Thursday, July 4, 2013

Trayvon Martin and the Fantasy his Mama Embraces

Unless Trayvon had grifter in him, he would not be happy with how he has been portrayed for the past 16 months.

Trayvon was working hard on an image in the months before his death - likely longer, but I can only comment on information I have available, and there's plenty at this point.  If the Judge would let in this text message that Trayvon wrote to a friend or family, not sure, this case would be over.  Even Sybrina did not want Trayvon home because of his fighting.  So how does she maintain this indignance at the  very suggestion her son may have started the fight?

I am constantly slammed for my criticism of Sybrina and Tracy - mostly Sybrina, and I will tell you why I feel such disdain for her as a mother at this point - her fantasy of who Trayvon was has ruined a man's life.  She has gone along with the manufactured Trayvon because, in my opinion,  it makes her feel  better as a mother - sort of like a do-over.  In this manufactured fantasy world, Sybrina had a good teenager, an honor student on his way to college who enjoyed riding his bike, sports, fried chicken and video games.  He loved children (this I do not doubt at all), and his goal every day was to make his cupcake smile.  He volunteered at the football stands with his dad every day after school.  Whether the latter is true or not, I don't know.  I do know that the coach, Jerome Horton, who went along with this story should never have been allowed around minor children.  More on him later.

When Trayvon died a four or five line obituary for him appeared in the local Miami  newspaper on March 3, 2012, two days before the publicist was hired.

Just a blip with very few details.  On the day it was written I honestly believe both Tracy and Sybrina were crushed and beyond consolation that they lost Trayvon, and felt the scenario of Trayvon's death was plausible and likely accurate.  I don't think they were up in arms with SPD calling for George's arrest.  Tracy called juvenile detention and the Sheriff's department the next morning before he called SPD to put in a missing person's report.  He said he called the first two to see if Trayvon had been picked up.  Of course he only said this once during an early interview and thereafter the first two calls were never mentioned again.  So Tracy knew who Trayvon was as well.  A juvenile delinquent who was looking for trouble and probably found it.  

Trayvon had been kicked out of Sybrina's house three times, and suspended from school three times - both in as many months.  He was caught:

  • Fighting (violent)
  • Carrying jewelry and a burglary tool w/o explanation of who they belonged to, he refused to say (defiant)
  • In possession of marijuana and a pipe at school (disregard of rules)
  • On school cameras sneaking around and tagging lockers with WTF (sneaky)
  • Carried illegal drugs hidden on his person on public transportation (sneaky)
Sybrina didn't want to think she had sent her son off to be with his father, either because she couldn't handle him or to get him out of her hair, and he ended up dead.  I get being a single mother and needing a break - I sent my own child to her father's when I needed one - if she had ended up dead on his watch I would feel like a pile of seething dog poop.  The thing is though, she  kicked him out at Christmas.  Your kid has to be more than just troubled for you to want them out of your house at Christmas, especially "a child".  So my common sense tells me he was being really bad - he had done something so detestable she couldn't even be around him - or might have even been scared to be around him - the last part of that sentence is pure conjecture on my part, but it had to be more than being tardy at school.  If you think a mother being afraid of her son is absurd, read about a classmate of Trayvon's who killed his  mother.

On the other hand, according to Alicia Stanley Martin, Tracy's wife at the time of Trayvon's death, Tracy used to pick Trayvon up from Sybrina when he was sick so they could take care of him.  That is also very strange and foreign to me as a mother.  Even today, with my child a grown adult, I worry about her when she is the extent she usually tells me she's fine so I don't bug her.  When she lived with me I drove her nuts when she was sick - checking on her, taking her temperature, feeding her, kissing her forehead.  Maybe I'm over-protective, distinct possibility.  

