Friday, February 14, 2014

“I'm bleeding to death, I'm going to die.. Y’all didn’t have to shoot him.”

Man holds girlfriend hostage at knife point, girlfriend screams for help, police arrive, man is told by police to drop his weapon, man refuses, police fire shots as man lifts knife to stab girlfriend in her chest, man drops knife, girlfriend is wounded in the arm.....see it all, caught on tape...and read the rest of the story,  you really can't make this stuff up...

The headlines read "Ex Player for the New York Giants shot by cops.

First of all, "[Jermaine] Green was un-drafted by the NFL, but did land on the New York Giants roster in 2004, however he never played for the Giants "

Somehow the fact that Green "almost played" in the NFL deserves more recognition than the fact that he is a repeat violent offender (23 arrests), who was shot while holding a knife to his girlfriend's chest.  

Rewound Headline:  Repeat offender, Jermaine Green, shot while holding a 12" blade to his girlfriend's chest

Dramatic video released by Florida police shows cops shooting Jermaine Green as he holds a knife to his girlfriend’s chest.  The footage, released Thursday and filmed by cameras mounted on the cops’ uniforms, shows them kicking in the door of the Daytona Beach home on Sept. 25.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking??

Yep, even with the video showing the officers saved her life:
City preps for lawsuit by woman accidentally shot by police: An attorney representing a woman accidentally shot by Daytona Beach police has asked for the city’s insurance limits, but stopped short of saying whether a lawsuit was forthcoming. [link]

Will Benjamin Crump show up soon? What might he say?

If bullshit were music, Benjamin Crump would be a brass band
"Cops busted down this couple's door, pushed them into a bedroom and shot them both for not answering they door."
Who would do the majority of reporting on the case?  Victor Blackwell, of course...what might he say?

"Sources tell me that this much beloved ex-NFL  player was no threat to officers or his girlfriend.  Green was shot in the the buttocks as he was trying to escape the angry officers.  MANY shots were fired at the couple while they lay on their bedroom floor begging for their lives.  Their cries, sources say, were ignored.  Several observers want to know how Katrina could have been in danger if she was yelling at the police to stop shooting...and they ask why cops would shoot Ms Johnson if she were in danger from Johnson.  This community wants answers.  Al Sharpton will be in town for a rally this weekend to support the family and to demand Jermaine Green be released from jail.  The family says they have set up a facebook where donations can be made."
You know I'm right, there would be no mention of a knife or Katrina screaming for "help".  If the knife were mentioned it would be to say the Police planted it.  

 Five minutes after the officers stopped her violent boyfriend from plunging a knife into her chest, potentially saving her life, the victim is heard yelling at police

"Y'all didn't have to shoot him!"

I'm not sure at all what she believes in her misguided mind would have been a good alternative to shooting Jermaine - and not to kill, mind you.  Police asked him MANY times to put the knife down.  In a later article the family spoke to reporters....

wait for it.....

Green's family was also in court. Even after watching the video, they told Channel 9 they still believe the officers didn't have to shoot Green.
"What if he would have stabbed her?" asked Channel 9's Blaine Tolison.
"He wouldn't have," said Green's cousin, Andrew Harper. "He wouldn't have. Like my auntie said, 'If he really wanted to kill that girl, he could have killed her before they even got on the scene.'"[link Jermaine Green denied bail]
"Green’s criminal history shows 24 previous arrests for charges ranging from, Criminal Mischief to Possession of Cocaine, Battery, Fleeing or Attempting to Elude a Police Officer, and Aggravated Assault on a Police Officer.
Green’s on and off girlfriend Katrina Johnson, was arrested back in March of 2013, for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon."

Mugshots of victim, Katrina Johnson

.Updates will be posted as they become available....