Friday, February 7, 2014

Those Wild and Wonderful Johnsons of Valdosta - Kenyetta Johnson

Kenyetta Johnson, the sister of Kendrick Johnson is jet-setting now and thanking God for all her good fortune.  A source close to the case told me a couple of days ago that the family is bullying  the kids on Facebook that they say are suspects Kendrick Johnson death. This stems from an investigation by some little known writer by the name of Fred Rosen.  The family is wanting to win something (money), so much they would railroad two white children who have air-tight alibis for the time that Kendrick Johnson would have died.  This family never let common  sense, common courtesy, couth, or pesky facts stand in their way.

Jackie Johnson, mother of Kendrick Johnson
Kendrick's death was ruled an accident, but the family is pushing for that cause of death to be changed to homicide. With a homicide ruling they can file civil suits (see family of Jordan Davis), and supplement their donation income.  I know, it sounds crass, but just like the Trayvon Martin's all fun and games until they start their engines.

Benjamin Crump threatens to sue State of Georgia (with New Black Panthers in tow)

Kenyetta is no stranger to bullying and making wild assumptions. Leave those kids alone Kenyetta, your brother's death was an accident.

R.I.P. Kendrick Johnson - I'm sorry your family is acting like you are the lottery and they are demanding their winnings.

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