Saturday, July 13, 2013

Frank Taaffe Videos

I don't know anything about Frank Taaffe except that he has become an overnight sensation on my blog. I know he's single because he announced it on one of the shows and the comments started coming with invites to Taaffe to follow or friend a few single ladies.  I've written just one blog about the tragic death of his son.  It receives a lot of hits and a lot of nasty comments from the haters of  Zimmerman supporters. If you are truly interested in what he has to say on the Zimmerman case, you are in the right place.  Have a seat and enjoy.  All comments concerning his son will be removed and ISP will be banned, so do not bother.  Frank's son is not a public figure.

Frank with Mark O'Mara in the days after the not guilty verdict

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Nancy snaps at Zimmerman friend 

George Zimmerman Supporter Frank Taaffe

Frank Taaffe gets DISRESPECTFUL (I don't name them)

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