So, in this blogger's opinion, Sybrina heard what happened to Trayvon, the circumstances surrounding his death, and, at first, she accepted it because the scenario was not out of the realm of possibility given Trayvon's recent history with violence.  She never even traveled to Sanford until after the civil rights lawyers with an agenda showed up with their publicist, Ryan Julison.  Again, if it were me and I thought some vigilante, wanna be cop had shot my innocent little boy in the dark and in the rain, and in cold blood, you could not keep me out of the police department.  I'd be there and at someone's desk demanding answers as fast as my car could get me there.  I would honestly be so irate at the person who did it I would be at his doorstep if he had not been arrested.  It's a mother thing.  However, if I know my child would have assaulted someone because he was mad or wanted to rob him (my belief), I'd probably wait for the complete investigation.  Then I would contact the parents of the young man my son attacked and apologize to them. Oh stuff the "but he was following him".  Sybrina would not scoff at the idea her son might have looked suspicious to someone at the Retreats condos - he'd been suspended three times for doing what he could have been up to that night.  A publicist concocted the innocent little boy scared for his life story.  Reality - it is what it is.

Anyway, it is not like I'm wildly grasping at straws here and catching random and crazy ideas free flowing from my back side  - there's all manner of documentation I am using as a foundation for how I see this situation.  Not media reports, Trayvon's own words and actions.

On February 27, Tracy goes to the police station, listens to the 911 call and immediately, in a quiet voice, says "no" to the question from the detective "is that your son".  Tracy knew it wasn't and he knew the scenario laid out by detectives and eye-witnesses was likely authentic.  He also knew who Trayvon was, who Trayvon wanted to be.  Tracy had been dealing with his son's bad behaviour and lying since at least 2010.  All kids lie, I know that, and boys will be boys, I know that too.  Trayvon started doing things that were beyond boys will be boys though, and Tracy knew it.  Why else would he go home and go to sleep knowing Trayvon had gone to 711 and never returned?  Trayvon's coach, Jerome Horton, said in an interview that Trayvon had called his dad begging him to let him go to the store - his dad finally agreed.  Why did he have to beg his dad to walk to the store?  And why if Tracy was so against it, did he not worry like hell when Trayvon didn't make it home?  Makes no sense.  Tracy's story is that he called the cousin to see if they had gone to the movies - the cousin didn't answer so Tracy blew it off until the next morning and called him again.  Come on, really?  You go to the cousin's house if he doesn't answer when your child is missing after four, five, six, seven, eight hours.  You DO NOT go to bed for eight hours.  Makes NO sense, not when you are a parent.  Tracy went to bed because, in my opinion, he had no idea where Trayvon was because Trayvon never asked to go to the store in the first place, he just went.  Chad Johnson, Brandi's son, didn't know Trayvon so he could have cared less where Trayvon was or if he was coming back.  
Brandy: “He don’t know anybody here. He just came down here, he was bored, so he walked to the store. He was on his way back home. I’m living down here. He was sitting on the porch and this man killed him.
This was said by Brandi before the detectives told them the complete story.  For some reason she thought Trayvon was sitting on the porch.  Many believe this is because Trayvon dropped something off on the porch (pot? He had a lighter in his pocket), and went back for Zimmerman. Remember Rachel said he was by his daddy's fiance's house - her house was 70 yds from where the altercation took place.  Both Tracy and Brandi would know, if true.

So, Tracy goes to the police station, resolves himself that his son had assaulted a guy and was shot - he could not have thought otherwise when he heard the screams and knew it was not his son screaming, it had to be the victim.  He makes arrangements for Trayvon's body to be released.  Sybrina grieves the loss of her son back in Miami Gardens.  Life will go on....that is until the civil rights lawyers with an agenda to abolish the stand your ground law and make some extra money on a civil suit gets wind of the story in their local paper.  In March of 2012 I was watching one of the news entertainment shows - for the life of me I can't remember which one, but I think it was CNN and Soledad was the interviewer.  She was interviewing either Parks or Roland Martin - whomever it was I remember he was black and heavy.  He was telling the interviewer he had been looking through the paper (I can see his acting out turning pages), when he saw this story.  He said it had all the elements they were looking for - I do not recall what he said those elements were, but he said they contacted the attorneys.

