Friday, February 21, 2014

Alfred Wright Update February 21, 2014

New Black Panther Party member in front of Sabine County courthouse

Who Is Alfred Wright? 6 Facts To Know About Texas Physical Therapist's Mysterious Death
Wright was traveling to treat a patient when his truck broke down close to a convenience store outside of Hephill, Texas, reports KHOU. He called his wife Lauren Wright for help, alerting her that the truck was having problems and he needed someone to pick him up. After contacting his parents – who agreed to pick Wright up -- Alfred’s wife called him back on the phone. “And that’s when I heard the heavy breathing, the respiratory distress of some kind. It was very heavy breathing and I just could sense that something wasn’t right," she told KHOU.
Wright’s parents showed up to pick up their son, only to find the truck abandoned and no sign of him. The Sabine County Sherriff’s Office initially conducted a search for the missing man. But it wasn’t until weeks after the search was called off that family members located his body. Read More
The Alfred Wright case seems to be following the Grievance Industry playbook exactly as laid out:
  • Sheriff is being asked to step down
  • DA is asked to recuse himself
  • Second Autopsy
  • Sheriff has a relative who is deemed suspicious in the case
  • Accusations of Corruption and Cover-up
  • A black Congresswoman, Sheila Jackson Lee has become involved and has written a letter to Eric Holder asking for the DOJ to become involved
  • Civil Right's (Quanel X) leader blows into town spouting misinformation in order to ignite racial tension
  • Anderson Cooper does a segment reporting anything given to him w/o fact checking
  • Jane Velez Mitchell gives her uniformed, fact deprived opinion
  • Black online author/radio personality writes an article (below), filled with few solid facts and lots of racial overtures:
For these reasons I suspect a hoax is brewing...otherwise let the investigation be completed before trying to bring a civil suit against the County of Sabine, Texas.

In the video below, the new black panthers and the leader of the National Black United Front, Kofi Taharka, stood outside the Sabine County Courthouse in Sabine, Texas to protest the investigation into Alfred Wright's death...Kofi lead them in song:

"Revolution has come
Time to pick up the gun"

Kofi states, "Self defense, all human beings have the right to self defense".

This is interesting since supporters of the NBPP are for gun control and making self defense laws obsolete.  See: Benjamin Crump, Rev. Al Sharpton, Barrack Obama.

My intention, before writing this blog today, was to simply update readers on the progress, or lack thereof, in the Alfred Wright case, but finding updates is almost impossible due to having to wade through the usual left-leaning rhetoric.

The following article is filled with lots of information, most we already knew (fact or fiction), and a few (new), added embellishments to incite the black reader.

Alfred Wright's wife Lauren Wright was the last person he spoke with on the night he went missing. He had called to tell her his truck had broken down and he needed someone to come get him. Twitter/KLTV

Alfred Wright Murder Case Intensifies: A Call for Justice for Jasper Man who had Throat Slit, Tongue Cut Out and Eyes Gouged
Several new major developments have occurred since the family demanded that Sherriff Tom Maddox, Texas Ranger Danny Young and the Sabine County Sherriff’s Department be investigated for their role in what they believe has been a massive cover-up. According to family members, no law enforcement officials have interviewed any of Wright’s family members; the search party members who located and found his body; his friends or closest associates; and have yet to even get prints from his truck that had stalled on the day of his disappearance.

The family met with U.S. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, for over three hours to request she help get U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and the U.S. Department of Justice and its Civil Rights and FBI units to take over the investigation. The Justice Department decided to take over the case, after receiving a letter from Congresswoman Jackson Lee, who is a Senior Member of the House Judiciary and Homeland Security Committees.
Since that announcement by the Justice Department, Sabine County District Attorney J. Kevin Dutton, who had been visibly absent concerning the Wright case, ‎was asked to recuse himself to "avoid any appearance of impropriety" in the face of "allegations against the sheriff," who is a friend, according to a statement from Dutton’s office.
Also from the above article:
"As the demonstration began, several individuals, including a gentleman who many residents identified as a White supremacist, began spewing racist rhetoric and vulgarities at the protestors and even confronted Quanell X face-to-face. Law enforcement officials had to come over and escort the man away."
I am told by the Sheriff's department that they did not know the individuals affiliation to any group, so the "white supremacist" incident did not happen. Two men who were insulting the people singing for a call to arms were escorted off the property.  I tried to get more information from them about the case in order to separate the truth from the fiction, but because this is an ongoing investigation, no luck.  The Sheriff's department told me to call the Texas Rangers, which I did, but I've yet to receive a call back.  I need a Leigh Touchton in Sabine County!

The first autopsy stated there was a drug overdose - the family contends he did not do drugs even though his wife told authorities, at the onset of the investigation, that Alfred did do drugs.  Everyone needs answers in this case but with the DOJ involved there is no telling how many months it will take to find them.

More on Alfred Wright Case
Jan 17, 2014
During a press conference in Beaumont Friday morning, a Houston forensic pathologist hired to perform a second autopsy on Alfred Wright's body, said that she disagrees with the preliminary findings from the first official ...