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Jeffrey Shaun King - Pastor or Con?

Jeffrey Shaun King (Twitter photo)
"For me, Twitter, though, is a beautiful thing that GIVES POWER TO THE PEOPLE all over the world. Victims & the oppressed NOW HAVE A VOICE!" - Shaun King

The now deleted tweet sent out by Shaun King, former Senior Pastor
The Daily Caller: "With the exception of a fight – which he insists he won – he says he has no juvenile record. But that didn’t stop a Calabasas, Calif.-based man named Shaun King from posting a court document insisting that Johnson had been convicted of child molestation. Except it wasn’t the Charles Johnson of GotNews, who was born in 1988. It was a Charles Johnson, born in 1989." [link]
I don't know Charles Johnson, I don't care who Charles Johnson is, but one thing I can't tolerate are people who falsely accuse others of being child molesters or pedophiles just to get them to shut up.   If calling someone who disagrees with the race-hustlers and scammers "racists" doesn't shut bloggers up, trolls and shills will up the insult to "child molester".  Most of the time the slurs and false accusations come from cowards who are so afraid of what might be done to them, they hide like little pussies behind TOR browsers.  It takes some time, but everyone slips up, but I digress... in the case of Shaun King, and in spite of all his PR faux publications, his true persona was really not that hard to out.   King is all over the Michael Brown case and has been from the beginning.  When Charles Johnson filed a FOIA to have the juvenile records of Michael Brown released, Shaun got pissed and put out a tweet accusing Charles Johnson of being a child molester.  Just to be clear, I didn't approve when Johnson tweeted a bogus tweet about Michael Brown having a 2nd Degree murder charge either, and I let him know.

Today, again, Shaun has tweeted out even more defamatory BS about Charles.  Must be something to Brown's juvenile record, and that is probably not good for Brown's side, but defaming someone with false allegations of this type is beneath contempt.  Shaun King seems to have a history of being beneath contempt, and when the heat gets close to his ass, he runs. Take these allegations about the Bishop at a church where Shaun was an "assistant Pastor".
Another local Bishop may be facing allegations of committing sex crimes against children.
The allegations surfaced two weeks ago, after an anonymous tip led the Dekalb County District Attorney’s office to Bishop Johnathan Alvarado. Alvarado is the head pastor of Total Grace Christian Center. Pastor Shaun King, worked closely with Bishop Alvarado at Total Grace. King has said he believes the allegations are true.  He says his heart goes out to the families affected by the Bishop’s actions.
Another story on the allegations:
Oddly enough the very man that was a former member of the church and later became a pastor as well, Shaun King left Atlanta like he was on the run. Relocating to Los Angeles, King will not even speak on the matter anymore when he is contacted. Shaun King at one time was the personal assistant to Bishop Alvarado and boasted of having key information on the sexual appetite of Johnathan for teen boys. Shaun King made a number of claims about Alvarado on Facebook and Twitter until he was contacted by local Atlanta news and the authorities.
Do note that these are some very serious allegations against Bishop Alvarado, but he has never been formally charged with a crime. [link]
Here is Shaun King talking about his knowledge of the rumors and allegations with 11 Alive news.  He had been "blogging" about the allegations while still playing a Pastor at the church.  The DeKalb County prosecutors filed a "review", although Alvarado was never charged with any crimes.

It appears that the church is doing fine as are Bishop Alvarado and his wife, Toni.  I wonder what the Bishop did to garner the ire of the crowd source funding extraordinaire, Shaun King.

Shaun tells anyone who will listen that the Pastor settled out of court with two kids, but that those cases are private and can't be found anywhere.  Convenient.  Another blogger wrote a piece about Shaun King's twitter account blowing up about Bishop Alvarado, and advertising his own Atlanta.  See through much?
Sheena LaShay: @mschenelle Guess we need to go to Atlanta to go to @ShaunKing church. I’m up for it. 
Sheena LaShay also reveals a facebook page for King - "King the teacher" interested now, 2014, in a career in Professional sports....a post that was made on August 9, 2014, the day Michael Brown was killed.  This was his last facebook post on that page.

An earlier facebook post:
Shaun King shared a link.
6 August
In case you missed it, we are now LIVE @! Right now you are able to go & pick a beautiful baby to sponsor! JOIN US!
At that website, 3000 kids, you will find yet another hat worn by 35 year old Shaun King:
 Full Access to Life Goals University (a 12 month online course & a $600 value @ $49.99 per month) by entrepreneur & author of "100!", Shaun King
...and it goes on and on from there...