The detectives were doing their investigation, interviewing witnesses, taking statements, and doing reenactments of the crime when they suddenly started running into walls where the family and witnesses were concerned.  Suddenly the little boy who saw George lying in the grass asking for help, could not be reached.  His mother hired an attorney, an ex-employee of Benjamin Crump, and refused to talk to detectives for three days.  Other witnesses changed their stories, Tracy refused to give information about Trayvon's cell phone to police - he said he had to talk to his attorney first.  Until March 20, the cell records for Trayvon's phone were not made available to police.  

Another obituary was submitted to be published, one like I don't ever remember seeing  before.  It was as if a beloved and established celebrity had died.

The narrative for a Stand Your Ground case to use at Congressional hearings and in the media had begun.  The opposition to the SYG law, and a very interesting explanation of the initial agenda by the Martin Lawyers: Conservative Treehouse.  So the narrative was a young boy was shot because the vigilante had no legal responsibility to retreat.  The lawyers for the Martin's would say, many times, this was a shoot first, ask questions later law.  The sweet, innocent, and unarmed little boy was shot in cold blood by a racist (added for the lawsuits), wannabe cop.  Stand Your Ground laws were to blame - Tracy and Sybrina do separate PSA's about the law and how it must be changed. 

The media took hold of this for about a little while, but no arrest was made.  The Sanford PD and the DA were not going to file charges, the evidence did not justify charges - George, they felt, had acted in self defense.  The black police association tried to pressure Serino, and he wrote three different reports, and then was demoted to beat cop/midnight shit.  They needed more - they needed a bombshell.  After three weeks Attorney Crump demanded the 911 tapes and after receiving them, created the bombshell that turned the US on it's ear - the 16 year old girlfriend of Trayvon Martin had been identified as the last person to talk to Trayvon and her story was heartbreaking and riveting.  She had to be hospitalized because she was so distraught over Trayvon's death.  Sixteen months and millions of dollars made from advertising on all the major channels later, we find out all three of these "facts" were fabrications.  According to the Martin family attorneys, this got an arrest so the lies were justified. Certian unethical members of the media, hand-picked, I'm sure, helped the narrative along (and to this day, this one still does):
Sunny Hostin: “…he was allowed to leave the police station with the very clothes that he had on during the shooting. So there is no forensic evidence that can be gathered from his clothing.” LINK
How did they get the witnesses, like Mary Cutcher, Selma Mora, and others at the Retreat at Twin Lakes to go along with this narrative?  They were told by the Martin lawyers that Trayvon was a little boy - the publicist had a memorial erected with Trayvon's picture from his birthday in 2009, as if it were recent.  No one at the condos knew Trayvon, they had no idea what he looked like or what sort of teenager he was.  The lawyers were telling them he was an innocent, unarmed little boy, just making his way in the dark back to his daddy's house when their gung-ho NWC chased him down like a dog and killed him.  They said he was a racist, a child molester, a cold blooded killer.  The residents of the community didn't know any better.  Some may have seen Trayvon's body, but not up close.  What they saw in front of their community for over a year:

Back in Miami Gardens everyone continued with their lives as usual after it happened.  I've seen twitter feeds of Trayvon's friends from February and early March of 2012 - most simply tweeted, RIP Trayvon.  One girl  asked what he had gotten himself into now.  See, his friends knew him, they knew he got into trouble a lot.  Three suspensions in 1/2 school year, by anyone's standards, is a lot.

