Saturday, February 22, 2014

Grand jury takes no action in Merritt Landry case

"NEW ORLEANS —An Orleans Parish grand jury didn't return anything Thursday in the case against a Marigny homeowner who shot a teen intruder in the head in July 2013.

Merritt Landry, 33, was arrested and accused of second-degree attempted murder in the shooting of 14-year-old Marshall Coulter.
Police said the teen climbed a fence into Landry's yard in the 700 block of Mandeville Street at 2 a.m. on July 26. Landry fired once at Coulter, striking him in the head.
The grand jury didn't take any action in the case as it convened on Thursday. The grand jury meets in six-month cycles.
Thursday's inaction doesn't mean the case is closed. It could be in the hands of another grand jury later on, legal analyst Robert Jenkins told WDSU." [Link]
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Marshall Coulter, the young man shot by Landry, suffered a head injury, but no reports of brain damage.  Not much is being reported about his recovery.

Other interesting updates since this case broke:

Protests were conducted by both for, and against freeing Landry.  Some in attendance said the numbers for each side were pretty even but most of the protesters were white.
An anti-Landry protester yells at the pro-Landry protesters, declaring (among other things) that vigilantism is racist and their public support of him is perpetuation of violence.

Questions arise about judge's ties to family of Marigny shooter [video]
The Judge once represented a member of Landry's family in a drug case.
Landry has been suspended from his job until further notice - a fund has been set up to help him in the meantime.

Merritt Landry and family
If you would like to donate to a fund set up for Merritt Landry by his friend, Matt Parson (verified) you may do so here:

More about the Merritt Landry case:

Aug 03, 2013
The media is already working on the Merritt Landry/Marshall Coulter narrative. Not one person in this video was at the Landry house at 2:00 am when Landry shot the teen intruder. They have no idea whether or not Mr. Landry ...

David Coulter, brother of Marshall Coulter
Re-NewsIt!: David Coulter, brother of Marshall Coulter - Re-newsit Exclusive - includes disturbing video of David Coulter (above)
Jul 31, 2013
Marshall Coulter, 14, was shot in the head at 2:00 am in the morning after he climbed the fence of homeowner Merritt Landry of Marigny, Louisiana. Landry heard his dogs barking in the middle of the night, when he looked ...