Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Kayleigh Slusher, three, raped, beaten, and left lying dead while mother flees with boyfriend

3 Year old Kayleigh Slusher
Kayleigh Slusher, an innocent, unarmed, helpless three year old was sexually assaulted, beaten, and (allegedly), murdered by her mother and her mother's aryan brotherhood boyfriend, then stuffed into a freezer. Kayleigh's father is in prison.  San Quentin.

NAPA (CBS SF) — A Napa mother and her boyfriend arrested for allegedly killing the woman’s 3-year-old daughter told arresting officers they kept the girl’s body in a suitcase in a freezer for three days before later placing the body on a bed and fleeing, according to a police report.
The Napa County District Attorney’s Office Tuesday afternoon charged Sara Lynn Krueger Napa and Ryan Scott Warner with the murder and deadly assault Kayleigh Slusher in their Napa apartment.
Scott Warner - this is what a mother allowed around her 3 YO baby

Sara Krueger and Scott Warner 
 Kayleigh suffered blunt force trauma and appeared to have been sexually assaulted, Peecook said.
Napa police Capt. Jeff Troendly said Tuesday afternoon that Krueger and Warner told police investigators they kept Kayleigh’s body in a freezer before they put it on a bed in the apartment and left.
Precious Kayleigh Slusher - there's always something in the eyes of an abused child, even when they're smiling

Krueger and Warner were seen leaving the apartment with luggage around 10 a.m. Saturday. Neither one had a car and attempts by police to contact them by cellphone were unsuccessful, Peecook said.
 Between June 2012 and Saturday, there were 14 calls for service at the apartment, Troendly said. The calls were about unwanted or suspicious people at the apartment, vandalism, petty theft and harassing phone calls but not for violence. [Link]
This happens four to five times a day, every day, and most of the time because stupid women make deadly choices that a child has absolutely no say in.  Beautiful, helpless, innocent little humans who have no rights, no voice, no protection, just bad luck when dumped into their pre-destined hell.

Rest in Peace Angel