Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Roland Martin Reveals His Fashion Muse - You won't believe it!

Roland Martin at the NAACP Image Awards Luncheon
*Roland Martin revealed today, for the first time, his inspiration for those little what'sits he wears in his suit pocket.  When he pulled the what'sit out of his pocket today at the Image Awards luncheon..a cute little troll doll appeared! I have to think this is some sort of tribute to Trayvon Martin Supporters.
**Martin also ran his snarky third ward ghetto mouth when relaying a message to George Zimmerman: “Go sit your ass down or you need to have your ass in jail because you are guilty,” Martin said of Trayvon Martin’s killer. “I’m not watching that crap. There ain’t no way in hell I’d watch that. And he’s not a celebrity! DMX needs to sit his behind down and say I’m not participating in that.”[link]

DMX should be above it LOLOL Well the two pillars of society have weighed in....Miley is 20 and 20 dumb....but Roland?  What's in it for him to talk shit to George?

He'll likely get another online publication or radio show for that sound byte.   Trust that had it not been for Trayvon Martin's death, you would never have known who Roland Martin is.

**Not Parody