Sunday, February 2, 2014

Black Youth Knocks on White Man's Door Asking for Help...

Veteran and good samaritan, Thomas Sonnenberg
UPDATE February 3, 2014: According to the latest news story, Parker killed Thomas Sonnenberg with Sonnenberg's own gun.
After her husband called police, she heard Parker ask him for a gun, knife, hat and gloves. She then heard a gunshot.
Parker came out of the kitchen and ordered the woman to the floor. He choked her with his hands and held a gun to her head, according to the complaint. She said the gun belonged to her husband, and that he always carried it on his hip.
Parker had the woman go upstairs to lock them in the bedroom, according to the complaint. When police arrived, they went downstairs.
Officers later recovered Sonnenberg's revolver underneath the bed in the upstairs bedroom.

February 2, 2014
Devon Derrick Parker pounded frantically on the door of 69 year old Thomas Sonnenberg at 11:45 a.m., exclaiming that men with baseball bats were after him.  Mr. Sonnenberg, a Veteran, quickly dialed 911 for the young man...moments later the young man thanked him with a bullet to Mr. Sonnenberg's head.  When Devon saw what he had done, he stepped over Mr. Sonnenberg's lifeless body and focused his attention on Mrs. Sonnenberg, known by her grandchildren as "grandma".

Devon Parker 

Parker didn't shoot this beloved and unarmed grandmother, no, he had more in store for her.  When she wouldn't comply with his demands to give him the keys to her house (the door locked behind Mr. Sonnenberg when he let Parker in), he grabbed her, threw her down, and began choking her while unzipping his pants and ripping at her clothes...his plan was to rape her. Apparently Parker did not realize that Mr. Sonnenberg's call to 911 had gone through because he was in the midst of raping this defenseless, frail, unarmed woman when the police arrived and pulled him off her.

Parker was taken into custody, no shots fired, unfortunately.  If Mr. Sonnenberg had only had a handgun at the ready when he opened the door.  I opine this and then hesitate putting that sentiment out there when I remember what Theodore Wafer is going through right now.  What if he had just opened the door and let Renisha McBride in, called 911, maybe she would be alive...or what if Mr. Sonnenberg had just shot this worthless excuse for a human being dead, rather than let him in his house. Two very different outcomes but still no sense to be made of either scenario, no real lesson to be learned.  To help or not to help a person banging at your door, in need of human compassion...that is the question.  The answers are confusing.  In the Renisha McBride case Theodore Wafer was lambasted for not "helping" a young black woman in distress at 4:30 am who was drunk and trying to kick down the sleeping man's door.
When Ebony covers the story of Mr. Sonnenberg, I'll post it here as an update.

Police at first tried to connect the shooting to a drug deal gone bad. The family quickly corrected police and reporters saying Parker and Sonnenberg never met.  Sonnenberg has never had a record of any kind.  Parker on the other hand, is a repeat violent offender who has been repeatedly released by the Minnesota court system.  He was on felony probation for violence and has had numerous other felonies including shooting at a public vehicle and throwing bodily fluids or feces.  Other charges on his record indicate drug and trespassing convictions.  Could this be the reason the police tried to make Mr. Sonnenberg look like a participant rather than a victim?  Make them look better, the victim look bad?  I can't say either would surprise me in the least in this day and fucked up age.

If only Mr. Sonnenberg had been availed of a weapon. 

Facebook comment on Mr. Sonnenberg's daughter's facebook
Rachel also posted a news story about her father's murder, to which one friend responded:
Michelle XXXX: Everything they said is true!A very good man!This family took me in off the streets when I was a teenager.So so sorry! 

Here is the 20 year old coward THUG, Devon Parker, who felt it his place to snuff out the life of a 69 year old unarmed Veteran, father, grandfather, and husband.  I've included photos of his mother who "liked" several of Devon's gang-related facebook pictures.
Popular Pic among idiot criminals 

Family portrait, that's mama, Sidney Tate , in the middle

I can't say for sure, but guessing NOT his VISA

Sidney Tate: "look @ momma Man wit his ugly self" 


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