Sunday, February 9, 2014

Say it proud and say it loud "WE ARE TRAYVON"!

Chris Brown identifies with Trayvon....I can see that

Who are Trayvon Martin Supporters (mostly on Twitter and Facebook due to ankle restraints)?.  How do they react when they perceive disrespect or an affront....or when they just don't care for your opinion?
These two know first hand

Please be aware that foul language follows...hide your children....
UPDATE: Melissa has deactivated her account as @kimberjones2  which is why the Screenshots.  Smart move Mel.
aka Melissa York Burgess aka American Perth aka Lexinellii (two "i's")
 More from Melissa:
@OkieVision @VP_Renewsit @BoysLoveMeLots Your logic is sketchy, quite the fan of the syllogistic fallacy. Go look it up, pedo whore.

It does not get much better than the special kind of hypocrisy practiced by Trayvon Martin Supporters

Melissa as @AmericaninPerth:
Then there is the faux attorney who is really a file clerk, MS:
To Trayvon Supporters like Judy and Melissa, the fact that "cunt" is a derogatory reference to a female is meaningless...but the "N" word offends their sensibilities. I've never used the "N" word on Twitter (or at all), except when I quoted Rachel Jeantel. I don't use it or say it because it sounds as ignorant and low bred as "cunt" and "whore" when referring to women. 

Last word for these folks?

To be continued...