to Shaun King.

    And I am sending law enforcement investigating the GJ corruption charges this page. I am sure they will look with great interest Mr. King's background and history.

    If we are fortunate he will implicate Ben Crump in the conspiracy to commit obstruction of justice.

    1. Excellent ... thank you. I am told he is being investigated and I am hoping he is going to take Crump down with him.

  10. I am glad for this historical listing of Shaun Kings questionable behavior, programs, etc. I signed up for 100 LGU and committed to a monthly fee. Never received anything promised. We very skeptical when the re-start of 100 LGU was offered/began--but I went along with it. Not even a week in, the links don't work, King didn't respond to any emails about problems accessing the site. I wasn't the only one either--many others, whom I exchanged emails with personally had the same thing. I try to stay away from the word, scammer, but when I know several other LGU memers who paid their monthly commitment and received the same short end of the stick with no refund what so ever--no book, no trip in august, no coaching, etc...A con artist does start to seem to fit the character he has demonstrated thus far.

    1. Thank you for this post. Please email me at
      You may remain anonymous...I am doing lengthy research and I'd like 1st hand knowledge.

  11. Ah, more "good" news. He needs to go down on several serious federal charges. All of his actions cross state lines since he used the internet as his playground. Tsk, tsk, tsk Ol' Shaun-e Boi.

  12. These stories on him and research you have done has been a real eye-opener. This man conned us all by his 'doing good' but in the end we are all left empty handed and out of pocket! scammer, con artist, fraudster are starting to fit his glove. Another campaign: where no one seems to have received their rewards and then he got a $75K book deal with Simon and schuster so where did the funds go for this campaign that were meant to go to publish the book? He has got away with this for far too long and he can't keep getting away with doing people over like this. How does this guy sleep at night!

  13. I was one of his 274 backers on his kickstarter campaign to publish his book and like many others who donated I've not received one reward and he ignores all your emails, it amazes me that he thinks he can defraud 274 people but he still keeps jumping from one campaign to another. I nearly joined up to his LGU but glad now I didn't and I see that website is down but still he publicises he is the founder of a life goal university that doesn't exist! This historical list of all his campaigns and how he has scammed so many people is an eye opener and incredible he's not been charged as yet and still seems to keep getting away with it on every campaign. I'm really angry he uses 'doing good' to defraud people. You need to do a post on his current kickstarter campaign as that was his latest scam and after the campaign ended we all found out he got a $75K deal with Simon & Schuster so what happened to the funds he raised was that to fund his South Africa trip?

  14. We has this man not be charged yet for defrauding people! I backed his kickstarter campaign and never received any rewards and notice by the comments left on it neither has anyone else. If you are going to do any kind of lengthy research you really need to include this latest campaign. He truly is a first class con artist! That has been getting away with his scams for too long. People need to know about him so when he plans his next big campaign con everyone is aware not to support him.

  15. I've been saying that since October. He's a joke.

  16. That shaun king is more than a joke he is a criminal and should be charged with defrauding hundreds of people!! more people need to come forward. this is why he is remaining quiet about his book from his kickstarter campaign as he knew that he defrauded all 274 people!! To the person who is behind this current post about shaun you need to do an updated one that includes a more lengthy article on his most recent scam! His next online scam needs to shut down with a warning online post to everyone listing all his previous scams...!!! This is such a classic his LGU university: first I scam you , take all your money then I shut the website down but i still advertise on my book I'm the founder of life goals university!!!!

  17. shaun is such a bad con-artist if you go to his instagram: you will see he tries to cover his tracks with his kickstarter book campaign by showing a picture of the books he was meant to send out to his backers but never did, so what he takes this picture so then he can blame his 'team' for not sending them out or a they were sent out but got lost in the post along with all the other rewards?? What a scammer!!!

  18. LOL Shaun is onto his next scam! you need to write a new 2015 article on him and include this. It's really interesting that he is not promoting his 100Life goals book at all really odd since he was signed to one of the biggest publishers in the world, am sure he is keeping quiet since he conned 274 people on his kickstarter campaign, and more people commenting on how they get ZERO REWARDS from it:

  19. Really glad I found this site. It has taken a long while to find others to substantiate my concerns of being scammed by Shaun King. I had just spoken with a former 100 LGU member who was on the same support group, that lead me to look up Shaun king again. Wholeheartedly I trusted that we was honest, but the patterns and lack of responses or refunds for failure to deliver agreed upon services has proven otherwise. Isn't there a class action lawsuit that can be brought against him so that others do not fall victim?