Under "about", on his facebook page, Shaun lists his website, Shaun King in the City.  His last blog, on June 19, 2014, is titled, "My Decision to Become a Full-Time Coach".
As you may know, I’ve spent the past 3+ months with my family living in South Africa, Paris, and London. During this time, for the first time in my adult life, I transitioned out of every job and commitment and business venture I have so that I could properly position myself to guide people through life for a living. It’s my passion. It’s what I love and I’d like for you to consider making me your coach and guide through life.
On his web page is featured a video of an interview with T. J. Holmes.  Shaun King talking about a charity twitter auction he says he started, but it was actually started by Eva Longoria, Shaun designed the webpage. Shaun tells it differently in this article.  This video was uploaded in 2011.

After reading what I have about Shaun, it would not surprise me in the least to find out HE was behind many of the racist comments on the Darren Wilson site that were meant to enrage supporters of  Michael Brown.
Here's what I think happened with Bishop Alvarado and Shaun King. I think Shaun saw a lot of money in being the head of a church, and he wanted to go off and do it on his own. Maybe there were words and King was let go. I don't know and I'm not going to put that much time into it, but this is quite interesting:
Shaun King the founder of cutting edge, 700 plus congregation of Atlanta’s Courageous Church created a stir in September when he stood down stating “I have pushed as hard and far as my mind, body, and spirit can healthily go before crashing”. He had tried to transition the church to a emergent style missional church and it killed him. My stomach churns as I read the story that his wife Rai told on her blog.
2 years into it, after 300+ sermons, who knows how many songs, people coming, people going, stressful lead team meetings, raising money from outside sources because the people who attended the church didn’t actually give enough to support the church, Shaun got frustrated, a few leaders got tired and left, …
Shaun's has drawn a lot of ire from people who received donations on the site, but never received them from the crowdfunding site,  This was found on RipOff Report (this makes me sick):
With no input from Hopemob, no response to questions and no answers to email while they post unrelated updates we are getting the impression that we are being ignored. Hopemob only give 90 days to collect fund or you forfeit. Many of these people were raising money for sick kids, disabled individuals or families who have suffered devastating circumstances. Yet once their campaign closed they have seen none of the funds that were donated to their cause and gotten no communication or support from this company. Both the beneficiaries and the donars are becoming very concerned about what happened to their money.
You can read about the creator of Hopemob here (keep in mind this is a blog):
Born in Kentucky in a working class family, as a fifteen-year-old he was beaten so badly in what was one of the first registered hate crimes in the state that he needed a series of surgeries that required two years. He notes, “When bad things happen to some people it hardens their heart, but for me it softened my heart.” 
The above article says HopeMob doesn't charge fees:
In addition, HopeMob doesn’t charge any fees to the fundraiser. Every dollar raised for a campaign on the site, goes to the campaign. 
HOWEVER, the facebook page states:
Many ‪#‎crowdfunding‬ platforms raise their fees if you don't reach your goal. Not HopeMob - 4% always - ‪#‎hope‬

From Shaun's HopeMob facebook page

Hopemob Facebook
Hopemob Twitter
Guidestar for Hopemob - it will not surprise you to find they have filed zero financials since 2010 - in other words, never.

A few of Shaun's other projects:
August 30, 2014:  Shaun's last post to 100 Life Goals
August 7, 2014: Another charity to help children. For the past week, I've been telling you about some BEAUTIFUL babies that I want us to band together to help! See them & pick a child to help now! It'd mean the world to me and to them! Do it now @ Registrant name: Shaun King
August 5, 2014:  Offers a free membership to Life Goals University - which he is part of as well.
August 1, 2014: Shaun is selling a camera on Amazon.
March 6, 2014: "I'm officially an inventor now!! Check out the news story on our patent! So fulfilling to see inventor next to my name!
May 2013: "Next week I am launching a KickStarter campaign for my very first book!!!"
This was just another scam.
August 2012: We are HOPING for 940 more donors to chip in now to help Daisy fight cancer! Chip in now @!

And last but certainly not least, and hopefully someone will ask Sybrina Fulton if she knows about this:
July 16, 2013, 2:05pm EDT
HopeMob founder launches campaign for Trayvon Martin's familyFirst, he's raising money for Martin's parents. "This money will just be to help them personally in whatever way they see fit. Period," he writes.
That's awesome, but by July 16, 2013, Sybrina and Tracy were pretty flush.
Let's keep making excuses for the hundreds of murders every week caused by drugs and guns.

I'm going with CON

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