All of this changed when Al Sharpton rode into town and started holding rallies.  Even with his reputation for hoaxes, they followed him - they cried "no justice, no peace" and they marched and even trashed a pharmacy for the hell of it.  The media saw $$$$ signs.  They latched onto the story and ran with it 24/7 until George Zimmerman was fearing for his life and his family had to go into hiding.  He was wanted, dead or alive, by the New Black Panthers.  America was being fed a story that was completely made up, complete with old pictures of both Trayvon and George. Tracy Martin absolutely excelled at spewing forth the narrative - it got better and better with each re-telling:
“He  (Detective Serrino), told me Zimmerman’s story was that Zimmerman was of course following him and that Trayvon approached his vehicle, walked up to the car and asked Zimmerman, ‘Why are your following me?’ Zimmerman then rolls his car windows down, tells Trayvon ‘I’m not following you.’ He rolls his car windows up." Link  
That came out of left field, huh? On 3/16, after meeting with police and after the police telling the family there was only one shot, Natalie Jackson, one of the shyster family lawyers, makes this statement to move the American people to even more heartbreak and outrage:
Lawyers Natalie Jackson and Benjamin Crump insisted then that they could hear two shots on one 911 call, a warning shot and a kill shot, and that that proved Zimmerman was a murderer.“You hear a shot, a clear shot then you hear a 17-year-old boy begging for his life then you hear a second shot,” Natalie Jackson said. LINK
She will say she thought there were two shots, but that is an obvious lie - everyone knew there was just one shot by 3/16, especially family lawyers...unless they are imbeciles ---- wait...

If you publicly decried the narrative, you were a racist and you hated children.  Trust me, these things have been said to me countless times.  I've even had Trayvon supporters call a foundation that I am on the board for abused children and a job they thought I still held.  In both instances the people know me well and blew them off - and asked me to explain the case to them.  I sent them the facts from police reports and witness interviews.  They were then alarmed at what was going on, how could this happen when the information was available to everyone, including the media.  I reminded them of Tawana Brawley and Duke La Crosse, they got it.

Meanwhile, Sybrina and Tracy were blessed with a brand spanking new son - a completely different young man than they had lost on February 26, 2012.  They lost an innocent little boy whose record of violence, obstinance, drug use, and theft was now wiped clean.  They lost him because of George Zimmerman, not because neither of them could be bothered to make him straighten up - to take away his cell phone and his priviledges, to make sure he was not smoking pot or hanging with a cousin trying to sell him a gun.  They no longer had that burden once they started believing their slight young man had been murdered.  Plus, the money was really good and they were meeting all kinds of celebrities.  But at some point humanity and reality rings your bell. When it happens, your freedom to pretend is taken away and you must answer, or you become inhumane, as Sybrina and Tracy have become now, in my opinion.

Tracy visibly laughed in court when he saw this entire scenario crashing down with Rachel's testimony.  She is a loose cannon and says what she wants, when she wants, and she was screwing things up, bad.  Sybrina mouthed to Tracy, at one point, "she's lying". That's pretty rich, no?  So now the US is being threatened by people like Jamie Foxx and no-filter tweeters threatening riots if George is not found guilty.  Even in the face of zero evidence that he is guilty of what he has been charged with, they don't care - the flames of frenzy that have been meticulously fanned for the past 16 months are now a fire out of control.  Only a conviction will be good enough. 

Sybrina is going to testify that the screams she heard on the 911 call were her sons.  Daryl Parks said on TV the other night that Sybrina has heard her son scream many times.  Folks, we know that is complete BS.  Unless Trayvon was a drama mama, she has probably never heard him scream.  I have never heard my daughter screama and my mother said she has never heard any of her kids scream in terror.  She just keeps going and going.  At this point I can't figure out why - is it because her co-workers gave her $45,000 of their own vacation money to pursue this case?  Is it because of the countless TV appearances where she accused George of murdering her son and of being a racist?  Is she not a big enough person to say she was caught up in it all and too embarrassed to turn back?  Whatever her reasons, she will be responsible for any blood that is shed by riots over an acquittal.  How does Sybrina think Gladys Zimmerman feels seeing her son's life being threatened over and over again - it must be horrific - she doesn't deserve to live in fear this way.  We, as a nation, do not deserve to live in fear so that Sybrina can save face.
This Zimmerman shit so AGGY just lock his ass up cause if they don't imma kill a white person and they better let me go—
his main bishhhhh ❤✌ (@carlise_) June 27, 2013
I am still holding out hope Sybrina will do the right thing.  I am holding out hope she will take the stand and tell the truth.  People will understand - but they won't understand more lies, especially after hearing in court that most of what has been said - that she has gone along with, has been lies.  They won't forgive the fact that she trademarked her sons name not even a month after he died.  Who does that?  A publicist - or was it really Sybrina's idea?  Only her testimony will reveal the truth.

