Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Miley Cyrus needs a Xanax Lick

Miley Cyrus needs to grab a xanax and take a seat...not caring what people think of YOU is one thing....something I totally relate to...but you cross a line when you yell "murderer" in a crowded theater.

Whoaaaaa..."This "better not be true"?  Look who's getting way too big for her panda pull-ups!  Or what baby girl?  You gonna tweet something else even more defamatory?

When you step away from the crack pipe, lick the pages of the dictionary to the one that defines "defamation".

I think my friend George Zimmerman would probably settle at $10.00 per each Twitter follower you tweeted this wholly untrue statement out to, and $5.00 for every time it was retweeted.  Sounds reasonable to me. Being a dumb 20 year old hillbilly is no excuse for telling millions of people shit you know nothing about.  Ignorance will cost you money ... and apparently hot guys, what the hell were you thinking?

P.S. Your body looks like a malnourished 12 year old - eat a muffin.