Saturday, December 6, 2014

Shaun King: Catch me if you can!

After a month or so of research, I've found the scams and quick money deals perpetrated by Pastor Shaun King absolutely criminal - and yet he is like teflon, he gets caught, but he bounces right back.  Is it because he is a Pastor (two years), or the fact that he is black and no one wants to be accused of being racist for calling him out the way he did me today?
Or is it because he has pulled the wool over the eyes of many celebrities and they do not want to be embarrassed by their own gullibility.  Today I want to introduce you to a University started by King about a year ago.  A now defunct University.

Because Shaun seems very limited in creativity, and pretty much copies other's work, I've often wondered if  Shaun King derived his idea for the 100 Life Goals book and 100 Life Goals University from a gentleman by the name of Justin Popovic whose website  is Ignite Your Essence.  On Popovic's website is the page, 100 Life Goals, created October, 2009, well before Shaun seemingly copied every aspect of this man's idea.  King told everyone on Twitter that Simon & Schuster advanced him $75,000 for the book.

Shaun King's 100 Life Goals University - an online teaching universtiy that Shaun accepted a lot of money for in tuitions, is offline.  Here is his twitter timeline where he admits he signed up hundreds of students.

WOW!! In less than one month even! Then on July 7, 2014, when Shaun returns from his 3 month trip to South Africa:
Almost one month to the day before Michael Brown was killed, Shaun tweeted this:

His very last tweet on anything to do with 100 Life Goals University:

100 Life Goals University Information and Fee Schedule:
Over the past 15 years, I’ve launched charities that have raised over $10 million for causes, award-winning online initiatives that have received over 150 million unique visitors/downloads, sold my past three tech startups, and have had my work featured as the top trending topic in the world on Twitter multiple times. I want to use my experience (highs and lows, successes and failures) to assist you in every possible way.
I have six primary packages that I think could help you take your project or business to the next level. Each package is fully customized for you and you will receive my undivided attention during our time.
1. One on One Video Call (Recorded & Sent to You) With Me – $249 each
2. Pre-Launch Strategy & Ideation – $750 for 3 Online Sessions
3. Social Media Strategy & Implementation – $1,000 per each social network
4. Crowdfunding Consulting Package - Starting @ $500 - Crowdfunding is just plain old hard. I’ve raised over $1,000,000 on various crowdfunding platforms
(Shaun can't seem to remember from one paragraph to the next how much he has raised)
5. Startup Package (Businesses or Charities) - $2,500 (Will discount for charities.)
6. Monthly Consulting – $5,000-$7,000 per month (month to month agreement)
Accepted Payment Methods:
(The above is a photo of the different preferred methods of payments, and not links)
Four months later, the website for 100 Life Goals no longer exists.  There were actually two websites for the Universtiy King tweeted out, another offline.

What people actually did get was a video of interviews Pastor Shaun King did with a few famous people....making him appear very connected and legit.  One of those people will no longer have anything to do with King and feels very let down and disappointed in him.  He asked not to be named, so take it or leave it.

Over 35,000 people have signed up to watch the FREE 100 Life Goals training event. Watch NOW for FREE @
— 100 Life Goals (@100LifeGoals) June 18, 2014

Interestingly, when he was making the announcements for the "upcoming event" mentioned above, zero people retweeted fact, on the entire timeline for 100 Life Goals, I think the most tweets he had were less than a year, Shaun gets at least  200, and sometimes up to 8,000 retweets every time he posts just about anything.
Shaun boasts that he has coached over 1,000 people in "the past year".  Hard to believe if one goes back and reads his blogs and twitter activity since January 2014.

I wrote in a previous post a little bit about Shaun's kickstarter for his 100 Life Goals book.  This is actually the first time I've seen this post:
He WAS HopeMob at the time...but the bigger problem with this tweet is that on the actual kickstarter page, Shaun said he was using the money he collected to self publish his book, which, of course, never happened.  (Be sure to read the comments on his kickstarter page)

I expect King will write yet another blog to explain away the above, but like all the other times he has "explained", he only talks about how badly he is being victimized on social media because people hate him.  Not good enough...either he is outright stealing money, or he is a sociopath and every boast he made about the University is a lie.  I doubt we will ever know.

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