Trayvon would probably be insulted by the scenario that has been put forth in the media, by the civil rights attorneys,  and by his friend Rachel Jeantel.  He wanted to be gangsta and he loved his fire ass kush.  He wanted a gun - so much so that his cousin, the one he was supposed to be with the night he was killed, tried to sell him one.  Sybrina and Tracy, knowing their son, must believe the following to be the more likely scenario -  and it is UNFORGIVABLE that they have let George Zimmerman's parents suffer loss of security, their retirement, their home, and the comfort of knowing their own son is safe and will lead a happy life.  UNFORGIVABLE. 

What likely happened:  George was on his way to the store, as he did every Sunday night - friends and receipts prove this.  He was looking around, making sure the neighbors houses were safe and secure when he saw this kid hovering in the dark and in the rain by the condos.  He didn't hit the gas and pull up next to Trayvon, he just observed him for a minute.  When Trayvon continued to walk slowly, looking at the condos, George decided to call the non-emergency number and ask an officer to come and check it out.  Meanwhile Trayvon sees this guy looking at him - not sure why he thought he was looking at just him, George could have been lost and looking for an address for all Trayvon knew - or Trayvon might have been looking for an open window or patio door and thought George suspected him paranoia rather than fear.  Trayvon comes closer to George, checking him out.  George doesn't say a word to Trayvon, he just continues to talk to the dispatcher...even telling him Trayvon is checking him out.  At this point why would Trayvon be afraid of George?  He's a guy on the phone in a car watching Trayvon come toward him.  Scared children don't go toward what they fear, they go away from it.  Then Trayvon takes off through the condos, confirming George's suspicion that the kid might be up to something.  People that live there would just go home and not pay attention to a guy in a car on the phone who was not being at all confrontational.

When Trayvon took off, 70 yards from Brandi Green's house, George got out of his car.  No reason to believe Trayvon saw George get out of the car - Trayvon was nowhere in sight at that point.  Trayvon certainly didn't hear George say "fucking punks" or "these assholes always get away" because George was in his car and Trayvon had taken off.  After two full minutes since he last saw Trayvon, George tells the dispatcher he didn't want to give his address out because he didn't know where the kid was.  How could Trayvon have thought George was a creepy ass cracker chasing him when George was telling the dispatcher Trayvon was gone, but to send someone anyway.  Trayvon had been fighting with Rachel all day.  They had talked about fighting before - he bragged to her about a guy  whose nose he had bloodied, but not enough.  He asked her if she liked to fight - she said she did.  He had told her about another fight where the opponent had gotten the best of him by getting on top of him.  The next time would be different, he said.  So, in my opinion, Trayvon was going to impress Rachel by throwing down on the guy in the car, the one who was now on the sidewalk in front of him.  Rachel probably told Trayvon to kick that cracka's ass - not hard to imagine her being hostile, is it?  So Trayvon waits for George to get off the phone and confronts him.  "What the fuck is your problem?"  "I don't have a problem"  Trayvon punches him before George even knows what was what.  Notice, according to George, "what are you following me for" was not said, not ever.  The lawyers got the "following" verbiage from the non-emergency call.  

