Friday, December 5, 2014

Pastor Shaun King scamming on Tamir Rice's family

tamir rice
Shaun King
Shaun King started a fundraiser this morning for the burial and various other funding, for Tamir Rice -- problem is, I spoke to the attorney for the Rice family and they did not approve this fundraiser.  In fact, their attorney, Timothy J. Kucharski,  contacted this morning and asked them to pull the fundraiser.  As of this writing, it is still up and donations have reached over $25,000. He always uses the same MO, he lies about numbers and hypes everyone up. One thing is for absolute certain, Shaun King is a master fundraiser - it's a shame 90% of the time he is scamming the money for himself.

Worst of all, he lies about the fundraiser being verified. Unreal.

Please do me a favor, retweet the following tweet and stop the madness of this latest donation scam by King:
To donate to the actual fund set up by the Rice family go to any US Bank

More on Shaun King's fundraising activities and more questions he refuses to answer honestly