Tuesday, July 2, 2013

George Zimmerman and "God's Plan"

Today in court we listened to much of the interview George Zimmerman gave on the Sean Hannity Show. There was nothing we haven't heard before. I was actually glad that the jury got to see George at a lighter weight, more like he was when the assault on him by Trayvon occurred. The one thing that George said that made headlines a year ago, and started a frenzy today, was when asked if he would change anything he said he would not, "I feel that it was all God's plan, and for me to second guess it or judge it,"

 If you are not a very religious person, this would have been alarming. People who believe God is in charge of our lives and our destinies, do not believe his was a misstatement or a cruel utterance.  If you recall, George asked the detective about her cross and said God did not forgive killing of any kind.  He found a way to deal with what he had to do.  He deserved to find peace in this horrific situation.  He was attacked and defended himself - I think anyone with common sense knows this now.

When the segment was originally aired last year, the scheme team took to the airwaves with their anger over George's remarks:
On FOX news, the network that aired the interview:
"Martin's mother and father watched the interview and appeared on "Fox & Friends" Thursday morning. His mother and father both said Zimmerman's apology appeared insincere and were troubled that the man accused of killing their son considered it all "God’s plan."
"I don't understand what he was thinking by saying it was God's plan that he murdered our child," Tracy Martin, the teen’s father said. "I really don’t understand what God he worships because it’s not the same God that I worship."
Sabrina Fulton, Martin’s mother, also appeared angered by the comment.
"Why would God have him kill an unarmed teenager?" she asked. "It makes no sense."
Yet oddly, a year earlier, this is what Tracy Martin had to say about Trayvon's death:

Sybrina Fulton has also said it was God's plan and she was meant to do something great to honor Trayvon.  I can't locate the video, maybe someone else has a copy?  She was in front of a church when she gave the interview.  They are constantly throwing out double standards, enough is enough.  We are all one race, the human race and none of us are perfect - nor in full control.