  20. I also backed the Kickstarter campaign and can attest that none of us have received anything. A couple of people got their money back, but not everyone who asked did. I've asked, but I know I won't get it since he doesn't like me. I called him out on starting all these projects (not even knowing all the info provided in this article) and leaving then at the first opportunity. He blasted me, the only comment he replied negatively to. I now know I hit a nerve. Interesting that he chose Indiegogo this time;guess he knows he can never use Kickstarter again. His book deal was never disclosed to us. I was in the first, epically failed Life Goals University when he actually allowed us to cancel and refunded money. I declined to do it even when offered for free. It annoys me to no end that he protrays himself as this person deeply concerned with social justice when he can't even meet his own commitments, and in all likelihood, is a criminal himself.

  21. Oh, and don't forget the Upfront venture, the app that allows the user to get exclusive content from folks like Ledisi, Maxwell, And others. He didn't stay long; I'm guessing because there was no way for him to get a personal revenue stream. His name is nowhere on that site at all now.

  22. Now he is onto his next project scam will not be long till he starts asking people for donations! The only way could get your money back on his kickstarter campaign if you took legal action, people like that only respond to that otherwise you are wasting your time.

    He is just one big con artist that no one should ever support any of his causes or projects as he has a long history of fraud and scamming people.

  23. Also, and seriously, Shaun King is white. His momma is white and his daddy is white. I know this is fact. Grew up with him in Kentucky. I have questioned his distaste for white people for a while. I know he was beat up in high school by "rednecks", it was wrong. It was just a bit before then that he began hanging out with more African Americans than he did originally. I am not racist, but there are people who are so when you flaunt your new race in those peoples faces, you will most likely get the crap beat out of you. Especially when you are 15 and the ones beating you up are 15 as well. Kids are kids. The hatred he spews is sickening. His death to white people / white cops speeches are horrible and again, the fact that he is WHITE is even more disturbing.

  24. Anonymous, it's interesting that you report he was beaten up in high school. I had thought that he made that up out of whole cloth. Did Shaun endure three spinal surgeries as a result of his beating? Was he out of school for a year?

  25. Shaun king's next scam! & now he wants you to donate for his operational costs. Not even if you paid me would I donate or support that scam artist considering his track record on all his other projects! What a joke!!!

  26. I was also scammed by him. I gave money to Hope Mob, then got locked out of my account. Despite emails from him assuring me he'd get me back in, bye-bye went my account.

  27. Shaun King was also involved with the Atlanta Public Schools cheating scandal. He had close relationships with one of the schools accused of changing answers for students and aggressively defended the teachers when they were caught. He even set up a website for them to raise money and sell t-shirts.

    Turns out that the teachers in Atlanta Public Schools were guilty as sin of cheating Black kids out of an education and not a word from Shaun "Black Lives Matter" King.

  28. I read thst Shsyn King was in a car accident, which caused his injuries and hospital stay. He lied about the high school beating. He got beat up in high school by one male student because Shaun was being very rude and harassing a girl. The male that beat up Shaun did not do any significant damage. Investigate this information. It is true. Other sites have proof and proof of Shaun lying about it all. Shaun is a huckster and lies about everything.

  29. yet another one of Shaun king's scams been caught out and shut down like all his other so called 'do good' projects has been taken off line and shut down.

    Are finally people beginning to realise he is a con-artist if so its taken everyone else a VERY long time!!!

  30. Interesting how everything Shaun King is involved in goes belly-up at some point now he is trying to justify that he is legit: and now doesn't exist either. This is a really interesting read: . A con-artist will always find ways to try and make you believe his own interpretation of his lies of truth! I was scammed on one of his kickstarter campaigns and so many others have. If he was ever taken to court hundreds of people would come forward with similar stories. At some point you have to believe the people rather than the con-artist!


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