George even told Serino during his reenactment that the operator had asked him about following, but he didn't say Trayvon asked him why he was following.  I used to go to an 80% black school and I know that most fights start with a question - "what's your problem" or "what the fuck did you say" when nothing was said, or "you say something to me?".  I was only picked on once but my friend, who was a large black teenager, always took my side, so there was never a fight, but I digress.  Then Trayvon got on top of George - having the advantage that his former opponent had had on him, and started hitting George with his phone.  Remember during the reenactment George said it felt like Trayvon was hitting him with a brick?  Well if Trayvon was using his earbuds to talk to Rachel, his phone was in his pants...just as it was at the 711 when he is seen taking a phone call at the end of his transaction with the clerk.  If his phone was in his pants, then how did it end up just a short distance away from him, disconnected from his earbuds, on the ground?  If he had been hitting George with the phone on his head, the rubber protective case would not have broken the skin and Trayvon's hands would not have been battered.

I feel like they might have found blood/DNA on the phone if they had checked it.  The phone would not come on when the police tried to turn it on. They did not say the battery was dead, just that they couldn't get into it.  All the jarring would have screwed it up, in my opinion.  Trayvon continued to hit George even when John, the eye witness was yelling for them to stop - he was too into it to stop.  When he saw George's gun he must have thought it was Christmas!  He had been wanting one and there it was - he went for it, oh yeah, you are going to die now motherfucker!  George had been screaming for help, hoping a neighbor or the police would hear him - he didn't go for his gun,  that is obvious after 45 seconds of hearing him yell - he only went for his gun when he knew it was either him or the kid beating the hell out of him.  Sadly, it was Trayvon.

Nothing in George's past rises to the level of a vigilante killer.  George carried his gun for protection.  Many do not know that he had been jacked once before at a convenience store.  He carried for protection, not as a weapon against young black boys wandering around in the rain, that is absurd.  George was watching out for criminal element and ended up charged as one.

Trayvon, like many of the 17 year old young men in the neighborhood where he lived was wanting more out of life - he wanted money and he wanted a gun.  Why would he want a gun, do you think?  He wanted to be gangsta.  He didn't care what anyone thought about it either, he wanted it and he was old enough to do what he wanted, according to him.

George, on the other hand, had completely straightened his life out in the past eight years.  He was an A student about to earn a degree.  He had a job, a wife, a car and a home.  He had a good reputation and friends, co-workers, and professors who liked and spoke well of him.  He mentored black kids and fought for the rights of a homeless black man.  George had only a traffic ticket since 2005 when he shoved an undercover cop.  Funny how Trayvon's fighting and drugs are considered normal to the people who consider George a violent person due to that shove when he was only three years older than Trayvon at the time.  Much was made of a comment George had on his Myspace about driving down the street and not hitting Mexicans, yet Trayvon calling George a nigger and a creepy ass cracker was perfectly acceptable - normal for someone from Miami Gardens.  Shake my damned head, right?

Sybrina will take the stand next week and I pray she snaps back to reality.  George is someone's son, Gladys Zimmerman's son.  Gladys knows that is her son screaming for help on the 911 tape.  As a mother she must have felt helpless when she heard it - when she hears it now.  What mother wouldn't?  She couldn't help him and she must be right pissed off that the people who George was willing and proud to protect did NOTHING to help him.  Yet it is not George's mother in the courtroom when the tape is being played, it is Sybrina, sitting there smacking her gum to beat all hell, smirking and rolling her eyes, while George is on trial for his life.  Gladys is shunned from the courtroom because of a corrupt State Attorney that named Trayvon the victim.  I have zero empathy for Sybrina at this point - losing a kid does not render one a saint - your character doesn't change.  I've never been this up close and personal to absolute absence of conscience, and I pray never to see it again.

I realize this is a very long post, but if you have gotten this far, I'd really like feedback.  How long have you followed the case?  Has thee trial changed your mind at all and why.  Have a great July 4th, and be safe.