Sunday, February 9, 2014

Family of Kendrick Johnson bullying parents of white children - State of Georgia does nothing

Kendrick Johnson's brothers
"....parents are afraid to speak out about the intimidation because of the Johnson family and their supporters.”

A few days ago I wrote a blog about the sister of Kendrick Johnson and rumors of bullying she was involved in.  Not only Kenyetta Johnson, but most of the Johnson family are targeting a boy they are accusing of "murdering" Kendrick Johnson (click link for more information about this case and comments from the former President of the NAACP).

Today a new article from the Valdosta Times addresses the issue:

"....Karen Bell said, her sons are being falsely accused and bullied on social network sites, causing them anguish and concern for their safety.

She said her oldest son, 18, was forced to quit his job at a local grocery store in November after Twitter users posted online that they knew where he worked.

She said her youngest son, 16, the target of most of the online threats, was harassed at school by students who identified themselves as gang members, saying they were “going to kick his ass.” Bell said this son used to be a social butterfly but now stays home most nights to avoid the risk of being attacked.
Due to's low bar for fact checking, the Bells were under even more scrutiny after a November article in which Fred Rosen was allowed to libel the Bell family.

UPDATE:  Just saw this SCUM Rosen on Brian's twitter timeline trying to get chummy with him.  I'm literally sick to my stomach reading it.  Like a twisted pedophile grooms a child.  Please tell me again why Obama's appointee State's Attorney Michael Moore can't (won't) do anything about this HARASSMENT...

There is a facebook page "Real Justice Now" that posts pictures and rampant accusations involving the Bell brothers.  The site is run by a group of people who were allowed to libel George Zimmerman for two years and counting, contributing to the ruination of his life. The article talks about a fight, which was really a scuffle, between one of the brothers and Kendrick.  They were actually friends, according to this Valdosta article, and laughed about the altercation on the bus.

Although this article does not address them directly, the family of Kendrick Johnson is also involved in the bullying.  Jackie Johnson owns a facebook page herself where she implicates the older Bell brother.  Cyberbullying and libel, pure and simple.
 “These people throw out these allegations to see what it sticks to, but it’s our right not to be accused of murder,” said Bell. “These bullies are naming names and pointing fingers at people who had nothing to do with anything.”
Bell said she does not understand how individuals can bully, harass and accuse her children of murder on social networks without being held responsible for their actions.
Bell has reported the harassment to the sheriff’s office, and Jason Ferguson, the attorney representing Bell’s youngest son, formally requested that U.S. Attorney Moore investigate the threats since federal law prohibits transmitting threats via the Internet.
“We were advised that the United States Attorney’s Office does not have an investigative arm and would simply forward our request to the FBI. So far, I am not aware of any law-enforcement agency taking any steps to look into this,” said Ferguson.
The following is heartbreaking - these bullies are performing a shakedown on this poor family and the entire state of Georgia.  They are harassing an FBI agent's family, and even he can't do anything about it because he might lose his job.  How the hell does that make sense?  Who is running the FBI?  Never mind.  I want Mrs. Bell to know she and her family have support outside of Valdosta.
“These bullies get a pass because everyone they have accused has cowered,” said Bell. “They say everyone is involved in a coverup. Teachers cannot speak up about how they’ve been harassed, my husband can’t speak up and be a dad because of his job and parents are afraid to speak out about the intimidation because of the Johnson family and their supporters.
I'd be willing to bet that the Bell family thinks George Zimmerman is a cold blooded killer and that Trayvon Martin was just a child trying to get home.  Welcome to George's world Mrs. Bell and the world of his supporters who have been vilified for speaking out.

You will find that supporters of these shakedowns are mean, uneducated, and too broke to give a damn if they are sued for libel.  You will also find that they are cowards with keyboards.  Most don't have transportation and can't leave home anyway due to their ankle accessory.  99% would run from your sons, soiling themselves as they go.  Please don't let them ruin your life by giving in to their sixth grade bullying tactics, they are just not worth it.  Your friends and family know who you are, they are the ones who count.  One of the bullies I see harassing all the time lives in Canada... she is mentally unstable but will likely not show up at your door.  She is only a danger to unsuspecting animals and herself.

 We need laws that will land these bottom dwellers in jail...until then, take as many screenshots as possible and ignore what they are saying...they don't matter anyway.   


  1. Label George Zimmerman?!?! who the fk runs this site and writes these articles. It just as misleading as the original news stories. All of the articles pulls blame from white folks and focuses it the group of victims. You use the same sources as the newsroom just have a different outcome to the situation. Like Ryan Singleton, I was Ryan's manager up to the day he died, he worked for me that summer he went missing. I read your article on him and it was ridiculous...more unanswered questions..then you quote law enforcement as if they aren't human and can lie are just as mush an idiot as CNN, FOX, MSNBC...

  2. Were you his manager in the escort or talent business...there were two.

  3. Karen Bell you idiot! Your boys are done :)

  4. I question the education level of the author of this content. This is trash. Report facts and not your feelings because you banged a Bell Brother, sir. @Brian_Bell32 tweeted about his crime that "night", and so did other students. They tweeted him accolades and hoorahs, which he proudly accepted. I'm not saying that the other student "KJ" had a clean background, but just put the whole truth out there. Just imagine if someone had to write about your "White Trash Beautiful" life ... what type of dirt they could kick up.

    Next time, keep your generalizing comments to yourself and none will be directed towards you.


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