Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Same Scenario as Zimmerman - Vastly Different Outcome

Today I updated the story of Thomas Sonnenberg who was killed in his home by Devon Parker.

UPDATE: February 3, 2014: According to the latest news story, Devon Parker killed Thomas Sonnenberg with Sonnenberg's own gun.
After her husband called police, she heard Parker ask him for a gun, knife, hat and gloves. She then heard a gunshot.
Parker came out of the kitchen and ordered the woman to the floor. He choked her with his hands and held a gun to her head, according to the complaint. She said the gun belonged to her husband, and that he always carried it on his hip.
Parker had the woman go upstairs to lock them in the bedroom, according to the complaint. When police arrived, they went downstairs.
Officers later recovered Sonnenberg's revolver underneath the bed in the upstairs bedroom.
This case now has much in common with the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case:
Both assailants were young men, 17 and 20, and were black
Both victims, men 28 & 69, were white
Both victims were armed when attacked
Both assailants were unarmed
Both assailants attempted to take the gun away from their victim

That's where the commonality ends because:
One victim was successful in holding onto his weapon, shooting his assailant, Trayvon Martin.  The media skewers the victim and serves him up as fodder for the angry mobs.  He is eventually charged with murder and jailed, twice. His life is now ruined while the assailant's family are still, after two years, banking on their son's inability to take George Zimmerman's gun.

The other victim, Mr. Sonnenberg, was unsuccessful in holding onto his weapon and was murdered with it by his assailant. What is the media saying about this case?

I can say with 100% certainty that had Mr. Sonnenberg killed Devon Parker in self-defense he would be facing not only a murder charge, but a possible added hate crime charge and the media would be all over it.  We would, once again, be having "the talk".